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/AKM/ - Guns, weapons and the art of war.

"War can only be abolished through war, and in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun." - Chairman Mao
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I'm looking for weapon advice. I want to destroy or temporarily shut down a local factory making ordnance for the genocide in Gaza. I want to avoid explosives because they're hard to test and easy to kill yourself with. I think incendiary is a good idea. Because this is an ordnance factory, the fire department might evacuate instead of trying to put out a fire. I also have access to firearms.

I'd like this to be lightweight so that I can deliver it by air and avoid climbing onto the roof myself. My first plan was a road flare pointed at the roof with a tripod, the idea being to hit it with a long sustained flame. But two tests on a wood platform covered in roofing material charred the wood underneath without actually igniting the platform. Commercial roofing is going to be thicker and more fire resistant than what I've got. What should I do?


A flare might be a good ignition source but it doesn't have enough total energy itself. If your drone can handle the weight/budget use the flare to ignite a fuel like guzzlene. Or better mix styrofoam into the gas for better sustaining of the flame.


Maybe thermite? Kind of hard to guarantee you'll be able to set something on fire with the kind of payload you can get on a drone. Depends on the building.


File: 1717599335814-0.png (1.49 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1717599335814-1.png (1.37 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

It can burn through metal. but who knows if the building has material that will catch fire even if you burn a hole through the roof.


With that low a payload you're unfortunately unlikely to do serious damage. Best bet is to try to aim for vents and such, either to get burning gel to leak in or to fill the building with smoke/ burn up oxygen and force an evacuation. No idea of the building ventilation system can counter it though.


be careful but your best bet i guess would be some kind of small self-ingniting molotov (with some sand in the bottle).
- for the drone attachment system there should be plenty of stuff out there from the war etc,
- for the self igniting molotov there is plenty of stuff on yt, the sand is there to make sure it ignites, also use the styrofoam + acetone combo.

try to dunk it on some ventilation duct of sorts or on some kind of machinery.
ofc avoid casualities, aim for evacuation (Tho here it happened that some big factories were kept working during a fire)…

be careful drone signal might be trackable, and everything must be tried beforehand and as safe as possible.
this post glows bright as fuck but if op is real and has the balls to do it, might as well do it right.


Thanks. I'm afraid these weight restrictions might force me to pursue explosives, which will be really difficult and risky. When I have done a successful action, I will share instructions with everybody. There's a war going on and it's not just overseas.

Yeah sorry for glowposting. Here's the usual disclaimer: prison time is a waste to the movement. Do everything possible not to get caught. I'm posting (through TOR) only because I got stuck. Can't write much because of authorship identification but I'll be reading and appreciate your ideas.


>which will be really difficult and risky.
I don't see why it should be. Follow proper precautions while making the explosives. Put safeties in on the ignition mechanism, double check everything before removing the safeties. Get a safe distance away then start flying the drone.


Significant detonation risk when synthesizing primary explosives. FBI finds many IED makers this way. Incendiaries can be dumped in a sand/water bucket if accidentally lit. But there's no coming back from an accidental detonation.

Explosives are loud. Hard to test clandestinely. >>5091 is right that it must be tested before use.


>I'm looking for weapon advice
You could try to make a sorta homemade fuel-air explosive using some kind of very fine powder like milk powder or flour.
Have a lot of big bags of flour, release them inside and let it spread out, then ignite it to produce the explosive effect.
ALTERNATIVELY, if you're capable of metalworking, it is also theoretically possible to make a pseudo-HEAT warhead using a cone of copper surrounded by explosive material
ALTERNATIVELY ALTERNATIVELY, you can still endeavor to temporarily shut down the facility with chemical warfare, you'll need a lot of bleach and ammonia, a way to mix and a way to siphon off the Chlorine gas that is a byproduct of their interaction.


fuel-air explosive is dumb, needs a conventional charge to distribute the fuel before ignition so it's no safer than regular explosives. I'm not gonna manually carry 50 lbs of flour onto the factory floor and then blow myself up lol

you don't need metalworking to make shaped charges, you can 3d print with copper filament

I haven't considered chemical weapons, but they're antipersonnel. I won't lose too much sleep about accidental injuries but this is an anti-materiel operation. (Also hard to test gases.) I'd like to pursue incendiary weapons if practical.


You sir have huge balls.
You should probably as >>5091 said. Explosives are dangerous.
Make sure everything is safe, not tracable etc… If you even leave drone or IED debris, it might get identified. The NSA might already have access to your computer. It's bad if you get arrested. You might even get arrested before making an atempt.
Drones might be the future of such actions as yours.
This thread might bring glowies so beware of any answer. Also some online sources are purposefully wrong, because glowies want you to fail.
May Allah facilitate your endeavour!


thermite or guzzoline. both can be set off electrically quite easily. for thermite:
>mix thermite
>use r-candy (melt and mix sugar + kno3 + 1-2% Fe2O3) as a "booster"
>stick an electric igniter in the r-candy
I've successfully used a combination like that to set off thermite with a simple fuse
gasoline is even easier to set off
since you say you have access to firearms, you could use smokeless powder for something. the obvious choice is a bomb. using commercial rifle powder means you skip the synthesis step. if buying pure powder grabs too much attention, get it from rifle cartridges
be sure to leave a note in your terror drone thanking leftypol.org for the help :^)


remember to post from tor itt, gentlemen


Could probably do thermite with my existing igniter (which I will share if there's interest). I just doubt small quantities of thermite have the penetrating power.

Firearm purchases are tied to my license so I can't use them in bulk. Anyway, powder deflagration probably wouldn't impact enough to break the roof and wouldn't have enough energy to set it on fire.

High explosives would. But I would not trust a homemade primary explosive not to go off during transport (especially via drone). Has anyone made an electric det cap from commercial firearm primers? Can confined primers detonate HE or are they only enough to deflagrate gunpowder?


gunpowder can't set off HE?


Smokeless powder is designed to deflagrate, not detonate. Some blends can be confined and detonated, but it is not commonly used for improvised det caps. Likely too unreliable or low-velocity.


In trhe event you want to use primary explosives:
Do a LOT of research on how to handle explosives in general, like ESD, impurity sensitivity, storage. Then never make more than you need to, and spread out storage by a lot (secondary detonations are a thing)

Anyway, consider just attaching a long spool of thin steel wire to the drone on one end and a droppable heavy nut or bolt on the other end and then flying the wire into a power line to start a fire.


In fact don't mix primary explosive at all if you can avoid it. Get primers from guns or nailgun blanks. and don't go for them unless you can't really avoid them. Worth remembering that steel wool ignites and gets damn hot with only a couple volts to start it.

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