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What are some classic cute yuri animu to watch??
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File: 1614664190138-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 353.7 KB, 850x1327, Eq2RpVCXIAARFoe.jpg)

File: 1614664190138-1.png (Spoiler Image, 1.43 MB, 1280x1600, 1610902426257.png)

File: 1614664190138-2.jpg (Spoiler Image, 136.97 KB, 1280x1591, 1610900222898.jpg)



File: 1614664392814-0.gif (Spoiler Image, 3.35 MB, 189x240, f3c5be500a1d248c12a3e32f40….gif)

File: 1614664392814-1.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.62 MB, 480x411, c11731ac00266930481047e08f….gif)

File: 1614664392814-2.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.83 MB, 414x408, 50c58b2a4d42c8b392b7eae0e1….gif)



1 & 2 are from a game called Lab: Still Alive

Third gif is by Kyrieru


File: 1614682058643.jpg (660.87 KB, 800x1132, ec3c2676c7b33f1bb0c2588701….jpg)



File: 1614942269535.jpg (724.24 KB, 800x1199, 77036f63883bca70cb6720b4bb….jpg)



File: 1615013369128-0.jpg (98.68 KB, 706x1003, 1614991712251.jpg)

File: 1615013369128-1.jpg (137.22 KB, 567x634, a3d084f4cadff3c97c8fd3361c….jpg)

File: 1615013369128-2.jpg (127.71 KB, 850x567, sample_89cedcdbe0f68cf1c6d….jpg)

File: 1615013369128-3.png (203.07 KB, 1280x900, b545293ccd0f2cc8de42241e53….png)



File: 1615041696680.jpg (971.85 KB, 800x1199, a5e1173dd49c138555990a4459….jpg)



File: 1615078568753.jpg (840.15 KB, 900x900, 5692d45886af48cd7453572116….jpg)

My Oblivious Sister


File: 1615175594529.jpg (458.3 KB, 600x900, 919dbfd31c8c1c4267d98ee25f….jpg)



File: 1615185823697.png (4.17 MB, 1378x2039, __hakurei_reimu_and_kirisa….png)



File: 1615204676765.png (Spoiler Image, 12.01 MB, 3000x4000, 03b4bc418078d533309dce1fd4….png)

hana/angela nsfw

the nsfw tests' pairings
amelie/angela >>5632
mary jane/gwen >>5652
tifa/aeris >>5653


File: 1615340985335.jpg (334.66 KB, 800x636, 3fbdbcff55e9411f3c5f76299e….jpg)

> A Fairytale Variation: Cinderelsa
> Anna/Elsa


File: 1615382409036.jpg (323.62 KB, 800x717, df4b8b0d235da6bec8c614d8a9….jpg)



File: 1615633338636.jpg (586.18 KB, 1200x916, 1374d35b0e7ec743778813bdd1….jpg)

ty lee/mai >>6074


File: 1615892502185.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.98 MB, 6000x8000, 06e090bd54633e7706f6c5e7e4….jpg)



File: 1616009389467.jpg (604.74 KB, 1000x1100, 72149551_p0.jpg)

Kannazuki no Miko


File: 1616129498952.jpg (Spoiler Image, 201.93 KB, 1333x948, EwxR_BvXIAARB89.jpg)



File: 1616129707327.jpg (720.94 KB, 2068x2000, 419DA4C8303328C9DAA287DF71….jpg)



File: 1616290604201.png (2.4 MB, 1200x1600, __hakurei_reimu_and_kirisa….png)



File: 1616343082088.jpg (Spoiler Image, 316.68 KB, 1050x1500, yande.re 465788 sample aka….jpg)

Is there a "bara" for "yuri" as there is for yaoi?


Lesbian musclegirls? There's plenty of that.


He probably meant if there is a specific word or tag for it.


Maybe you mean something like "by lesbians for lesbians" like bara is "by gays for gays"? I'm afraid that it seems yuri is both bara and yaoi's lesbian equivalent.


(at least in anime/manga anyway)


File: 1616409660454.webm (5.23 MB, 1280x720, wedding.webm)

higher res >>5637




File: 1616498679681.jpg (534.31 KB, 900x675, 7f1028a0a690df26626108a953….jpg)

The Queen's True Love, or Sweet Arendelle


That's Flickthethief
https://www.deviantart.com/flick-the-thief/art/Sea-Peoples-873689397 (don't have the Twitter source)


File: 1616757352100.jpg (Spoiler Image, 321.39 KB, 1280x1707, 3c02254ff001285227f38923fd….jpg)

aged-up sailor moon secondaries


Based anti loli action


File: 1616941275885.jpg (14.33 MB, 3750x5000, 6838686-s.jpg)

Inside Out
Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy


Hey, aren't you that guy from /tech/?


File: 1616970750370.jpg (Spoiler Image, 954.93 KB, 1500x1159, e2c93a55e415bd40d88fb0cedf….jpg)

Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy >>6644


File: 1617033809980.jpg (746.84 KB, 1239x1000, 27327838382ef0e83244153ade….jpg)

Is this animu any good? I keep seeing yuri pictures from it.




File: 1617212644369.jpg (358.84 KB, 1155x1152, __kamikoshi_sorao_and_nish….jpg)

People say that the manga/LN version is better. I watched some episodes but I haven't finished it.


File: 1617446361855.png (Spoiler Image, 1.19 MB, 1000x913, 35db9d0d4e0963b17edf0ac4c9….png)

league of legends secondaries


File: 1617709191654.jpg (1.05 MB, 1296x1500, 190f40cb8273cbd482361ab135….jpg)

dragon's crown


File: 1617852383020.jpg (642.47 KB, 1000x1414, __elaina_and_odoko_majo_no….jpg)



File: 1617962461997.jpg (1.11 MB, 1600x1201, 74a8c2c46f5aba0bc19c11add0….jpg)

sona/ahri >>6333


File: 1618085567836.png (Spoiler Image, 1.56 MB, 963x1250, 90153364172485533af6cf71eb….png)



I don't remember this from the game.


File: 1618091220612-0.jpg (139.35 KB, 800x1122, 1618061058583.jpg)

File: 1618091220612-1.jpg (1022.61 KB, 2895x4094, 1618072698184.jpg)

File: 1618091220612-2.jpg (1.2 MB, 1920x1719, 1618067846366.jpg)

File: 1618091220612-3.jpg (661.82 KB, 1920x1080, 1618067607694.jpg)

Slime Taoshite 300-nen, Shiranai Uchi ni Level Max ni Nattemashita the isekai anime airing this season.


File: 1618143684202.jpg (3.55 MB, 2445x3573, 46a34e146e3ccac71350b14562….jpg)

2b/a2 >>5949 >>5969 >>6048 >>6055

From one of the bonus yuri cutscenes only included in the French localization.


wtf is going on with anime titles


File: 1618156976672.jpg (1.33 MB, 1400x2023, 1618072602751.jpg)

>I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level
Just another typical LN title.


Extremely descriptive titles make it easier for consumers to make purchases as they pass through the station on the way home or to work or whatever.


Their train departs while they are saying the title.


File: 1618372074343.jpeg (756.25 KB, 1029x1200, 32f42271293fab35575b5feae….jpeg)

Their Majesties' Not-so-Secret
Anna/Elsa (Frozen)


File: 1618519375556.jpg (258.87 KB, 800x750, cf1b343cc001e3e6bf80c1180d….jpg)

1001 Pickup Lines: Success Guaranteed
Anna/Elsa (Frozen)

Unique IPs: 18

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