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Why is it so good?


Found it pretty boring actually and I watched the complete first season. What was the point of the story. He dying repeatedly about a girl that never liked him back?


i guess the point of the first season is just seeing subaru's insanity and growth as well as the way people can act according to the circumstances they're under. it's a very character focused anime so if you don't like them, you will likely find it boring


It has good moments but the pacing is terrible. After a solid opening arc that flies by, the story just comes to a dull, dead stop until it gets to the eldritch horror of the last arc of S1 and you get the kitchen sink thrown at you. Is S2 better in that regard?


i keep reading the shittily fantranslated light novel and i think i might have stockholm syndome


>Why is it so good?
It isn't, the concept is novel, but the execution mostly sucked. >>2583


yeah turning the idea of isekai on its head by using a power taken from video game and make it suck couldve been much better than what we got


File: 1644804981452.jpg (265.21 KB, 1000x1420, gang.jpg)

I still read it for the bro moments and it has many. At least despite being isekai it still has a reasonable male:female character ratio.


File: 1644805263941.png (739.38 KB, 1075x608, 1644805157669.png)

Also some things can't be topped just because you have a bigger budget.


Mind elaborating?


10/10 scene. The first part ot the ending arc saved that season 1 after a dull middle and before a big dumb battle end.


Damnit anon why did you make me watch all of this.


The show's just okay but that peltegeuse episode is legit one of the best in anime. Made me watch the rest of this mid show.


What did you like about it? Most people hated that part but I enjoyed seeing the prot and the rest of the characters trying to deal with him.


Peltegeuse obviously stole the show but the overall pacing and shot direction gave the whole episode a cinematic art housey kinda vibe. It was dope, really liked that bit about sanity he had with Subaru.


Will we ever escape from the misery of CG or is it with us forever now?


japs will never stop making intentionally bad cg because of traditions or whatever the fuck
enjoy those uncanny 20 fps cgi animations forever


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File: 1645152452917-1.png (3.48 MB, 1730x972, 1645139654273.png)

It tries to be its own thing instead of a generic isekai.
Of course, it still has plenty of issues, but they're unrelated to being an isekai.


I gotta stop watching/reading stories about fellow NEETs, they tear my heart out of my chest.


This must be copied from a real city.


Konosuba is a deliberate satire of Isekai, so I think that may be intentional on their part, but that's a topic for the isekai thread.


Well Re:Zero and Konosuba both were created after their authors had their monthly drink together and the topic of isekai came up.


You might enjoy season 2's fourth episode then.


You're too late anon, I'm already hoping there will be a season 3.

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