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So why haven't you watched the greatest anime of all time? Hint: No excuse is valid.


But I did in fact watch K-On!.


You're dead wrong, m8. Milkies are objectively the best.


Milky Holmes was doing Jojo shitposts before it was cool.


File: 1642890977262.gif (745.97 KB, 342x183, itsakira.gif)

I've watched Akira/Ghostintheshell/SerialExperimentsLain/Naruto/RK multiple times already anon


File: 1644086661725.jpg (71.54 KB, 474x403, taste of a liar.jpg)

Japan (2ch) was doing JJBA shitposts over a decade before the west.


Because there are no great anime, there are only anime that are less terrible than others.


Watch pripara(not precure) Same shit. Same director. Same type of humor and characters, but more episodes and more development. If you can just get past s1.


seeing as jojo is popular since the 80's there,it's not surprising,it's like thinking berserk is a recent phenomenon.


LOGH exists though


What a safe and non-controversial opinion.


Same with >>12760, really.


When anime is actually good, it ceases to be anime and is actually art.
That said LOGH was a snore fest and were better as books


This is your brain on categories.


I thought LOGH was less terrible than other terrible anime, if it makes you feel any better.


>When anime is actually good, it ceases to be anime and is actually art.
I agree with this actually. Should the only exceptions to this >>12760 even be called "anime"?


I don't even like LOGH, I just think your brain is poisoned on anglo ideology.


im so tired of ironic weeaboos who hate anime but cant stop consuming it, why even come shit up the board with your insufferable posts at this point


“The anime weebs are not happy with me—that’s OK, I’ll still keep watching that garbage”


Whatever cope helps you not see the truth. There's a difference between ironic weebs and jaded elites who watched more anime than you only to grow up and regret wasting time on garbage.


I'm all for hardcore otaku who are proud of being one but calling yourself a "jaded elite" is a bit too much and the penis measuring contest on an anonymous imageboard is fucking retarded.
If you regret wasting so much time on anime, why do you keep wasting your time on an anime board?
Also, you aren't a "weeb", you're a normalfag. Only normalfags even say "weeb", especially when referring to themselves.


I'm not that post and "weeb" doesn't have the same connotation as "weeaboo", newfag.




File: 1644386079577.jpg (224.35 KB, 1920x1080, 1624640412837.jpg)

do you really not see how crazy you seem coming to a board called /anime/ only to complain about how all anime sucks all the time

this isnt /v/

it doesnt make you cool

it doesnt make you interesting

it doesnt even make you fit in

all it does is make you insufferable and miserable when everyone else is still having a great time with the hobby instead of making sweeping statements about an entire medium that could never lead to a productive discussion

theres no point to it other than jacking yourself off and hoping that someone else will do the same


This board is dedicated to making fun of anime, manga, LNs, eroge. It has always been like that.


yes i can see that is why its shit, like /v/ but with 0.0001% of the posts

nobody likes anime on /anime/ XD


>Only normalfags even say "weeb", especially when referring to themselves.
NTA but no, weebs use the term too as shorthand for weeaboo, just sparingly and in meta contexts


I really don’t.
I just don’t take the garbage I consume that seriously.


Enjoying it doesn't make you cool either.
It's just cheap fast food entertainment these days bro. No need to glorify it and present it as something that it isn't.


>Enjoying it doesn't make you cool either.
Who's more ridiculous, the person who likes anime going to the anime board to talk about anime or the person who hates it going to an anime board to only post about how bad anime is? You're trying to defend the indefensible when some of us are actually trying to use the board to talk about something a bit more concrete than just complaining about how everything sucks.
You don't see this shit happening on any other side board, either. The only jaded faggots who shit on everyone else for daring to enjoy anime are on this sole board.


That false dichotomy in your head says more about you than me.
Maybe stop being so insecure.


Bro you're missing the point. You can enjoy trash but that doesn't mean you have to pretend it is anything other than cheap trash like fast food.


I'm not sure if I've ever watched an anime as good as a Tarkovsky film, but animation is undoubtedly an art form. Anime then probably reaches its pinnacle not in seasonal trash series but OVAs and theatrical releases (not unlike television vs movies). I don't think Macross Plus, Akira, or Patlabor 2 are 'cheap trash like fast food'


Most anime is over-produced schlock.
The handful you mentioned were only OK in-spite of that major handicap. What makes matters worse is when you have a show that breaks the mold, it produces a million imitations in the industry that, when you go back and watch the originator, it feels hollowed-out and cliche. It’s like standing in a hall of mirrors and everything blends together over-time. Staring too long robs the original of much of its impact. There are a few, like Akira, where the amount of time and care put into the animation are still evident, but the narrative and the imagery has become passé; It shows signs of fraying.
Animation is an art-form, the anime industry is not.


I agree mostly (that the industry is reductive) but I think it's unfair to call Akira's imagery passe and something like Blade runner or Alien or even the dark knight not (in interest of fairness not saying you are disagreeing). The industry of either has for a long time stagnated, pointing out the anime industry in particular speaks to priorities - unless you have a history of say documenting worker abuses in it or a similar level of engagement.


File: 1644458588158.jpg (76.48 KB, 720x728, 1501107034226.jpg)

>Maybe stop being so insecure.


> Blade runner or Alien or even the dark knight
In their respective genres?
Yes, I would. I’m pointing out anime because we are on an anime board.
Watching Alien after seeing the sequels, the prequels, spin-offs, etc, I couldn’t get over how old-hat the chest buster scene felt when re-watching it, despite being a major turning point in the film.
We’ve even seen these things pop out of aliens from other franchises like the Predator, and at this point it feels so tired. The scene doesn’t pack the same “oomf” as back in the day.
So yeah, a lot of films are trash too.
Don’t know why anime enthusiast think they are above it.


so youre jaded and depressed and you think this is a sign of being intellectually gifted



Bro, no.
I’m an idiot and I still recognize this, which is why I don’t get why it’s so beyond belief for anyone else.
I’m not even that sad about it, but people like you seem to be when I point it out.
I watch really old campy Kaiju films from the 70s and Marvel films. I KNOW trash.
Enjoy your trash if you want, just recognize it as such instead of putting it on a pedestal and gasping when I dare not genuflect at the altar you’ve made for it.


Pointing out all entertainment has been kinda shoddy under capitalism is sort of banal though. It's not then that anime is particularly guilty of being the worst (us television has reality tv which makes Isekai look arguably progressive) but that entertainment in general has stagnated for at least fifty years.

I'm which case, so?


I mean sure it's just kinda boring to point out that media is shit in modern times. But yea it's incontestable when comparing say marvel to a Fellini film.


> so?
My point exactly.
Calling it trash shouldn’t be that big of a deal if you already recognize the circumstances and aren’t insecure.


Regarding the stupid discussion ITT I'm going to steal what some other user said on the games board.
>I don't need to play certain games but I'd still say they're worth playing to get a better comprehension of what you as a person would want and to be more knowledgeable about the hobby you partake in.
Just switch games with anime.


File: 1644551216906.png (138.88 KB, 556x362, ClipboardImage.png)

>The scene doesn’t pack the same “oomf” as back in the day.
That doesn't mean it's poor or whatever, it's just capitalism milking it dry,


feels weird to blame the original for what the industry does to anything popular


When milking it dry generally makes it a worse experience, yes.
I didn’t blame.
It’s a by product.


>makes it a worse experience
I mean that the original idea isn't bad on its lonesome, the exploitation just makes them grow dull to our senses


I already made this point here


But it wasn't like this in 90s/80s.


File: 1644634507415.jpg (69.17 KB, 650x488, _w850.jpg)

Not really.
What people attribute to/call moe was already a thing in by the late 90s and Evangelion is blamed as the boiling point of it.

>In the late ’90s, Japan’s market for criticism nosedived.

>Three decades ago, Gundam’s coloring was chosen at the request of a toy company in order to sell robots. This kind of thing is standard practice. From the beginning, Japan’s anime culture has been based on selling toys. For this reason, there’s hardly any purpose in poring over Japanese anime or game narratives in and of themselves—they’re being produced to sell merchandise.
>Compared with the 1980s otaku, those of the 1990s generally adhered to the data and facts of the fictional worlds and were altogether unconcerned with a meaning and message that might have been communicated.
>For otaku, stories don’t matter – it’s all about the cute girls.

That being said, unlike some persistent posters on this board, I still love anime and I encourage people to free themselves from cringe culture.


It’s always been kind of like this.
The garbage heap is just higher these days


This mf really called Milky Holmes


Reading a description of this and it sounds like a nightmare.
I don't care if it's ironic.

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