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File: 1643274413665.png (1.31 MB, 2392x4424, Slice of life anime 2.png)


Are moepigs able to debunk this truth bomb?


File: 1643276505183.jpeg (19.87 KB, 542x441, images (62).jpeg)

I hate weeaboos there is something quite suspiciously unatural about it, I get that people might have preferences for things but the extremes that japanophila amounts to is something.

It is quite self consciously a psyop.

No I don't read theory.


>tfw you have to waste your time strawmanning moe to exalt shitty western cartoons because you are too much of a manchild to move on from childish stuff, like the moefags, but you hate the japs so you do with cartoons instead.
go read a book uygha, your epic western cartoons are not as good as you put out to be.


I don't like doing this bro but come on this is literally the whole long "leftist" meme
seriously WTF, a meme is not supposed to be essay, just use the first part and it would have been more effective


I'm not reading all that. I like both.


I love your retarded comics, they're unironically right despite being behind a couple of layers of irony.


>words words words
I hate that /pol/ is right about some things


Yes OP. Literally anyone on the internet can have an opinion. Yet here you are reading mine rather than working on those long-term relationships with actual important people. You should actually have focused your strawman on the people that watch literally every random kirakira show. Ones about a squid girl barfing ink over noodles that is secretly in a coma and we find out that all 600 chapters of her noodle barfing are actually repressed memories. Or one about a talking pigeon that is secretly the late father of one of the girls. Though I've consumed both and can safely say that once an idiot always an idiot. You blame the moe shows when it's clear they would not have done any different if they had consumed anything else. Not sure what trans has to do with it. It's a bit far-fetched. transhumanists weren't a thing in 2007.


File: 1643374682009.png (784.66 KB, 1825x1053, ClipboardImage.png)

Here fixed it


ngl this is one of the worst attempts at a "meme" I've ever seen.


Is this another one of those fake leftist wordy memes kek


I watched Hey Arnold! as a kid.



Yeah OP has a hundred of these


>transhumanists weren't a thing in 2007


All retards who don't understand p#blm. He has made countless verbose comics, that's the point, it's made to trigger illiterate imageboard dwellers like you.


>o-only pretending to be retarded I swear


Have you ever been on twitter or facebook, normies hate these long ass format memes as well, no one likes them
memes aren't supposed to be essays jackass


imageboards are full of normies and boomers now


Which imageboards do you go to ? no one in any major imagebaord(except maybe the kpop one's) are full of normies


>Have you ever been on twitter or facebook, normies hate these long ass format memes as well, no one likes them
I like them because the long-ass format is clearly satirical. Also, it's funny on at least three levels: as an intentional stereotypical "leftist wall of text" joke, as an unnecessarily serious version of the "soyjak vs chad" meme, and ultimately as a joke that makes fun of rightoid weebs. And depending on the author's actual opinions, it can also be either a parody of what some people perceive as "radlibs" (since libs are liekly to use language such as "transfolk"), or intentionally have that kind of language to piss those very same "anti-idpol" people off. Hell, maybe it's both.

Not sure but I think it's what would be called anti-humor or something like that.


4chan is full of atrocious boomers from facebook and zoomers from reddit and twitter
when the 2010's were starting off, that website was considered the top of the online culture foodchain, and it left the decade being absolute bottom of the barrel shit, regurgitating all of its shit from elsewhere


Literally who?
And why should I take this dumb meme seriously?


People still worship 4chan. If you ever go out and say that you went on 4chan to some zoomers. THey will bow to you. That is how the zoomers are turning more right-wing than the millenials.


>Another idiot who fell for the "Generaztion Zyklon" meme when in reality zoomers are more liberal (not-leftist) than ever.

Not to mention the fact that 4chan is quickly losing relevance.


So again its meant to be retarded




But its not funny, its clearly just a fucking essay


and you fags wonder why there are no "actual" women here, no wonder even rk9 has more female users


It's hilarious that you would say that, considering that the anon that person was replying to is a biological female.
I don't know, maybe try getting rid of the incels, the genocidal LARPing and the pornography first


Yeah normies aren't the target audience, notice how the meme specificaly uses imageboard memes such as gigachad and soyjaks.


Why is a wojak thread on /anime/ still up


This isn't 4chan

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