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What do we think about the slice of life genre of anime?

Some of it does reinforce capitalism bullshit and that style of Japanese culture but I do some of it is really good.

My favorite watch is Non Non Biyori. It's a very wholesome watch and a lot of childhood reminiscing.

I don't consider it a political statement or anything but it really focuses on our relationships even if it is a very small community. Because the community raises the previous generation. Something I believe we all can agree with as socialists.

Please feel free to discuss or make recommendations.


even if something is right wing you are allowed to like it. art is art.


>What do we think
We are not one person, nor does consensus have to be built. I like slice of life, and you are free to disagree. They're just stories, and some are cute, some sad, and some funny. There's no reason to try and overanalyze everything.


I generally don't like it. I have a hard time enjoying any media without a high concept hook (and then only those I like) unless there is something like a very compelling/fun mc to enjoy the bantz. Just pure relationship development doesn't do it for me, it needs a dollop of something extra. Think Hyouka where yes it's a lot of SoL, but perfectly framed around a succession of mysteries and a delightful curmudgeonly mc.


For me the dissonance is you have this extremely flexible medium that can portray all sorts of fantastic settings… and you waste it on boring everyday shit that could just as easily (if not massively more cheaply) be portrayed with live-action actors?


Don't think I've seen many SoL centered anime but I love the downtime/laidback/SoL episodes in anime such as shonen or mystery. Those types of episodes are underappreciated, especially before and after a big arc.


File: 1643602108820.mp4 (2.74 MB, 640x480, soviet azumanga.mp4)

We all know there's only one good schoolgirl slice-of-life anime


I'm not trying to. That's just what came out when I made the bread that day.

I'd be willing to try Hyouka. I've seen some good amvs and webms on it. It really depends on the targeted age group. A lot of good slice of life is aimed at adults. I will say I wish we had less of a "when we were young" feel to things.

I'm into my early 30s. I want a different set of stories now.


It's fundamentally a story about regrets, so despite the overt high school themes the target audience is older watchers


amv hell was good

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