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>Sanpei Shirato, whose father was a proletarian painter, was heavily influenced by leftist artists and social activists. His work is thick with an evangelical disposition—utopian and idealistic. It blurs the line between reality and ideology. Early in 1959, Shirato rose to fame with Ninja Bugeichō , a story of a peasant uprising during the Sengoku period written from the perspective of the lower class in a rigid hierarchical society; it weaves a Marxist and materialist view of history, and soon became the subject of leftist praise.

>(…) Against this current, manga magazines proved to be a more standardized form of publication, gradually pushing out rental publications. This growth allowed Shirato to fund and set up a publishing company, Seirindo, with Katsuichi Nagai, and publish a magazine, Garo—a publication born out of the genes of leftist thought. Garo was destined to become a centerpiece of the student movements of the 1960s and early 70s, continuing manga’s expansion into new and unexplored realms. Garo’s peculiar content brought all kind of unusual material to the forefront of manga.

>The artists Garo published came to be referred to as the Garo School, which was equal parts experimental and authorial. But the artist who really shocked was Yoshiharu Tsuge. He came from a poor family and started drawing for rental comics as a teenager, making his way into Tezuka’s apartment office. Despite this, he felt constantly frustrated and had trouble making ends meet, living in a bathroom just big enough for a single tatami mat. This experience became the basis of his work. The openness of Garo’s editorial staff allowed Tsuge free reign. Beginning with his category-defying samurai manga Uwasa no Bushi, Tsuge refined own style free of restraint, culminating with “Nejishiki,” or “Screw Style.” It was a major shock for other authors and readers alike: it broke away the pursuit of meaning and instead chose to describe absurdity. Garo’s main readership at the time was leftist students influenced by avant-garde western art attuned to and willing to accept anything that broke away from traditional molds. If Shirato made the magazine a political tastemaker, Tsuge formally linked it to the avant garde.


"The impact and influence of Garo today cannot be understated – Indeed, most of the manga movements of the following decades were born between its covers."


Also this magazine threatened even the "god of manga" Osamu Tezuka, forcing him to change his work and create a direct competitor to Garo with Com.


Yeah I've long been interested in this current of experimental/alternative manga, the problem is most of that stuff was never translated into English.


Whaaaaa– But anime is capitalist! Consumerist! You can't be a true leftist if you consume this crap!



>Kamui Den is a manga series written and drawn by Sanpei Shirato. Set in feudal Japan, it tells the story of a low-born ninja who has fled his clan. The series combines historical adventure with social commentary and themes of oppression and rebellion that reflect Shirato's Marxist convictions.
And of course only one volume was ever translated.


FYI elemhunter of HabaneroScans spent a good couple years scanning raws of issues of Garo and uploading them to nyaa.si and archive.org.


HS were also responsible for fansubbing Urasawa Naoki no Manben. a really great series that I'm sad no other group has picked back up.


this sounds interesting as fuck
how often do you see manga or anime written by Marxists? I've always wanted to see that. I'm gonna read this one.

thank fuck, imagine if there was only the Nyaa torrents and they had 0 seeders due to lack of interest as it often happens.


I have read some works by Yoshihiro Tatsumi which were all good and sober.

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