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What is the materialist explanation for me being met with pages upon pages of gay male pornography for when I searched for jojo r34?

Not even dbz has this much amount of gay male pornography

Are the tumblr chicks okay? And this was on the starudst crusaders tag only for some reason


is this the effect of aftermarket?

is gay pornography created much later on? and it floods after all the straight porn has been made?

is that why it seems like an over abundance of it


huh why do i get gay porn when explicitly searching for rule 34 for a homoerotic anime with a majority of buff male characters


Hirohiko Araki is known for taking inspiration from things like fashion magazines and more importantly, fashion illustrators like Tony Viramontes and Antonio Lopez—both of whom were gay and died of AIDS right around the same time JoJo first started serializing. It's really simple: Dragon Ball isn't nearly as glam or flamboyant. You don't see Goku voguing it up for a reason.


jojo is gay pornography


jjba characters are attractive and dragon ball chars arent


>Gay JoJo porn
That's what your average JoJo fan watches to relax after hard day of watching JoJo.


Hell yeah.


kek I mean it makes a lot of sense that you found endless amounts of yaoi* instead of whatever you were looking for, since Stardust Crusaders had only like 4 female characters.

*yaoi: male x male art and (fan)fiction made by women for a female audience. Its rough Western equivalent is called "slash" (after "male/male"). It's different from bara, which is gay porn drawn by and for gay men.

Yaoi/BL* has been popular since the 70s, I think. And JoJo has always had a significant amount of female fans, most (but not all) of which are "fujoshi"†. Jotakak, the pairing of Jotaro and Kakyoin, is extremely popular, probably the most popular JoJo ship‡, because Stardust Crusaders itself is the most popular JoJo part of all time. This has been true since the late 80s which is when Part 3 started. JoJo attracts so many female fans because of its huge cast of diverse, cool male characters dressed in flamboyant and stylish clothes, and fujoshi in particular because said male characters, who are usually if not always single, spend a lot of time together and often have passionate feelings for each other in the form of rivalries, friendships, etc., which makes it easy for fujoshi to interpret their relationships as romantic and/or sexual in fan-created media (which shippers‡ in general do whenever there's tension between two characters).

As for the materialist explanation for the popularity of yaoi and the existence of fujoshi, there are already a couple of threads where they have been discussed (in short: there are many different reasons, some of which haven't been talked about on this board). Also, female creators, many of which were yaoi artists, used to be the majority at Comiket (and still are in a number of other Japanese anime/manga conventions) until lolicon artists started to actively compete against them with more sexually explicit content (see: https://crawfordpro.wordpress.com/2020/05/03/article-the-castle-of-doom-and-the-lolicon-boom/). So, if anything, yaoi was already popular before straight hentai doujinshi (through lolicon, I presume) experienced its own "boom", though I'm not sure of how popular straight hentai made by men was before that. However, this last part is just speculation based on what I've learned so far.

*BL: "boy's love", an alternative term for yaoi, and more commonly used nowadays.
†fujoshi: women and girls who obsess over yaoi and usually enjoy "shipping"‡ male characters from non-BL media as a hobby. Men who enjoy BL are called "fudanshi".
‡shipping: supporting the idea of two fictional characters, regardless of their sex, being together in a romantic/sexual relationship. The couples themselves are called "ships", while their fans are called "shippers". Usually in reference to couples that haven't been confirmed or deconfirmed in canon yet, or will definitely never happen in canon.


File: 1646446998324.png (190.34 KB, 400x299, ClipboardImage.png)

Also did you know that CLAMP (the mangaka behind Cardcaptor Sakura and other classic anime) made a BL Jotakak parody doujinshi where Kakyoin lays an egg containing his and Jotaro's son called Jota Kujo who would later appear briefly in a 1994 OVA? lol

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