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File: 1671687332064.jpg (21.71 KB, 433x346, lewds are sin.JPG)


why is anything japanese so extremely sexual? serious question
I'm very progressive, but I find it kind of annoying that every japanese media is gonna have weird kinky shit out of nowhere, regardless of the target audience age. like, wtf i don't wanna jack off when i'm playing megaman, why do they do this, why can't they be normal


Sex sells.


Sorry anon,
Normal ain't real


Try playing Animal Crossing. I've had entire days where I didn't masturbate because Animal Crossing got me in a state of mind far removed from that.


>not looking up porn of every villager on your island


sex is awesome and should be in everything


So why is it not in my life?


well how slutty are you on a scale of 1 to 10 in your day to day life


Because they purposely market this shit to the worst sexual predilections possible because it ensures someone will still buy it.


Marketing: if it can't sell bc of being a shitty product without novelty or imagination, it will sell bc lewds.


Never had Ankha as a villager?


It isn't. You just have been raised in a very prudish culture trained to react this way to open expression of sexuality.


Yes, eastern cultures don't have the emphasis on moral absolutes as the west and semitic religions do, but eroticism is still bad because it arouses inordinate desire and lust which is meant to be dissipated except in an enlightened being were such distinctions between right and wrong have no meaning anymore such as in buddhism.


Yes flashing of loli pantsu is just healthy sexuality(no pedoposting)


Easterners aren't moralfags something is only bad if it causes psychological attachment of somekind which is why Loli is ok for them.


>all japanese media is sexual

No, it just seems that way to you because all you know is specific niche shit that's popular in particular internet subcultures and is meant to appeal to horny dudes aged 13-40


Japan is quite Westernized, but even then to claim that Japan or the Orient somehow don't find "lolicon" or excessive sexualization to be problematic, allegedly unlike the Occidental imperial core, is extremely ridiculous; if one is to be candid the U.S.A. has far more acceptance of hypercommodification and child sexualization than Asia, Africa, or the Middle East. That not everyone shares the "fetishization" of sexuality by overly prudish traditional norms of the West does not entail that the non-Western civilizations embrace bourgeois decadence, degeneracy, and full hedonism as the today's West more and more does. What could be considered "Puritanical" sexual norms were also common for socialist countries and aren't actually contradictory with socially progressive policies, as for instance restriction of prostitution as an industry and pornography was relevant for sexual and gender equality.

**Japanese otaku subculture and otaku-targeted media however often are indeed quite sexualized but usually, if the material
is not directly pornographic, the sexual content is done by more "repressed" ways.**


I doubt you could publish to print a lolicon comic in the west


op here, I said that megaman was horny as a joke, and that made me want to play megaman legends for the first time, and I see this lmao


Whoa! Entire days!


western cartoons is filled with weird, gross fetish shit. They just use more euphemisms for it.


File: 1672426227626-1.jpg (25.39 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

>; if one is to be candid the U.S.A. has far more acceptance of hypercommodification and child sexualization than Asia,
Lol no. Pretty sure there has never been a pedo incest cartoon subway wrap in the west.


Not to mention real child porn was legal in Japan until a few years ago and they only adopted 18+ for hard-core porn because of America.


File: 1672428578142.jpg (418.55 KB, 1600x1034, koi-kaze (1).jpg)

Its not pedo, both characters are basically the same age, right? Isnt even that incestual, they what, kiss once I think?
Anyway, its Oreimo is garbage, if you want actual good pedo incest anime, watch Koi Kaze.


File: 1672428855501.jpg (14.69 KB, 480x270, R(1).jpg)

Apparently they get married at the end. I don't know the ages, obviously from the title, she is younger than him and she is drawn like a pre pubescent girl.


Its a mock wedding, this is the single kiss they share and afterwards agree that their feeling for each other are not really romantic/sexual.


All aboard the incest train!


To my recall it wasnt legal to the degree you're suggesting. Just legal to posess but things like production was illegal which it was better before the UN bullied them into submission. Posession being illegal creates a way of just wasting time on many harmless or entirely innocent people diverting resources away from harmful people and creates a legal means of something to plant on people to have political dissidents arrested just like is done with drugs.


toot toot!


theory says Japan is pre freudian


Good for them.
Freud was a mistake.


File: 1672635394352.jpg (34.78 KB, 500x560, 1408555815353.jpg)

majority of anime watchers and buyers are shutin perverted otaku's, so sex sells and they are the only demographic to pander too


When you're an anglo prude anything else seems like an insane perversion.


why are westoids so obsessed with changing anime and japan, just don't fucking watch it if you can't handle panty shots


nobody reads comics/watches cartoons


My normalfag friends sure do.

The japanese and chinese tend to watch a heap of anime.


* The japanese and chinese friends and friends of friends


i should've said american cartoons.


They are invoking a type of western imperialism. Anime is primarily for Japanese people in Japan. Maybe getting some better animation in the west will make them shut the fuck up.


Name me one horny Ozu movie


Because you touch yourself at night.


because japan is a sexually repressed society


t. westoid

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