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/kind/ is looking to build its own "webring" like network of likeminded boards since the actually existing webring has been overrun by /pol/types. Why don't we join them? I think we would be a good fit.



File: 1608528883030.jpg (257.07 KB, 2022x1288, 1547429360413.jpg)

Looks like a cute board.


How do we know you aren't some honeypot like pinkchan?


I don't run that place


How do we know you're not a fed too?


File: 1608528883735.png (868.95 KB, 2100x2100, mib_kuma.png)

You didn't see anything


Based trips


File: 1608528913753.jpeg (103.1 KB, 1536x768, Obi-Wan-Kenobi_6d775533.jpeg)

That is a name I have not heard in a long time…

Seriously , rebuilding the old structures like web rings would undercut the big companies that have taken over the net.


File: 1608528913866.png (215.64 KB, 650x449, 12783945.png)

this seems like a friendly place.

i will welcome them


I think bunkerchan might be too autistic for this place


Bunkerchan should have been part of a webring since 8ch was killed. The reason we aren't on the main one is because that idiot Space_ did a bunch of spamming on julay and pissed its admins off.


Theres a few still kicking around, theres a fairly big one for altchans but as the OP says is mostly overrun by /pol/ types (although theres a few good boards on there) and a few others for smaller sites that are co-ordinated on counterculture places like Lainchan.


>counterculture places like Lainchan
It's the same /pol/ shit.


We get it, you're desperate for new users and need to spam without seeming like a spammer.

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