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>donghua wtf is that

Cmon guys we are a LEFTIST board after all let's talk about chinese communist anime


"The Leader" was alright, I guess.


Are there any good ones that are not adaptations of classical novels (eg. Three Kingdoms)?

Wasn't it just a very sanitized biography of Marx? One could probably make a more compelling story out of Stalin's younger days.


they are all garbage
china is falling, it's not rising.


I ain't no fan of D*ngland but such a statement will trigger D*ngoids, so I should request that you show some restraint lest the thread become a shitshow.
I just wanna learn about these literal Chinese cartoons damn it. All I've ever heard of is the Marx one and The King's Avatar


Are those all cgi?


Manwa is a little better, but most of my exposure has been porn. I watched one manwa, and it was about a brother and sister. Usually, this sort of pairing would be incestuous, but it was a bit more grounded and non-romantic.


Computer Graphical Interface?


File: 1608528901632.gif (2.97 MB, 334x188, basak.gif)

term commonly interchanged with 3dcg for anything that's animated with 3d models in an animation engine rather than done traditionally or in digital 2d


I believe the abbreviation you're looking for is "CG", for computer graphics.


people are gonna say whatever the hell they want man,
always have


Chinese plot and cash + Japanese animation is best bro combo. The Chinese are famous for their heavy novels and ability to aim for big ideas, while the Japanese are best technical workers, if given enough money



CGI is also valid for Computer Generated Imagery but is mainly used for live action tv.


File: 1608529142698.webm (5.72 MB, 960x540, xibeats.webm)

Is anyone else here actually watching any Chinese anime atm? I dabble in it, mostly because I've got too much time on my hands and have some curiosity about China. But by no means expert, don't speak a word of Chinese or know the cultural baggage.

Stray observation I can make so far:
- not a very diverse medium, 90% seems some variation of fantasy genre. Most of that something called "cultivation", which is like people who are trying to become gods by joining sects and cultivating spirit energy, I think. They do magic at each other and sometimes there's demons and weird things.
- a lot of 3D rendered shows, I don't watch those at all. But you see it come back in normal shows, pretty grating (notorious example is the Marx anime)
- very gay. Don't know how else to put it. I don't go looking for it, yet so many seem to be about MM relationships between androgynous looking fellows, with the occasional gf for a beard. Why is this, what is the structural explanation? really puzzling
- the available subs don't cut it. often hard to follow along, I can tell I'm missing a lot of nuance and jokes, and there is a tendency to not add translations to in-medium text (like say a menu that is shown)

But you know, I can see the embryo of great things forming. That's mostly why I'm sticking with it and keep sampling these Chinese shows. Nothing that I can recommend without reservation quite yet, but still, a grab bag of what I've watched through:

White Cat Legend, most all around quality series I think. Uneven and unfocused but no real faults. Looks great, some historical background and setting to make it feel grounded, and the MC is a cat and a bureaucrat - delightful. No gay.

All saint street, this one is light on calories and runtime, but maybe the most finished product of the list. Clear setup, the humour translates, decent worksmanship qua art. Pretty gay.

Berryl and Saphire, very uneven. Five minute skits interspersed with full episodes, format is anthology, with some recurring storylines. The show shines when they do a full-length episode every now and then. Very creative in what they do with it, they tackle all kind of genre, all over the emotional range. Some of these are simply great. But you do have to sit through duds as well - emblematic of the state of the medium. Pretty gay.

Bureau of paranormal investigation, it's kinda trash but I like it. X-files meets Indiana Jones but with Chinamen. Just wish they didn't cut in bad looking 3D animation. No gay.

Our Big Brother's Mind Has A Problem, kinda trash and cringy attempts at humour but I can't stop watching it. First season short skits, second season actual episodes. Appreciate that it explained what cultivation was in season two with diagrams n sheet. Very gay.

Kaifeng Strange Tales:…, it had some funny jokes, mostly cringe tho. But putting it up for not indulging in fantasy elements I guess? Kinda gay.


Regarding the gayness. Have you read of watched the TV adaptations of Romance of the Three Kingdoms? If so, how gay would you rate it?


the closest I came was watching Red Cliff. it's long ago but that one didn't strike me as gay at all.

maybe I'm getting too hung up on the high degree of bishonen idk


From my experience it seems that fujoshits in China have a huge presence.


I like Douluo Dalu, and Mo Dao Zu Shi (this one is yaoi)


That might be it. I know for a fact that B&S was the creation of a lady cartoonist, I've sern her interviewed.

It would be very interesting to see a female dominated animation industry develop. It could be one way for donghua to break into established markets.




These lyrics and vocals are much better sounding than when a Japanese singer tries to sing in English. Although this could be an exception.
Searching her name on YouTube I found this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNcc97WocNQ
The album cover looks kind of interesting, I wonder if this series has been subtitled.

In the past 3 years or so, I've come to notice that Chinese artists are surpassing Japan. There's even subtle differences in quality if one compares Japanese anime art from Pixiv to Chinese art. They're better at realistic art in my opinion, and when they go for heavy stylization it looks fresher too. It could just be that Japanese anime is stagnating in general. This seems to extend even to visual novels (better writing).


>Japanese singer tries to sing in English
Wouldn't it be easier for Japanese rather than Chinse people to sing in English since the language regularly use English loanwords?


Not really, Japanese phonology has less vowel and consonant sounds than Chinese. Because of tha, it may be easier for a Chinese person to learn how to pronounce English more naturally. English loanwords in Japanese sound very different from their actual English pronunciation.
Despite their prevalence, I've never encountered a Japanese song with English lyrics that doesn't sound blatantly wrong (either because of the pronunciation or the lyrics don't make sense) except this one song which comes close. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzC-4SHVsQY


File: 1611186469518.mp4 (4.84 MB, 640x360, 血与心.mp4)

>Japanese PLA
>Land reform
>Korean War
fucking basedak-47AK-47


File: 1611212608775.jpg (92.42 KB, 870x960, 1610910748993.jpg)

I don't fully get it, but that looks extremely based


File: 1611258154422.png (46.11 KB, 768x448, 1590262483778.png)



that's really well animated but aikido is such a gay martial art


What is it about that you identify as aikido?


the arm slaps and the throws


Seems more like Xing Yi Quan or Baguazhang to me. Does aikido even focus on pressure point shit?

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