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tfw no goddess waifu because we have been separated from the symbolic order of the divine


>Capitalist wish fulfillment
It's a craving to be sure, but if it isn't real, don't cry over it.


tfw no qt foxgoddess wife


File: 1608528910986.jpg (31.14 KB, 600x400, Wanderjahre.jpg)

Mercantilist. It's based and guild-pilled.


Not sure what you are on about, but Spice and Wolf was inspired by a history book on the progressive transition from feudalism to capitalism.
This is shown through the perspective of a merchant via his economic relations to the market and the respective classes (royalty, traders, even the clergy) which manipulate it. The audience in turn gets to see actual economic movements in play all the while being connected to the human motivations which drive them.
You can make your case against against its presentation of these aspects or the quality of the anime itself, however there is one thing it is not. It is not capitalist (sic) wish fulfillment. Waifu wish fulfillment on the other hand… There are much more egregious examples of actual capitalist wish fulfillment which Sp&W does not replicate. Take a look at Shield Hero for example. Unlike, Sp&W it does not follow any principle of economics outside of a gamified, MMO-like economy. The fact the protagonist is a merchant does not bare any weight of the power dynamics within the plot's conflict. Instead, the conflict is driven by often contrived reasons such as conspiracy or by deus ex machima (the shield hero prophecy shit.) Wish fulfillment tends to leave out the details of its subject, lest seeds of doubt are sown. And, in Shield Hero's narrative, those details are avoided through its premise.
Spice & Wolf's narrative on the other hand is put into a historical and economic context. Thus, making Spice and Wolf- in spite of its fantastical premise- the closest we have to a historically materialist anime.


File: 1608528911221.jpg (296.34 KB, 800x750, c money of soul.jpg)

Also, of course, S&W is almost pure microeconomics, the only part of orthodox economics that's technically sound, and thus uncontroversial.

I honestly can't think of many examples of macroeconomics anime, the only one I've seen was C. Which, while legitimately good as shonen battleshit, didn't do as much as it could have tying its battle mechanics into its subject matter of supernatural FOREX trading. Also, it and the author refused to directly state a political opinion, instead passive-aggressively hiding behind "neutrality" while unsubtly implying a weakly Autistrian "muh national debt" stance.


I wouldn't say its pure microeconomics since it deals with monetary policy for example like currency devaluation. Perhaps because the setting takes place in an era close to a classical economy that it seems to evoke the principles of microeconomics, but honestly Spice and Wolf's context seems to predate the split between a micro- and macro- economics. Forgive me if I sound like an amateur.


No, that's a pretty fair assessment, given the economics of the era and region (especially regarding mercantile trade) was still based around petty principalities, city states, and literal burghs.


I like the doujin where Holo gets impregnated by a horse.


Omg I need to find this.


Oh man, is that le "capitalist" "waifu" "wolf girl"? She likes watered-down economics just like me!


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>"wolf girl"
Wolf goddess
>watered down economics
Its setting is a reference to to a time and place when economics were much simpler


File: 1608528940101.jpg (327.42 KB, 1600x740, index.jpg)

The author of Spice and Wolf covers more modern finance and stuff in World End Economica. I only read part one several years ago so I don't know/remember how in depth it actually gets. Maybe pirate a copy if you are interested.


>day trading on a first-gen lunar colony


First one is just generic stock market fantasies with the kind of too real ending you only get in literature the porky who was helping the MC was just taking advantage of him so he could repossess the community refuge he was living in and his dreams of the stock market were shown as temporarily embarrassed millionaire delusions
Second is just about companies generally lying as part of speculation
Third is the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis on the moon and is a deepdive into the causes and politics of it culminating them moving the moon into being succdem instead of borderline ancap. Third is easily the best and also really indepth although may not be of interest if you already know a lot about the mechanics of that particular crisis.


That actually sounds really good. I was assumed it was something a bit more libertarian.

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