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I know you have them. People are very creative, and though they may not be develop their ideas to fullest, these ideas can be still be shared. Even if it's or you're spitballing, write them down here.


Anime on the setting of Haiti from 1957 to 1971 but Voodoo is actually real, the protagonist is a Spaniard and the Antagonist is "Francois Duvalier" black president in likeness and character of Barrack Obama but named something like "The Black Mumbai" The first series is going to be as Sekaist as hell where the Blacks overran the Spaniards and killed off the protagonist's family with black magic. JFK was shot due to the black Mumbai's Magic and the Cuban rescue party sent to rescue the orphaned Spaniard was wiped out due to the Black Mumbai's special op team called the Kenyan Tigers. (the weapoins the cubans had were AR-10's and the weapons the Tigers had were FN FAL's with Voodoo engravings etched into them). Near end of first season god grated the orphan special superhuman powers and it turns to a Mahou shojou/shonen anime.
Second season had the Protag tried to avenge the death of his family by killing the Black Mumbai, after that failed he receives the ability to go back in time and save all the Spaniards of Haiti and by extension his family, after trying to stop the election of the Black Mumbai for the umpteenth time he decided that instead the Spaniards had to begin a Exodus and thus worked for that goal, after this failed he instead tries to keep his family alive long enough to be rescued by the Cubans. He managed to do this but at the cost of his own life. Second season end.


14 year old kid kidnapped in 1993 in Eastern Ukraine, gets abducted into this child sex ring, be brought and used by Boris Yeltsin then sold off to the Clinton Foundation. After living in america and a personal plaything by the Clinton's found out a larger conspiracy. The entire planet is controlled by Amphibious Reptiles who burrow down into earth and made entire cities and structures underground and gather energy from the earth's heat given that they are cold blooded creatures. Managed to get captured by the creatures before losing consciousness in the catacombs. Is then sold off to the Highest bidder in Saudi Arabia, Osama Bin'ladden then saved him from his next to be rapist via bribing him. Then trains him to be a gurrella fighter in Afghanistan, he then converts to Islam, he escaped and then got involved in the conflict in Chechnya in 1996 and joins the Conflict on the side of the separatists fighting insurmountable odds. Got caught in a blast from a thermobaric warhead in a building in Grozny. Was permanently scarred. Then escaped behind Russian lines through a combination of hitchhiking and taking trips to neighboring countries, avoided the reptiles. Ended up back to his hometown to search for his family. Finds no sign of them. Asked around and found a tidbit of information from a local policemen, that they were taken to a unmarked facility in Kiev. Managed to sneak into unmarked facility guarded by the shape shifting Reptiles. Realized it was a node to a underground facility. Managed to sneak into underground facility. Realized the untimely demise of his whole family by the leader of the Reptiles, Alex Jones (idk, just fill in something). Then get's locked up and put into a cage to be sent to George Bush's personal Estate. Get injected cocaine in eyeballs. escaped during 9/11.. okay I ended it there. You guys can pick up the story.


I got Reincarnated into Another World Where Isekai Genre Doesn't Exist and I Starts My Life as an Isekai Author
is one of many weird but unique ideas for anime on r/IsekaiTitles


different shots of a cute girl looking sad and melancholic for twenty minutes, perhaps in different locations. maybe she has a cat or something.


Alex Jones is cringe controp. He poisons the well of legitimate conspiracy theory by association with wackadoo tinfoil nonsense.


Alex Jones is most likely a CIA agent, tasked with discrediting certain theories by sandwiching them between mountains of the worst garbage imaginable.

That said 99.99% of what he says is pure clickbait for the alt-right designed to generate as much ad revenue as possible for him and sell his questionable 'health supplements'.


The glowies did promote crazed conspiracies about UFOs to distract from actual government conspiracies and classified businesses, is that true?


>Mobile Suit Gundam except the Zabi family is modeled after the Romanovs, One Year War after Russian Civil War: Zeon as Red Army, Federation as White Army. Newtype Communism.

>Mobile Police Patlabor but it focuses on the workers doing crimes. Bonnot Gang in America; their "limousine" is a construction robot. Killdozer assassinates the President.


Jousei might scratch that itch for you.



Necrobumping deserves a fucking ban

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