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>The average persons eye captures “around” 60 frames per second (fps). While on this drug the fps of a persons eye is significantly lowered. It's been known that some shows, particularly anime, will have images or video superimposed into the show that flash in these lower frequency's, so that those who have this drug in their systems will see them, while sober people won't… Yep. Seriously.

>Whippets are entirely legal to purchase and own in the US, as well as in most other countries, including Japan. Which may be why many popular anime shows may have sections which are designed to be witnessed with this drug in people's systems.



That isn't how it works.


idk that sounds kinda like some wacky stoner science.
That being said, it sounds very plausible that whippets would be the goto for the Japanese, since every other drug seems to carry incredibly severe consequences over there.
I could certainly see you might mentally register more scenes in a fast pace action sequence if your brain is kinda slowed down and superfocused due to whatever you're taking.


This is really dumb. You don't see in FPS. There is, of course, a certain frequency above which you cannot distinguish changes, however this is different for each portion of the light spectrum, so for example, a flashing red light or a blue light will have different frequencies at which they appear to be constantly on. Secondly, anime is usually not even to the 24 frame standard which is what is used in film. It is far below that. Anybody, and I do mean anybody should be able to see the flashing image if watching on a standard television. Being drugged might actually make you miss things, but not because your eyes are somehow incapable of seeing it, but because your brain is distracted and cannot process the images. Do not listen to drug users for scientific or medical advice or facts. I have nothing against drugs, but it seems more often than not that people who make a lifestyle out of it are more susceptible to illogical beliefs or pseudo-science. And for some god-damned reason this is especially prevalent on the left where Christianity is rightfully looked as a silly belief system, but people praise retarded shit like wicca, which doesn't even have the benefit of historical tradition.


>The average persons eye captures “around” 60 frames per second (fps).
Bruh, this meme is dead for more than 5 years.


Whippets fucking suck.
Actually do shrooms instead.

>posting something like this on /anime/


Yeah man and mp3 files corrode over time too.

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