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Not much of a vtuber fan, I only occasionally watch clips, but I'm saddened to hear that even something as innocent as the vtuber sphere has been infected with politics and will breed new reactionaries out of lonely people with nothing better to do. Is no form of escapism safe from politics anymore?
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Fucker, post didn't connect >>>/hobby/7701


Lol, to think I completely skipped on nijien 3 despite watching one of them almost every day since lazu debut kinda grew bored of most of them tbh already I guess I'll check this one out.


"Chin Cheng Hanji" - Linglan Lily / 李李鈴蘭 (Cover)


Isn't she from Taiwan? If this had been a PRC based meme people'd be aall oer about it being 'raseest'.


How you mean?


China is a capitalist country which also has vtubers. Cope harder fascist lmao. You'll never have the touch of a female being an autistic virgin sperg such as urself.


File: 1638838392369.png (611.9 KB, 579x572, Laughing Elf.png)

<hurr if you say China did something right that must mean you uncritically support them
>Cope harder fascist
<Ur a china luver
<ur fasheest
Pick one coomerfag
>ou'll never have the touch of a female being an autistic virgin sperg such as urself
Projection is a mental disorder, take meds.


You could be giving the board more activity by making posts that are actually good, not this garbage that you are doing.


ur dumb lmao why are u crying


>ad hominum
>make better posts
And you? You've brought nothing to the table, replying to an argument from a week back and just bitching about China like a liberal, creaming "fasheest" and "austist" and "virgeen". Touch Grass


>And you? You've brought nothing to the table
Exactly, because that was my first post in this thread.


vtubers seem almost aggressively positive. It's not hard to see why they're so popular. With everything basically being on fire or a state of collapse, viewers can basically indulge in an endless supply of cute girls doing cute things.


Not an excuse.


Amane Kanata explained more or less what goes into a day of work of a Hololive member. Though this obviously doesn't apply to all streamers or all vtubers, it shows what it's like to be one of the very successful ones. It's a pretty harsh schedule, but I'm not sure how much of that is just general japanese worker overexploitation and how much is specific to idol culture stuff. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcv3F5qKvKE


Vtubers very quickly went through the [hobbyists only]->[normalfags join and the hobby explodes in popularity]->[psychopaths (bourgeois) monetize the hobby] process.


File: 1641859240625.jpg (35.63 KB, 480x360, 45378905.jpg)

>Weebs beat out the furries on worst mainstream content
The average video is worse than the imflamatory furry porn they used to spam in old /b/
Stop watching this crap


You posted a wojak.


vtubets should unionize


How would that work for something like that? I assume you mean Vtubers that work for a business rather than independent Vtubers.


for me its gura


das rite


Sadly there seems to be no such thing as labor agitation in Japan, so for the major ones (Hololive and Nijisanji) it's a no-go; still, they seem to be in a particularly curious relationship with the company, since though the character is owned by the company (and thus can be used for advertising, etc., without the consent of the streamer) only the streamer can "produce" value in the form of digital content, and if they chose not to work there wouldn't be much the company could do (after all, the character is worth very little without the person behind it — as was made clear with Kizuna Ai).
So in theory labor has a lot of power in such a relationship, but there is no way real-life political and economic issues will ever be discussed in this medium, given the particularly shitty escapist ideology most weebs share.


Man, I used to watch the shit out of this, good times. Big part of my being radicalized.


Now that I think about it, I imagine labor organizing in Hololive would probably be especially rough since the company really promotes itself as being a "family" of sorts.


I've seen IWW ads for fur suit and fur artist unionization so I don't believe independence is necessarily an impediment to unionization.

Corps in the US lean really hard on that "we're a family" type of anti-union crap and that's very quickly going down the shit tubes in the light of "oh by 'family' you mean you want us to die for minimum wage."

Imo labor organizing in hololive is theoretically easy considering that the streamers themselves are relied on to produce all the content, and without them the company is fucked.

I'd be really curious to learn what sort of health or retirement plan, or really what sort of actual job security vtubers have contractually. The hours they put in seem pretty crazy so I hope they're getting paid at least. I know I'd want some sort of employment guarantees so I don't get Coco'd.


it’s weirder when you consider, on purpose from the staff of the company we’ll never know, that the girls give the impression they know the CEO personally and that they have permission to call him a creep and call him ugly. I think Nijisanji does this too. Theoretically, this venting toward the company can be used as a tool to placate the workers in which they expel frustrations in a manner that is safe, as their consumers have accepted these particular interactions as content; and is reinforced as an artificial boundary through these clipped interactions of the streamers shitting on their bosses. Artificial boundary being created by both clippers and the streamers themselves as it is an inside and oft repeated joke, that makes it clear what is banter and what is actual criticism. Although, call me an empath(lol), I think the streamers are actually disgusted by their bosses and it’s just happened to be interpreted as banter by the clippers.


and then later turned into a commodity by the streamers themselves, especially over time.


I don't think i will ever like vtubers
They are the most obvious manufactured and corporate thing in existence
Every time you have a dissenting opinion, or just poke fun at them people will always come to their rescue
I also hate how they're all samey as fuck
Like you can literally be anything you want since it's an avatar, but for some reason they always choose a pale skinned anime girl
It's also very fucked up how it's okay for them to make millions of dollars in earnings, but it's bad for twitch streamers to do that


I'd tell you to learn Japanese and find all the cool niche vtubers streaming on niconico outside of the influence of corporate interests like Holoshit does but I have a feeling you won't bother doing that.


>I also hate how they're all samey as fuck
>Like you can literally be anything you want since it's an avatar, but for some reason they always choose a pale skinned anime girl
And their designs are almost always 100% shit. They're not always pale but even if a Vtuber avatar has dark skin their design is utter shit too.


i've come to think of it more like a digital version of kayfabe (as in wrestling) than merely a corporate thing which is completely fake. Granted, it would be naive to think that what the streamers (or the company) display is a "reality" not dictated by the profit motive; but there seems to be a certain degree of "honesty" (if one can call it that much) in the fact that the streamers are very openly playing a persona which is entirely other than themselves.

Of course, as this >>12394 anon said the corporative side is not as extreme (though youtube and twitch are inevitably involved) as in hololive or nijisanji, for obvious reasons.

this is true, most designs are utter crap, but every now and then they seem to fit the person quite impressively (though this may be just theatrics)

take this clip by botan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=baJ8iPEjOLI in which her doctor thinks she works at a black company (japanese slang for horrid working conditions, for those unaware) given her lifestyle, and she cannot even bring herself to deny it; or this clip by iroha https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnyWoBqxw0Q in which her doctor says her living conditions are literally inhuman (though this may be more because of the extremely poor proletarian conditions under which she seems to been living for a long time); in these moments (and many other instances, ad nauseam) the reality of the nightmare which is big corporate vtubing is quite clear; though class consciousness is not at all something which happens automatically, we may begin to see more explicitly anti-corporate stances by the streamers. id be remiss in not mentioning
marine, who has literally instructed the other members as to how to use their unions (if applicable) and how to get the big bucks from government unemployment subsidies, in case they need to quit a shitty job) which she learned from her previous, just as nightmarish jobs.


File: 1642572146745.jpg (80.1 KB, 959x845, 1631661324581[1].jpg)

A mi me gusta la cachetona.


ironically, i believe vtubers are probably the most radical commodity i have seen that can ever be produced in capitalism despite their manufactured image. Mainly because the human experience of working is the commodity itself. you see all this radical shit sort of produced in hollywood and other media, but the alienation and exploitation of the streamer worker's entire life IS THE PRODUCT. And try as they might, they cant really hide it.

the lack of boundaries as a coveted consumable is also worrying for socialization.

not defending their income, as they definitely make a lot more than twitch streamers and others, but vtuber companies make bank as they take majority of the streamer's profits. With their share, the vtubers still make lots more money, but it technically is still an exploitative relationship.


File: 1642620803478.png (42.45 KB, 1920x1920, ac4.png)

Unironically would consume furry porn bait and wojacks before vtuber crap tbh


What's been going on with Calliope? I saw a clip where she said she won't be reading superchats because of some hate or whatever.


Maybe it has something to do with this incident


Don't know this person but what was that "shekels" joke?


No idea tbh. I think she just made a joke in some stream about getting rich in a game and referring to it as shekels but I'm not sure.





it's something about some guy telling her to stop associating with a guy from the podcast Trash Taste via a superchat + some later troll superchats insinuating they were sending money for condoms


I guess your basic incel shit. In the revolution incels who won't change their behavior need to be shot.


In that dude's mild defense, Connor did call Hololive members "talentless." Mori then claimed that he had personally apologized, only for that to be outed as bullshit by Kiara who said she had no contact with those guys. Kiara did come out and say she'll be doing male colabs and most of her fanbase has no problem with it. People in Mori's community just hate Connor individually, not all males.


how about the males from nijisanji EN


Never seen them, but I do like some male streamers. The problem is that they aren't all that entertaining. There is that one beyblade ASMR clip going around, though.



a bit too memey for my taste


Don't watch them, but I find it interesting how they seem to have brought in a decently large audience of people that didn't really watch chuubas before.


Connor seems like a dude who would say sarcastic shit like that. Anyone who took personal offense because of that joke definitely hasn't touched grass. Now of course if someone is actually brigading vtubers to just negatively affect them is someone that needs to be shot because that's just straight up harassment, but I don't think Connor was brigading any one.


No, he meant it in the sense that Hololive is a machine for instant success. You have 300k subs guaranteed and a steady stream of superchats. This was offensive to some Holosimps, and that's why they want to keep Mori away from the TT crowd. I don't agree, but I understand. Mori's mistake was saying that he had "personally apologized" to each member of HoloEN for what he said. This is not true, and Connor is not the type to just apologize for that shit. It was an offhand comment, and it's also true. Also, some people highly suspect that fucking a vtuber is in Connor's bucket list, but don't realize that Garnt already did that.

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