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File: 1608528987355.jpg (209.61 KB, 667x318, 1601340230899.jpg)


Reminder that capitalism discourages stagnation and promotes growth.


Wrong site, rightoid.
Also the very fact that Japan produces a dozen faceless forgotten anime every year that last only a single season and are just cheap cashgrabs rehashing popular products of the past, this is empirically untrue


File: 1608528987519.jpg (48.76 KB, 445x359, 1589733927297.jpg)

I don't know how you understood where I was going with the thread and still thought I was serious about capitalism being good.

Anyway, the first one is a very popular manga that has maintained the status quo for almost 100 chapters and the other two are popular shows that got renewed for a second season.


>capitalism discourages stagnation and promotes growth
Where is there room for misinterpretation? Was this supposed to be sarcasm?
>first one is a very popular manga that has maintained the status quo for almost 100 chapters
wouldn't that count as stagnation?
>popular shows that got renewed for a second season.
&lt2 seasons is important
&ltignoring how a good portion of the third anime's popularity is based on the sexual appeal of the MC and the twitter drama that erupted over the show.
Ok LOL. For every good anime out there, there's a dozen garbage ones and the closer you get to the 2000s over time, the more of this garbage exists.


Oh I get it, you're on the spectrum.


File: 1608528987744.png (568.83 KB, 766x456, 1454950987998.png)

The growth of little girls' chest size.


exactly the opposite, capitalism takes the most creative people and forces them to make the same old standardized bland shit for a guaranteed profit


>no argument ad hom
ok fag


I mean, it *is* great though…


>he STILL doesn't get it


ok fag


God, these covers are just disgusting. Especially that last one. Look at that face, that uncanny collage of exaggerated waifu clichés. Repulsive.


Read Adorno



Why yes friend-anon, the Original Poster, as you might deem him, intended for their post to be interpreted in a sarcastic manner.
Sarcasm is when an expression is not intended to be interpreted in a manner which is blatantly literal. An expression which is sarcastic often means to criticize what is being expressed by way of the statement's shear absurdity alone.
It is presumption on my part, but it appears as if you were decried as being autistic not as an attack on your character, but more so because of your continued misunderstanding of the OP's, from my perspective, very obvious sarcasm.
It is OK (okay) to be autistic anon, however it is healthier to acknowledge autism than to ignore it.


>Explaining sarcasm
I know what it is asshole, quit being a smart-alek is pretentious.
>very obvious sarcasm
I'm sorry, apparently being autistic is when I can't hear the non-existent voice inflections of a written post. Poe's Law, look it up.
>acknowledge autism
&ltUr autistic cause we say so, and not because the posts are unclear except from an OP POV.


*(comma) it's



Ok but what would anime look like under gommunism?


See the Communist anime thread… basically Miyazaki type stuff would be common.


It would look like something we haven't seen yet, that's the point.



Yeah you're definitely autistic lmao


>reddit spacing
&lthurr, wanting actual clarity in statements and not ambigious bait is autistic
Mrs. Pot? Your husband Kettle is calling, to remind you you're black.


Poe's law


youre a faggot


File: 1608529022226.png (3.88 KB, 273x184, almost.png)

>spells it correctly
&ltmisses the apostrophe
You were almost there


when will you dumbfucks leave this board or at least try with better bait


When will you stop being so assmad about other boards?


When are you going to stop being autistic and take seriously obvious sarcasm?


File: 1608529022497.jpg (255.41 KB, 1920x1080, disgust.jpg)

>shows 3 shitty shows that are all the same garbage
&ltdamn this guy must be serious about capitalism encouraging innovation!!!!!!!


Was this animu any good?


Anon, >>3923 is not the prior poster.


It'll take 24 minutes for you to watch the first season. You might as well just watch it and determine for yourself, Anon.


Where can I watch it?


if you're not averse to streaming - kissanime.ac just make sure you have uBlock Origin and Popup Blocker extensions


You watch the first episode, you watched the whole show.


1st one is a good manga
2nd one is a mediocre show that's really popular for some reason
3rd is garbage


>literally the reason why anime is stale media with shit tropes and soulless cashgrab are most of the production
fuck capitalism and fuck your dumb ass



Capitalism puts cheese pizza into anime.


Pretty sure he was being sarcastic


>Rightoid weebs try to relate to shippuden and fail utterly at understanding it (like with Tanya the Evil)
Itachi is whirling in his anime grave right now.

Seriously how do you misunderstand a quote this badly? (Not to mention the context* of the situation in general). Itachi is literally the embodiment of "sacrifice yourself for the greater good". Moreover, the main hero of the series, NARUTO, is all about the pain of loneliness and the need to rely on and fight for others as well as yourself. It's a more nuanced 'we live in a society'. Itachi was differentiating this idea from the obsession that Kabuto had.

*They live in a semi-feudal world with military-dictatorships and super-human warriors with various elemental and energy-based attacks on top of insane physical stats, societies constantly at war and subsequently having child-soldiers (LIKE ITACHI) having to sacrifice themselves for a greater good, sometimes unnecessarily. Comparing this society and it's values directly to people today is like trying to compare feudal Japan with modern Japan.

Moreover Itachi is saying this while fighting Kabuto, an orphaned boy become medic, spy and scientist whose idol was Orochimaru and his own lack of identity and trauma lead him to essentially BE Orochimaru, whilst ignoring himself and not actually having any real connections outside of a delusional idea of "genetic relation"/abilities.


Streaming anime is a bad idea because, in addition to other things I don't know the exact details about (you can probably Google it), the quality is a lot lower. It's better to just torrent anime off of nyaa.si.
If you're too lazy: twist.moe is better, it's less likely to mine your computer for bitcoins.


>quality is a lot lower
Unless you're looking for HD resolution and doing more than watching things casually 720p is perfectly fine resolution TBH

I don't care enough to bother with torrents unless I intend to use a downloaded video for more than just a single viewing, cause deleting downloaded files is more of a hassle than computer scan deleting temporary files from streams.


Torrents are literally communism. Don't be a fag and help everyone out by seeding high quality anime, if at least temporarily.

If you're still going to stream at least use an adblocker.


>at least use an adblocker
Why is this even necessary to say? Obviously I use adblockers, I've been using them for nearly a decade now.


This is the internet, you never know if someone is actually serious or not anymore.

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