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It's linked to capitalism, sure, but is it being a bad comrade to watch anime?


> Is anime inherently captialist
In the sense that all non-independent media produced in capitalist countries is capitalist, yes, but it's up in the air whether that's a useful sense of the term.
>but is it being a bad comrade to watch anime?
No and anyone who tells you otherwise is a wanker. But we ought to be smart consumers and try our best to identify the potential problems and propagandistic aspects even in media we enjoy.


Who keeps making these threads? I've seen this exact thread topic at least six times.


File: 1608529005130.png (338.14 KB, 663x595, 1560423992963.png)

I've never paid for anime.


Pirated Anime Gang Rise Up


I hope you didn't hurt your brain trying to come up with that analysis.


At times like these I understand why /a/ tries so hard to stay away from politics.


It's an anime board in a leftist community? Do you think we're going to not mention politics at all?


Any reason you chose the OP pic to be 2 dogs mocked and beating on a smug anime grill?


Watch Yuru Camp, it's worth it.


Several anime studios are co-ops. Pretty much the entire team behind Gundam is leftists I've heard.


Is that why all the actual work is outsourced to Korean sweatshops?


Anime is actually just a vehicle for advertising. The anime itself is usually an ad for the original material while studios like A1 have subliminal advertising by including sony products.


Money. See the animator thread


I would say it is just as capitalist as any other form of entertainment


WHat the fuck is this threat like oh shit /anime/ is worst board on here.

>It's linked to capitalism
What the fuck does this even mean? It's a commodity produced under capitalism. All that tells us is that there is a market for it under capitalist relations. There is no further knowledge to be gained here as fas as anime as a thing for itself goes.

> but is it being a bad comrade to watch anime?

WTF? Where does this puritan moralfag way of thinking even comes from? When did we decide that 'its a thing in capitalism, therefore BAD!' Do you think hammers, apple pies or clothes are somehow 'bad' or 'anti-communist'? Guess what, they are also being created as commodities under capitalism.

>In the sense that all non-independent media produced in capitalist countries is capitalist, yes,
Wrong. Something being independent or not has NOTHING to do with it being more or less capitalist! How does this even work? 'Independent small business is anti-capitalist, the more independent it is the less capitalist'?

>Several anime studios are co-ops.
Again, completly irrelevant to wether or not something is capitalist. There are co-ops running right now under capitalist relations of production.

This. Anime has no essence that could be decribed as more capitalist or socialist. It's literally culture and therefore part of the superstructure that is being determined by the base. Even if anime exists today in a hyper-commercialised context that doesn't mean that this is the only way it can be expressed.

Honestly read Marx, this thread nearly gave me an aneurysm.


I'm saving this comment because it pretty much answers some things I've been struggling to rebuke dumbass comment from friends with.
>hurr your iphone and clothes hmhmmm


File: 1608529042426.jpg (257.5 KB, 1371x2048, youmu.jpg)

>/anime/ is worst board on here
Yep, easily. This place is like nega-4chan where its /a/ equivalent is the shittiest board around and the fucking video games board is much better.

Actual discussion threads are ignored in favor of dump threads, brainlet takes threads like OP's or e-celeb social media garbage.


I agree with most of your post except
>/anime/ is the worst board on here
That title belongs to /b/ and /GET/


>Actual discussion threads are ignored in favor of dump threads
But that's not true. The only major dump threads are boob/hentai related and aren't even posted in. Most of the big and top threads are discussion.
Fucking where you crying shithead. Whining about 1 (ONE) anime youtube thread that isn't even close to being the most active thread on this board is fucking pitiful. HIDE and IGNORE if you don't like it, MFW.


>HIDE and IGNORE if you don't like it, MFW.
You reek of reddit.


>Hurr everybody I don't like is reddit
Hid and ignore is basic chan guidelines you absolute mongrel.


On the list of things that are unethical to consume because of capitalism, anime or any motion picture, is probably low on that list. Just be smart and don't fall for any fucking propaganda.


File: 1608529049702-0.jpg (345.73 KB, 840x840, animepcm.jpg)

File: 1608529049702-1.jpg (198.32 KB, 479x574, IMG_20201019_191932.jpg)



File: 1608529049809-0.jpg (177.83 KB, 840x445, Stalin preach.jpg)

File: 1608529049809-1.jpg (217.87 KB, 840x874, Based Anon.jpg)

File: 1608529049809-2.jpg (495.48 KB, 1200x960, Westerners Idiocracy.jpg)

We shall take it from them, buddy.


Dr. Stone has been courting liberal dogma ever since they let that rich faggot be ship's captain.


Everything you do in capitalist society reinforces capitalism, there is no escape


Not more than any other media, although it is quite consumerist.


how was that guy from naruto authleft?


its called dr reddit for a reason


There's no ethical consumption while under capitalism.


this is the same retarded "lmao bro you tweet against capitalism from your iphone haha vuvuzela" shit just coming from a leftist that has internalized it, actually pretty sad to see


For SOME reason the anime board here attracts the most retards.

I just want a chill lefty /a/, not reddit/twitter without usernames.


Quit being so neurotic about your hobbies, it won't make you any less leftist.


You're not wrong, but TBH people should relax. So someone is discussing if anime is capitalist, so what? It's like 1 fucking thread, move on. There are plenty of others you can post/enjoy in.


Reposting this shit here because we don't need a dozen threads for this topic:

Why tf they screeching about "japs japs, nip is the best"? What the hell was wrong with them?


>3rd pic


I'm personally not a fan TBH


its so stupid seeing that stabbing picture posted by rightwingers when the guy getting killed was a nationalist against american dominion over japan


Right wingers post it as an example of "hurr we got one over the left in Japan!"


Yeah you're right, I didn't know what I was talking about

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