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What is /leftypol/'s opinion on vtubers? I think some of them are cute and funny.
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>He's still mad


>>He's still mad


The one interesting thing about vtubers that supports my theory is that a lot of them just seems like a bunch of perverts. Gawr for example despite the generally more "innocent" persona was doxxed and made like a bunch of horny posts in the past and I think she has been known to "like" twitter posts of lewd pictures of her character.
The other vtubers are much, much more open in their general horniness. Hell the very first popular "vtuber" was IMO project melody a straight up cam whore who is actually liked instead of disdained by people outside the people who jerk off to them.


that's the main argument for the "authenticity" i feel, but it's just the anonomity (despite how easy it is to figure out who are the people behind the avatars). There is a certain perverted candidness about being honest behind a mask, right? Like those weird european bourgeois parties.


Senzawa was better


>Gawr for example despite the generally more "innocent" persona was doxxed and made like a bunch of horny posts in the past
You can't just claim that and not provide some links.


Well you can just take a look at >>5023, since that's who anon was talking about. I mean it's not even subtle.


In all honesty, being a vtuber seems like a better gig than being a regular streamer, the layer between the person and the persona probably absorbs a bit of the impact of death threats and the general unpleasantness of being a public person. Still probably a pretty crappy job tho, unless you hit it really big like hololive (and even then it still sounds kinda shit)


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Anyone want to become a VTuber? Now's your chance.



>the very first popular "vtuber"
>projekt melody


>greentexted excerpts
yes, what is it you want to say?


/v/tubers are the newest low otaku culture has cultivated. no passion, no engagement, just idiots obsessing over boardroom picked anime avatars talking over video games. They are literally just twitch streamers hiding behind a 2D face to trick retards into thinking they are a cute anime girl.

Actually there is literally no otaku culture involved except complete and utter lies. Take the technology away and there is nothing left except some 3D twat

/v/tubers are built on deception and you deserve to be ridiculed for having no self respect. Lower than people donating money on chaturbate.


He's implying melody wasn't the first popular vtuber which is true.


How is that different from any other streamer though? Most streamers are cute women or eboys, that is people you like to look at. If anything it lays the artificiality of the medium bare. Real streamers fake authenticity, but with vtubers, there is not pretense, it is just a character.


VTubers are like the middle road between "using an avatar and a robot voice" and "using your own face and your own voice".
They're kinda like Rantsonas minus the mad with an audience that usually pumps out really good art.

I think Melody was more niche rather than actually popular.
She kinda just exists after the "OMG CAMGIRL VTUBER STRIPPER" wave fizzled out, then apparently joined VShoujo with Nyanners and whoever.


>She kinda just exists
She's not getting nonstop media coverage anymore, but she's still arguably the most popular EN vtuber with the rest of VShojo and their outer members trailing behind her.


Been seeing quite a bit of anticorporate discussion against the company that manages Hololive, Cover Corp. Seems like the idol/streamer format is particularly useful towards questioning the place and utility of "management" (as in, the corporate structure that "manages" the idols) of the talents, given that they could just as well stream by themselves and often are impeded and pointlessly blocked by management. Didn't expect this silly hobby to have some small anticapitalist possibilities, which goes to show that these sort of discussions are becoming a bit more widespread (though i wouldn't really hold my breath about anything radical arising from this)


youre retarded

idol industry has been fucked up since the beginning, hololive inc. is just more of the same but with women wearing anime avatars


Which anime is this thread about?


V for Vendetta


File: 1611642978075.jpg (123.33 KB, 813x813, not_anime.jpg)

The society of finding a better board name.


>I do not really understand why you chose Kizuna Ai as an example, because she is very obvious with her being just an actor.
Yes, that's the point. I liked her exactly because of that. She may do a cute voice but the way she talks makes it much more tolerable than other Vtubers' voices.
I also like Himono for her art tutorials but when I discovered her I had no idea that just using an animated avatar instead of your real face turned you into a "Vtuber" so I didn't consider her one. Apparently I was wrong though.

despite the name this board isn't just for Japanese animation.


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Guess what, 4chan has a new board.


File: 1611922337408.jpg (111.74 KB, 952x744, blaugh.jpg)

what the fuck man


File: 1611922898932.png (1.42 MB, 1833x1032, vt3.png)

It seems that vtubers are too big to be contained in /jp/.


I thought 4chan staff would never make an e-celeb board


degenerate infantile childishness

and yet fascinating at the same time


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File: 1612086324748.jpg (364.23 KB, 1000x800, 1612082070891.jpg)



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we need more weather vtubers


What we need more of is cute ojisan Vtubers


File: 1612344973786.png (182.52 KB, 400x400, 005c9c7543f7d1cf730706b068….png)

Why is she so popular?


She gives off mid range IQ autism vibes


Because she's cute


wow based who is this?


Cause she's a shark loli


no u


Thanks for confirming I'm indeed a shark loli.


wow neato


Man hezzbollah is making clones of JRPGs as well now?


a guilty pleasure


Parasocial trash but at the same time it's not like vtubers or shit like Hatsune Miku are that much less artificial than most 'actual' youtubers or entertainers whose conforming 'personalities' are just as much of a fake product cooked-up by board rooms full of PR people as those.


File: 1612838371909.jpg (86.68 KB, 960x540, 1467148067684.jpg)

The logical evolution of the Spectacle


Very much so


Overdesigned pieces of shit tbh


I would rather say underdesigned they look like shit alot of the time


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I just found out that there is a holololivve Indonisia what the fuck is going on ovver there?


If someone wants to watch some Hololivve content i just watched Ina's Journey Video and it was great


There should be a fourth circle containing a Fire Emblem character.


sauce on both?

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