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What is /leftypol/'s opinion on vtubers? I think some of them are cute and funny.


dumb thread
vtubers themselves are walking commodities and for those trying 2 escape the grotesque flesh but not in the cool transhumanist way


I don't care, and this is a shit thread.

shut the fuck up and let people enjoy things goddamn, not everything is a moralistic battle for the soul of mankind


Didn't think someone would find a way to make the youtuber/streamer experience more artificial and commodified and yet here we are


File: 1608529025903.png (30.63 KB, 200x193, soyjak.png)

>let people enjoy things


> I think some of them are cute and funny.


File: 1608529026014.jpg (77.17 KB, 600x678, (you)1.jpg)



fill me in, what are vtubers?


go to >>>tech or >>>anime
i agree,those types are like nazbols.the only reason they hate capitalism or consoomerism is they don't find product to consoom and doesn't like/hate the products.not explotation*inefficiency* or environmental-damage.just can't finding product to consoom
you see,how much they triggered


ai-youtuber as i know.


vagina tubers
It's an abhorrent sexual fetish…


Think of pewdiepie or markiplier but if they were pretending to be anime girls while using some face rig to look like it's a moving drawing the one who's playing games and not some fatass japanese guy


File: 1608529026328.jpg (67.29 KB, 640x591, soy22.jpg)

>>>3977 >>3969 go to >>>tech or >>>anime >>3971 i agree,those types are like nazbols.the only reason they hate capitalism or consoomerism is they don't find product to consoom and doesn't like/hate the products.not explotation*inefficiency* or environmental-damage.just can't finding product to consoom >>3973 >>3975 you see,how much they triggered


Virtual Youtubers (shorten to vtubers).
They're basically like regular game streamers but they have anime avatars and roleplay as their characters.
Most of them are Japanese, but there's a growing number of English-speaking vtubers as well.



They're youtubers that use software to overlay a cartoon character over their face that tracks their movements, so it's like the cartoon cahracter is the one playing the game.


thanks comrades for answering my lazy arse's question.


>fill me in, what are vtubers?
Vtubers is when a society that you thought can't get any more perverse and alienated actually becomes more perverse and alienated/


china's vtubers are based is all i can say


>cartoons are degenerate
ok puritan


Based on what?


File: 1608529026826.jpg (96.26 KB, 749x987, DVVLSS6VMAIXS_f.jpg)

Cope, fascist


>Phil Greaves


I stubbed my toe on a chair yesterday, so I threw it out because it was fascist.


Perhaps it is merely time before grifters start making political videos with anime avatars.



it's absolute capitalist decadence, but a perfect representation of how fucking alienated today's people are. For crying out loud some people fantasize about fucking these poorly animated anime avatars instead of actually getting laid. It's sad and pathetic at the sime time and I honestly try not to think about it too much because it just makes me more depressed than I already am.


File: 1608529027218.jpg (35.87 KB, 600x600, 562.jpg)

nice formatting newfaggot




Holy cope


cringe and painfully awkward to watch. like wtf is this supposed to do for me? what am i supposed to feel with these? they just make me horribly uncomfortable. i also know some dudes who are super into vtubers and that just turns me off it even more.


We have to seize that space before them and make anime girls that spread immortal science of marxism leninism.


Alienation is not when you roleplay with an avatar FFS


how do i hide a post in leftypol i dont wanna see this shit


based on dengism


Can I get an example of a vtuber?


what the fuck is a vtuber


Click the circle with a line in the middle and then click hide thread


Houshou Marine is the one in the OP


>cute and funny
absolutelly shameless


File: 1608529027870.jpg (29.85 KB, 357x347, stim.jpg)

goooooooood morning slaves


Communist vtubers when?


escaping reality by role playing as an anime avatar is pretty much peak alienation


It's shit like this that makes me think niggas like Adorno and Kachinsky were 10000% right


There's one but she's cucked revisionist socdem
Hard to expect better from a country so cucked by US though

Are you escaping reality by posting anonymously instead of attaching your photo and full name to every post?


Most of them do it hoping to get big enough to make a living off of it. It's no different from regular streaming, in any way except that they are more anonynous.


File: 1608529028201.jpg (57.03 KB, 800x429, CxBqcaDW8AAbhqQ.jpg)

>Communist vtubers when?

There is this guy who is role playing a hyper realistic avatar from red alert. Technology is very advanced these days!


I can't believe something like this really exists


FFS we already have a youtube thread, we don't need another one, even if it is transferred from /leftypol/. SHould have just locked the thread and linked the anime youtuber thread


>hyper realistic avatar
>the unruhe's picture
This once again shows the superiority of Oriental cartoons. Unlike the fake gun wielding, Cal Arts aesthetic persona of Roo, this virtual persona not only does actual organizing and real praxis but carries actual weapons and does not conceal their affiliations, broadcasting their communism through their uniform.


Streamers that use anime/cartoon characters to represent themselves. It's no different than shit like rantsonas/avatars that people on youtube have been doing for a decade now.


E-celeb cancer with an anime girl mask, no less worse than twitchfags or youtubeshitters.


some have good designs and i am horny sometimes


I like 'em. But i'm also very lonely.


Urhue is the OG content creator.


They're fun as characters and/or actors but they can be even more dangerous for the psyche than standard streamers, especially ones like Rushia that really lean into the virtual GFE.


>cute and funny
most of them are grown-ass men


Damn, they must be really great actors then




Most Vtubers (the ones with a cute anime girl avatar) are a depressing reminder of the state of the world and weebs today

Some Vtubers are ok though. I used to like Kizuna Ai, she wasn't trying to be disgustingly kawaii, she didn't fake a childish anime accent, and she reacted like a real fucking person, at least compared to all these 2D Vtubers


That's the whole point of vtubers. They act not like real people just enough to be "anime-like" in their attitude, but not embarassingly childish.
It wouldn't have became as popular if they were mainly acting or not acting at all.
I do not really understand why you chose Kizuna Ai as an example, because she is very obvious with her being just an actor.


Social media threads should stay in social media.
Thank you and godo night.


>godo night
&ltcan't even do 'le fake wapanese' right
Honestly fuck off with your pointless whining. Either post content you like and 'be the change' you want to see, or stop complaining about every other thread that happens to pop-up
A) Social media is any digital tool that allows users to quickly create and share content with the public. WE ARE SOCIAL MEDIA you fucking twat, we're just anonymous and don't require an account to post
B) This thread was moved from /leftypol/ to the next most appropriate board according to mods - /anime/. It's not even that popular and is only higher in the catalog because it's new.


Using anime avatars and being a vtuber to spread leftist ideology. Now dats PRAXIS


its bourgeoisie degeneracy


Suddenly every retard is ok with e-celebs because they're posing as anime girls


See >>4248
This thread was a /leftypol/ thread, so much for your whining about how 'leftypol' will be the only leftist anime board'


It's pretty much the same as regular streamers. People do feel they are more "authentic", ironically, because since they are "anonomized" by their avatars it feels like they are more honest somehow.

It's bullshit tho. They're just as much playing personas as everyone else online. Some of them are very good entertainers, and quite funny, but most of them are just subpar comedians/actors/singers "enhanced" by some decent character design.

I do like watching some of them, but honestly, it's not really very relevant, they were just lucky because the pandemic raised online viewerships for obvious reasons, which exploded their channels.


It feels more authentic because you know that the character you see is a persona. While with an actual person there is an expectation that they are somehow "real". It's like rap music artist are expected to be hood to come off as authentic while metal musicians can be the dorkiest skinny fucks possible because they have a more thick layer of personality that is pretty obviously fake.


That is true. The expectations are definitely different, which does contribute to less of a "whiplash" when they obviously end up not being the way they act on stream. Still, the fundamental premises are the same, that is, it's all just an (sometimes elaborate) act.
Honestly the puritanism that people declare against this sorta stuff and anime is pointless honestly, commodities are commodities, no matter if they are cars or cute anime girls. I do get really annoyed by all the pseudo-Nechayevs in this board, ready to give up every and all small pleasures for the sake of a hypothetical revolution and to chastise people who aren't """as strong""" as them.


kek based soyposter


>He's still mad


>>He's still mad


The one interesting thing about vtubers that supports my theory is that a lot of them just seems like a bunch of perverts. Gawr for example despite the generally more "innocent" persona was doxxed and made like a bunch of horny posts in the past and I think she has been known to "like" twitter posts of lewd pictures of her character.
The other vtubers are much, much more open in their general horniness. Hell the very first popular "vtuber" was IMO project melody a straight up cam whore who is actually liked instead of disdained by people outside the people who jerk off to them.


that's the main argument for the "authenticity" i feel, but it's just the anonomity (despite how easy it is to figure out who are the people behind the avatars). There is a certain perverted candidness about being honest behind a mask, right? Like those weird european bourgeois parties.


Senzawa was better


>Gawr for example despite the generally more "innocent" persona was doxxed and made like a bunch of horny posts in the past
You can't just claim that and not provide some links.


Well you can just take a look at >>5023, since that's who anon was talking about. I mean it's not even subtle.


In all honesty, being a vtuber seems like a better gig than being a regular streamer, the layer between the person and the persona probably absorbs a bit of the impact of death threats and the general unpleasantness of being a public person. Still probably a pretty crappy job tho, unless you hit it really big like hololive (and even then it still sounds kinda shit)


File: 1608529104364-0.png (87.77 KB, 912x618, Screenshot (141).png)

File: 1608529104364-1.jpg (1.08 MB, 2283x1284, EoHsH-WVQAAvdyn.jpg)

File: 1608529104364-2.jpg (401.91 KB, 2508x1410, EoHufA4VoAAFMq3.jpg)

Anyone want to become a VTuber? Now's your chance.



>the very first popular "vtuber"
>projekt melody


>greentexted excerpts
yes, what is it you want to say?


/v/tubers are the newest low otaku culture has cultivated. no passion, no engagement, just idiots obsessing over boardroom picked anime avatars talking over video games. They are literally just twitch streamers hiding behind a 2D face to trick retards into thinking they are a cute anime girl.

Actually there is literally no otaku culture involved except complete and utter lies. Take the technology away and there is nothing left except some 3D twat

/v/tubers are built on deception and you deserve to be ridiculed for having no self respect. Lower than people donating money on chaturbate.


He's implying melody wasn't the first popular vtuber which is true.


How is that different from any other streamer though? Most streamers are cute women or eboys, that is people you like to look at. If anything it lays the artificiality of the medium bare. Real streamers fake authenticity, but with vtubers, there is not pretense, it is just a character.


VTubers are like the middle road between "using an avatar and a robot voice" and "using your own face and your own voice".
They're kinda like Rantsonas minus the mad with an audience that usually pumps out really good art.

I think Melody was more niche rather than actually popular.
She kinda just exists after the "OMG CAMGIRL VTUBER STRIPPER" wave fizzled out, then apparently joined VShoujo with Nyanners and whoever.


>She kinda just exists
She's not getting nonstop media coverage anymore, but she's still arguably the most popular EN vtuber with the rest of VShojo and their outer members trailing behind her.


Been seeing quite a bit of anticorporate discussion against the company that manages Hololive, Cover Corp. Seems like the idol/streamer format is particularly useful towards questioning the place and utility of "management" (as in, the corporate structure that "manages" the idols) of the talents, given that they could just as well stream by themselves and often are impeded and pointlessly blocked by management. Didn't expect this silly hobby to have some small anticapitalist possibilities, which goes to show that these sort of discussions are becoming a bit more widespread (though i wouldn't really hold my breath about anything radical arising from this)


youre retarded

idol industry has been fucked up since the beginning, hololive inc. is just more of the same but with women wearing anime avatars


Which anime is this thread about?


V for Vendettaunited_farm_workersUnited Farm Workers


File: 1611642978075.jpg (123.33 KB, 813x813, not_anime.jpg)

The society of finding a better board name.


>I do not really understand why you chose Kizuna Ai as an example, because she is very obvious with her being just an actor.
Yes, that's the point. I liked her exactly because of that. She may do a cute voice but the way she talks makes it much more tolerable than other Vtubers' voices.
I also like Himono for her art tutorials but when I discovered her I had no idea that just using an animated avatar instead of your real face turned you into a "Vtuber" so I didn't consider her one. Apparently I was wrong though.

despite the name this board isn't just for Japanese animation.


File: 1611921224842-0.png (107.38 KB, 646x349, vt1.png)

File: 1611921224842-1.png (233.97 KB, 1795x379, vt2.png)

Guess what, 4chan has a new board.


File: 1611922337408.jpg (111.74 KB, 952x744, blaugh.jpg)

what the fuck man


File: 1611922898932.png (1.42 MB, 1833x1032, vt3.png)

It seems that vtubers are too big to be contained in /jp/.


I thought 4chan staff would never make an e-celeb board


degenerate infantile childishness

and yet fascinating at the same time



File: 1612086324748.jpg (364.23 KB, 1000x800, 1612082070891.jpg)


File: 1612109434274.jpg (438.11 KB, 1261x1411, ポン子&阿准.jpg)

we need more weather vtubersunited_farm_workersUnited Farm Workers


What we need more of is cute ojisan Vtubers


Why is she so popular?


She gives off mid range IQ autism vibes


Because she's cute


wow based who is this?


Cause she's a shark loli


no u


Thanks for confirming I'm indeed a shark loli.


wow neato


Man hezzbollah is making clones of JRPGs as well now?


a guilty pleasure


Parasocial trash but at the same time it's not like vtubers or shit like Hatsune Miku are that much less artificial than most 'actual' youtubers or entertainers whose conforming 'personalities' are just as much of a fake product cooked-up by board rooms full of PR people as those.


File: 1612838371909.jpg (86.68 KB, 960x540, 1467148067684.jpg)

The logical evolution of the Spectacle


Very much so


Overdesigned pieces of shit tbh


I would rather say underdesigned they look like shit alot of the time


File: 1614014773292.png (1.7 MB, 1280x720, kureiji_ollie_.png)

I just found out that there is a holololivve Indonisia what the fuck is going on ovver there?christian_communismChristian Communism


If someone wants to watch some Hololivve content i just watched Ina's Journey Video and it was greatburkina_fasoBurkina Faso


There should be a fourth circle containing a Fire Emblem character.


sauce on both?


Are there any in depth information about how the Hololive indsutrie works.
That whole thing is a big mysterie for me
If you watch a stream of one of them you will see they are making alot of money with that
But what happens with the money?
The V-Tuber doesnt own the character the voice or the channel
So theoretically hololive could just pay them minimum wage couldnt they? Like people are saying V-Tuber are getting rich but I just dont see why the companies should pay more than the absolute minimum


File: 1616947987629.jpg (71.7 KB, 742x135, 1616941410597.jpg)

Cover takes a % of everything they earn (i've seen /jp/ say it's around 30% and 50% but can't find a legit source)
they get paid a fixed salary+donos after the cut, and youtube also takes a cut of course.


If thats true they woulf be making alot of money atleast the bigger ones


Is fubuki lewdable?


Yeah the vtubers are proles who make wages. The vanguard party will contain anime waifus.


why not?


I find them cringy as hell, not only because they perpetuate an stereotypical look of femininity, or because they commodify the female body even more, I can enjoy things that do that and overlook the problematic aspects that come with that. The real reason I find them cringy as hell is because I can't stand their infantile behavior, like that stupid high pitch voice most of them make, or the way they provide "entertainment" by making funny noises or acting unironically like anime characters. It's disgusting and anyone over the age of 18 should feel ashamed of enjoying this kind of barney the dinosaur kind of crap.


Very much this.


Vtubers seem to be socialized.


Is this infantilization not an ovarall trend for how woman behave but also consoomers


File: 1618445293070.png (186.21 KB, 979x605, ClipboardImage.png)

Are Western Vtubers not allowed in the /vt/ board?


They are, /trash/ is just there for the sake of porn dumps and extreme shittalking.


I decided to bite the bullet and finally watch vtubahs and holy shit are you right.
Mostly popular ones and everyone else trying to imitate them, I've found a few decent ones that are pretty niche and barely have a following. Those ones feel like actual people.


V-tubers are cringe. the waifufagging of shit like Gawr Gura is just tiresome.


nyanners is a good vtuber


Vtubers are cancergroucho_marxismGroucho Marxism


hate vtuber fan base with a passion but like vtubers. what is wrong with me


They are boring
Why the fuck do people even watch these boring uguus play boring mainstream video games
They don't have any personality to provide fun commentary
They just make cute noises


Some of them like tsukino mito aren't like cringey anime larpers. nijisanji is way better than hololive in this regard.


>cute noises
Moe noises more like… it's like IRL waifufagging, like what happened with Miku and vocaloid.


They are. That thread existed prior to /vt/'s existence when western vtubers weren't allowed on /jp/. It stayed on /trash/ mainly because people love being able to post porn and go schizo when they want to.

>Why the fuck do people even watch these boring uguus
Ask yourself "who is their core viewerbase" and everything else makes sense.


I hate streaming and all this online video shit, it's so soul-less and dead and people watching it are just as dead-inside as the content.


We don't call em vtumors for no reason


Same as conventional celebrities; a poor choice of obsession.
You're free to enjoy them, and I guess they might be entertaining personalities, but I'd rather enjoy more conventional art that isn't trying too hard. I think of vtuber's the way I think of the Kardashians; I don't.



File: 1628010457361.png (234.4 KB, 1918x913, ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone else hate the new graphic designers of sites like the fandom.wiki? This obsession of making them formatted like phone systems (despite phones having their own separate system anyway) is fucking annoying.
>As we move into the future of Fandom, we have a new logo, new colors, and new desktop and mobile experiences. Learn more about the future of Fandom here.

How to return the old design: https://old.reddit.com/r/wikia/comments/nq1emp/how_to_opt_out_of_the_new_fandom_look/


I hope fandom dies.


why? The site is quite useful and often much better than wikipedia.


V-tubers arrived because people like https://archive.is/vO8j5 died


there was a point where i believed that UI/UX designers for websites were being made to intentionally fuck shit up so that users move move to apps instead, but now i'm convinced that 50% of them are just retarded


tbh a lot of them are interesting people with interesting quirks and stories besides just funny cute noise. it’s just clippers that are cancerous clipping “cute” moments who definitely fetishize them. although, most gaming streams are extremely boring since they’re basically just reading off dialogue and occasionally interacting with a backseat if armchair chat. collabs and talking streams are the best although you are often reminded of the artificial barriers being kept to maintain privacy, but I’m noticing that’s true even in in real life.


I'm convinced it's both


Look at korone. She's super popular for some reason but all does is pretend like infantilized kawaii uguu noise box


I hate V-tubers but frankly what I really hate is their brain dead fans, in a way I can respect V-tubers for exploiting the fuck out of utter braindead bootlickers with absolutely 0 coercion required. It's pitiful behavior and even if I were committed to the idea, I would have no idea where to start with saving these people, since a lengthy amount of therapy and diet is all that will help them.


Is there any guide to return to when it was Wikia and none of this "FANDOM™" shit?


>eturn to when it was Wikia and none of this "FANDOM™" shit?
Unfortunately no, you'll have to use archive.is and wayback for any chance of that.


However if anyone on /tech/ is interested, they might take you up on a proposal to create such a system.


It's just fucking random female streamers preying on lonely depressed men. Like what is even revolutionary about this shit.


>Like what is even revolutionary about this shit
did someone claim them as revolutionary? I missed that.


A lot of people are, especially leftists in weeb circles
Somehow people who detested the idea of thot streamers are now simping for vtubers day in day out


I frankly haven't seen it, but I don't use discord or weeb circles outside this site… though r/AniCommunism is faggy and liberal enough to do that.


>people who detested the idea of thot streamers are now simping for vtubers day in day out
and on top of that the people who defended egirl streamers despise vtubers. It's weird as fuck, but my guess is that it's due to the aesthetics of it all. Both of them are two sides of the same coin.

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