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File: 1609815563490.jpg (131.19 KB, 1920x1080, tohru.jpg)


What anime are you watching?


There's nothing good on right now.


File: 1609956627301.jpg (612.34 KB, 1080x1027, 1609956614276.jpg)

I'm watching Bunny girl senpai it's not what I expected but I like it


I'm done with the series it was nice is the special worth watching?
Right now I'm watching maid dragon it's ok but I'm not really hooked right now


File: 1610316114231.jpg (1.43 MB, 3387x2400, 1592496463070.jpg)

High school of the Dead


I should really rewatch that some time


Attack on Titan, season 4 episodes are coming out and I've been meaning on watching the show since 2013.

After watching seasons 1 - 3 I can see why this anime was banned in China. The whole thing is an analogy of Japan's "justified" racism against the entire world and season 3 literally ends with Eren looking at where China would be and saying, "If we kill everyone there, will we be truly free?"

I know the counter is that Eren is "mentally damaged" or somthn, but the ideology isn't criticized at all, with the closest exception being the court room scene where Eren gets his shit kicked in by Lavi.

Everything else of the show is fine except with certain plot points. (How the fuck do people defend Erwin, he literally fucked up and almost killed everyone in the mission because he was too inpatient to let Eren get more time to control the Titans. I know later it's explained he couldn't but at the time it was unknown). Maybe I'll watch season 4 if they do actually counter the ideology at hand, granted though the addition of the final arc seems extremely tact on and didn't have enough built up at all.


I've been rewatching YYH for reasons.
It is much worse than I remember yet there's just something so charming and nostalgic about the oldschool style. The imperfections of cel animation, the city pop-ish music, the environments.


I was always disappointed when it decided it wanted to dump its original idea and become Dragonball Z about ten episodes in.


I tend to agree, I like the feel of the early episodes. But tbh I think it's apparent the author was quickly running out of ideas.


anime is for faggots
true niggas are reading theorypunkPunk


>reading theory


File: 1610679418381.png (1.8 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

Heavy Object. I'm now wondering why there wasn't a communist faction after finishing it.



Well I was watching Fate/Zero and then my guitar fell into my tv and broke my tv screen.


Is the guitar okay? Far more important


Yes, thank jesus. But, it still sucks cause now I am with out a tv.


How did this happen?
Where you playing guitar while standing on your tv?


I don't even know what to watch
When I'm about to watch some anime I get this feeling of shame that won't let me do it. I think it's been too long since I did. Even opening a visual novel requires a lot of effort.

But anyway, what should I watch? To be fair, I still haven't watched many of the classics such as Cowboy Bebop. I had downloaded some stuff like LoGH, Death Note and Pretty Cure but I lost my hard drive before I finished (or started) them.


What kinds of media do you like?
>When I'm about to watch some anime I get this feeling of shame that won't let me do it
Bruh come on.


File: 1611013344970-0.jpg (1.99 MB, 2610x3700, 1590148743518.jpg)

File: 1611013344970-1.jpg (2.18 MB, 2396x3430, 1555730555462.jpg)

>what should I watch?


Oh man, I was ready to answer that question.
Thanks a lot, the problem now is that I don't know what to watch first, kek


I'd personally recommend Vampire Hunter D and the Bloodlust movies.


Just completed Eizouken.


I stopped watching anime some time ago.


Just finished My Neighbor Totoro and was completely unimpressed. What an incredibly overrated boring movie with a paper thin plot.


Okay, now I really gotta watch it.


Are Casshern Sins or Eizouken good ones?


Eizouken is great.


I mean, the show is definitely entertaining, but you really have to wonder what is going in Isayama's head. He seams like a fucking genocidal Maniac. If this really is an analogy to Imperialist Japan, then you can safely say that Isayama is a damaged individual, who lacks historical Knowledge.

Regardless of that, I generally like the show and most of the cast. One of the better Animes of the last decade. Haven't read the last 5 chapters, because Eren is now going beyond mental and I don't see it stopping tbh. I think Isayama has written himself into a Cornern and the only way for it to end faithful to the plot, is for one side of the conflict to be entirely "genocided".
7/10 for me. Maybe better, if he can pull of a good ending, which I don't believe


Just finished Ponyo and loved it. Was expecting another boring slice-of-life turd like Totoro, but this one actually had a plot and it was nice.


File: 1612284024201.jpg (294.67 KB, 1131x1600, 1609682721399.jpg)

I'm almost halfway done with Season 2 of Kaiji. I don't feel like annotating season 2, but season 1 was kino.

The anime goes into depth and enhances strategies, while overlapping them with more obstacles, within one game.


So it's a good adaptation? I only hear good things about this series


Not that anon, but kaiji is fucking tense.
not recommended for prolonged viewing.


File: 1612308449841.png (1.44 MB, 1440x2133, 1612308380743.png)

Not anime, but I just binged Solo Leveling. I expected an edgefest and I damn sure got one


I've never given two fucks about Final Fantasy, but right now I'm watching the FFXV anime on YouTube.


oh fuck yes the gary stu manhwa is off hiatus. thanks for reminding me


File: 1613781248103.jpg (25.41 KB, 480x360, blackweeb.jpg)

For some dumb reason I'm rewatching Highsholl DXD
That shit really fried my brain when I was 12brocialismBrocialism


File: 1613782377292.jpeg (18.87 KB, 750x1000, black clover.jpeg)

Went through the entirety of Black Clover so far. Started watching it because friends were streaming it and remembered thinking "this is the most shonen thing I've ever seen" because of its overwhelming number of predictable tropes. But it turned out to have a surprising pleasant overarching story. I like that there's actual character development, even if it seems like they're doing it to consciously say "see, we can do actual character development". I'm not surprised to learn that the show has been canceled, that's what Pierot gets for all the shitty fucking filler they tried to shove in people's mouths. People wised up to their grift after Naruto. Never start an adaptation before the source material has finished.


>fried my brain
Why is that? What's wrong with it?


based timestampathiesmAthiesm


Well its almost porn so that brought me into 2d girls waifus hentai etcthinkThink


The case in AOT is far different from Japan and China. Eldians are basically enslaved in Marley and so that on top of the years of titan attacks makes eldia mostly justified.


What should I watch next? I’ve watched AOT, deathnote, demon slayer, MHA, and food wars.


Yu Yu Hakusho


Dorohedoro, Mardock Scramble, Karas


Angel Beats


File: 1616661775149.png (337.83 KB, 677x573, 1616610249909.png)

Did you rike it?


Just wached the 11. episode of Wonder Egg priority
Looking forward to the 12. episode


Based, all time favorite show. Dark tournament arc is untouchable.

Jujutsu Kaisen, it's pretty fun. Favorite character:



>Jujutsu Kaisen, it's pretty fun. Favorite character:
I'm gonna watch it


The bread shop scene is actually classpilled, wasn't expecting that from a show about kung-fu ghost busting


>Eldians are basically enslaved in Marley and so that on top of the years of titan attacks makes eldia mostly justified.
It's obvious that the author will have to make up shit if he wants to portray Japanese imperialism in a positve light, which becomes very easy if you are talking about said historical era through an allegory within a piece of fiction. Look at the justification for the enslavement of Eldians. They have to be slaves because they are very evil which is because they enslaved people. This is just so fucking retarded. The real life justification for imperialism was always might makes right and/or dehumanization and/or white man's burden, because deriding people for their immorality is pretty hard when you are the ones who are committing atrocities against them. It's a lot more efficient or even necessary to place victims of colonialism outside of the shared space of humanity and therefore morals altogether.

The reason why Isayama has written it this way is because just like any proper fascist he is very good at projection. In this case, he is projecting the crimes of Japanese imperialism onto its victims so he can say that we the Japanese are the real victims because we are forced to apologise for our war crimes. Of course many other things point to the Eldians being the Japanese like how they are the small island nation who committed crimes against the big mainland nation.


wasnt japan attacked several times
their holy walls were storms at sea


I just watched the dota netflix anime, and was really surprised how damn good it was (maybe it was cause I expected it to suck a lot more).
With pretty much everyone having a bit of depth and valid reasons for their actions, no good/evil shit, and nice fight scenes. I learned more about dota lore in a single episode than in 10 years playing the game, and it even managed to get me interested with it.


how is the animation?


File: 1617239600930.png (140.11 KB, 225x350, XokvvZc.png)

My Hero Academia. Deku is a blessed cinnamon bun


pretty good mostly, especially fight scenes
dont remember noticing anything especially bad
I'd say the main shortcoming was a bit of a pacing/cutting issues (heard they had to cut 5m per episode which might explain it), and one of the antagonist motivations could be a bit more fleshed out

im just so sick of superhero shit with OP mc

I also started the kingdoms anime, story seem good, but god is the art fucking awful


also, recently loved hellsing ultimate abridged
if you guys know good abridged series


Sao abridged is the classic
Akuma ga kill abridged was also good if I remember it right


And Evangelion abridged


To be fair, Deku isn't too OP until that one part where he gets the Backpack Loli in season 4. That was a little ludicrous, even if the fight with Overhaul was pretty cool.




Trying to watch hxh, the annoying thing is that I’ve gotten used to the streaming websites subtitles, and it sucks trying to switch over to better torrents when they have different subs. (GOGO stream)


Is mushoku tensei worth watching?


If you want fanservice, yes. Otherwise, no.


Yes. The writing is really good and the anime production was fantastic. It doesn't get very far in the story, but a second season was confirmed. I hope they adapt the whole LN series.


>The writing is really good


By LN and anime standards the character writing is fantastic.



Anyone got suggestions for something a bit lighthearted and interesting?




Machikado Mazoku


should i watch the entirety of kimetsu no yaiba so i have an excuse to go to the movies


it's fun, don't expect anything deep.


>boring slice-of-life
If that's what you gleaned from that film you need to rethink your views.


Dragon Ball Z Abridged (absolutely hilarious and high quality, especially later episodes.

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