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Couldn't Ochaco basically win any encounter by touching her opponent and tossing them up into the air?


Just more reasons why MHA sucks ass.


i fucking hate the show

It's about a society where the spectacle has even absorbed the police/army (ie. superheroes/superhero associations) and this is treated like the best thing ever. Also success is mainly determined at birth. Hey prole, do you have trouble with making ends meet? Well, try having better genes next time. And of course, we are talking about cool flashy powers here so it's not like this anything to do with social darwinism and euginics.

I honestly can't stomach watching/reading this piece of garbage.


Its not even well written.


I quite enjoy the character growth regardless of the story's liberal setting. I haven't yet let becoming a leftist destroy my ability to suspend my disbelief in non-materialist storytelling.


I'm not like that either most of the time, but in the case of MHA it's just too much for me. The setting is well expanded on and permeates everything. It's so obviously dystopian and at the same time presented as having very little if any actual flaws.


Isn't that how Toga killed that blue chick? So it's not like the possibility hasn't been acknowledged.
We had some decent discussion about the show's writing problems near the end of this thread >>429.
Also Jiro best girl.


This show is literal copaganda. Only reason worth watching is the fucking villains.


I thought you say "is fucking villains"
I'd say the only reason to watch it is the porn


the overarching story is about how flawed it is, the cop paradise only works because of All Might without him its a villain free-for-all. I'm not like a huge fan of the show and really only the first season I would call *good* but its watchable enough.


> Couldn't Ochaco basically win any encounter by touching her opponent and tossing them up into the air?
She gets tired easily, is the canon answer. Also she's a girl in a shounen show and can't win anything through individual effort.


>This show is literal copaganda
Yeah but tbh nearly every superhero story is.


I found it fun but yeah it’s really stupid how society should be really fucking dystopian but it somehow magically isn’t which also makes the villains pretty much pointless.


Are Heroes allowed to kill villains or not? The answer seems unclear to me.


No,they can't,even All for one get sent to "prison" (a litteral torture chamber with gaz to stop him from using his powers).
This has been explored in his vigilante spinoff.


Didn't Endeavor burn that one guy to death?


>This has been explored in his vigilante spinoff.
One of those rare cases where a spinoff is better than the main series.


I felt this way too.


how a basic bitch superhero highschool shonen with such a shitty premise and ultra stereotyped characters got popular is kinda beyond me. Its like OPM without the sarcastic distance, with design almost as ridiculous but taking itself way too seriously. And the main character is exactly the kind of annoying OP crybaby beating everything through the power of love that I hate.


Could one say this is the SAO of this generation?


I don't think BnHA is regarded as shit by enough people for it to be as controversial as SAO


not really, I mean at least sao had an interesting premise that spawned a whole subgenre even if the story itself was really shit
this is just common garbage without anything remotely new, its just regular superhero shit


>sao had an interesting premise
It was fucking shit.

>regular superhero shit

In a world where literally everyone has superpowers. While not too far off from X-Men, that is in fact a novel premise.


lol no, (also endeavor is probably the character that pissed me off the most with what happenned to him later)
yes, but it has the same problem of a really nice start that loses any interest the more it goes on (but it's also not stuck with an high school setting,so it at least get some points for that).
At least it died with dignity as opposed to the main story.
That's mostly because most of the audience are anime only people,so they haven't experienced the worst of it for now,the production value is also really good so it makes it look better.


>they haven't experienced the worst of it for now
That's sad to hear, I was hoping it got better, not worse, after this lengthy period of relatively little character development.


File: 1619112737500-0.webm (2.67 MB, 478x330, videoplayback.webm)

File: 1619112737500-1.jpg (62.08 KB, 676x380, big other.jpg)

>Its like OPM without the sarcastic distance
Good point


The Gun Gale spinoff with the P90 girl was another good one at least in comparison to SAO itself is.


Is that woth watching?

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