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English sub for hathaway dropped

Release this overseas in 2021 Sunrise.

general gundam thread


>hathaway anime


More UC Tomino shit? Should we expect another hamfisted love triangle and characters written like imbeciles?


Are you talking about the entire franchise or recent OVAs like nt. Because zeta, cca, and 1979 are great.


I'm talking about everything Gundam that massive hack Tomino has ever been involved in, including original, Zeta, ZZ, definitely Char's Counterattack, and even Unicorn. People at Sunrise even felt like they needed to clone his moronic tropes with Stardust Memory even though he has zero involvement in that. When looking for quality Gundam stories it's best if you look for things he had no influence in and preferably outside of Universal Century canon.


>When looking for quality Gundam stories it's best if you look for G Gundam.


> G Gundam
even Wing is better lmao


I don't understand why anyone even bothers with the Gundam franchise if they can't learn to appreciate Tomino. Nearly all of Sunrise's attempts at replicating his success within UC have fallen flat one way or the other, from Stardust Memory to Narrative. So I kind of agree with you in the sense that it's like a Star Wars situation where what you can do with the defined tropes is very limited, but Tomino is well aware of this; it's why he hasn't directed a UC Gundam show in almost 30 years. Fans have been pining for adaptations of his novels for just as long; like, to be honest I would kill for a Gaia Gear film, but I'll settle for Hathaway's Flash. As for Gundam not in the Universal Century: SEED is garbage, 00 is just okay, and IBO was a slog to get through. Speaking of which, Wing has aged like milk; I tried rewatching it recently and just couldn't find the will to finish it. I strongly disagree with you here >>5910 as well; I thoroughly enjoyed my rewatch of G Gundam last year. It's far better than from what I remembered.


yes and you will enjoy it


Also the best quality of G Gundam is that it doesn't even attempt to "be" (copy) Gundam.

I personally think the mere concept of giant karate robots with street fighter II inspired national stereotypes is way too silly for me. I'm fully aware that I'm a hypocrite for not extending the same disdain to regular giant mecha doing retarded shit but I don't give a fuck honestly.


I've been looking forward to it for a while, I think it'll be good


Is gundam worth the time investment? I heard it's b-b-b-based and REDpilled but the complicated watch order and super dated animation in the first series kinda turn me off.


No, I can warn you right now and definitively that it is a giant unfulfilling time sink that you will probably regret later. Read or watch The Expanse if you want some serious and engaging space politics or Escaflowne if you want a good mecha story.


Just watch the first 0079 movie and decide if you want to bother with the rest.


I think I'll just watch 08th team again instead


File: 1623440609604.jpg (258.19 KB, 1066x1536, 1545891395226.jpg)

How did Hathaway go from being a whiny bitch to in-minecraft'ing fascist politicians?


>super dated animation
Cel animation Gundam original movies and OVAs are not dated at all.


Not them but I'm trying to watch the first series and it does look pretty dated, if you're not used to 70s anime. Perhaps I should watch the movies after all.



Tomino Gundam is Gundam. Why even pretend you like Gundam if you think the AUs are the best.

Tomino doesn't have great opninions on women but he is one of the best character writers in anime. Just because the writing is autistic and the characters unlikable doesn't mean they aren't more conflicted and complicated in a realistic way than most TV shows or movies.

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