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Are there any hopes for socialism in super capitalist japan or is it doomed forever?


Japan is a US Colony at this point and the only real objection to this, seems to come from the far right at this moment.

So I wouldn't put my hopes in Japan


Why is it that a work culture that is known for being soul-crushing has failed to generate significant class consciousness?


They have one of the largest communist parties in the world.


Which doesn't mean that much when they have twelve seats out of 465.


by first world standards that puts it in something like the top 10% of all communist parties throughout history.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


>comparing internationally by absolute and not per capita
why tho


Marxist thought has been thriving in Japan since the turn of the 20th century. To this day it remains criminally understudied by western scholars. See this recent essay by Gavin Walker for examples:



performances have been so roundly mediocre that it basically doesn't matter. For example if you want to compare parliamentary representation, Britain has a lower population than Japan, more MPs in total, yet fewer communist MPs (0) with worse historical election results (peak MPs at election: 2) and fewer members (CPJ has 270,000, which would put it about on par with the Liberal Democrats or Scottish Nationalists on a per-capita basis)

(this of course ignores voting systems, but they're not of spectacular relevance either)democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


The left is the one that more consistently opposes the bases and occupation though.
However the electoral opposition is weak and too cucked. The one recent instance where there was a centre left, it capitulated only about a year on most of its hallmark policies. That they can't get the former PM on substantial anything despite the evident corruption and yet fixate on that avenue of action reminds of the Israeli centrist left somewhat. The government supposedly legally have the radicals surveilled by agencies, also.
There's a thread on the manga of the New Left somewhere on this board, actually.


Because opposition, whether armed or otherwise, has been systematically repressed by the US-backed Liberal Democratic Party. Japan has effectively been a one-party state since the occupation began. Like, there are members of the Japanese Red Army, United Red Army and East-Asia Anti-Japan Armed Front who're still alive, in prison. The rest have all either died of natural causes or await execution. I suspect the JCP has only seen a surge in membership strictly because the JSP collapsed in 1996, and the SDP sucks ass.


The Japanese communist party is surprisingly strong, here is a good video on them from a video series that covers the basics of Japanese politics (from a non-Leftist perspective) however.



You mean of the largest stupid ass socdem parties quit dreaming revisionist scum




Sir, This is a anime board, a hyper consumerist hobby

Japanese society looks like it suffers from the most advanced stage of capitalism.
Wage slavery. Alienation. Consumerism. Imperialism.


what is this manga u speak of ?

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