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File: 1613957487464.jpg (64.09 KB, 640x480, Nge_3_girls_in_the_onsen.jpg)


Who is best girl
And why is it Misato Katsuragi


Some people want a strong woman with opinions and thoughts of her own. These people have bad taste.


Destroying the world is a pretty strong opinion though


File: 1613958694633.png (934.25 KB, 960x720, images-w1400.png)

she's real in my dreams


File: 1613959168615.jpg (6.39 KB, 225x225, misato.jpg)

I feel you


File: 1613960240157.jpeg (25.67 KB, 627x376, reenainverse.jpeg)

Whoever wins, Evangelion is still pretentious trash.


For me, it’s Yui.


File: 1613961563944.png (314.4 KB, 580x600, Yui.png)

Interesting pick


File: 1613963391687.jpg (44.15 KB, 500x716, disdain.jpg)

did you know that your kid can be only as smart as your wife?


File: 1613970853810.jpg (61.68 KB, 750x562, 5c51941162849e7fe43e9e5ec5….jpg)

I only enter Eva threads for delicious, salty comments like these.


File: 1613989210326.jpg (94.9 KB, 600x780, IOFvlle0Ieg.jpg)

Shinji is best girl (for kaworu) obviously


best girl definitely.

also this.


Isnt he just Rei for Homosexuals?


Rei never rubbed one out over anyone's comatose body


File: 1614010163178.jpg (7.63 KB, 230x172, kaworu.jpg)

I meant kaworu


File: 1614011931383-0.png (499.31 KB, 500x500, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1614011931383-1.png (3.62 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

Well in that case yes, kinda, insofar as a father is just a mother for homosexuals.


this is one of many placeholder symbolism I do not appreciate from NGE. Even after watching reboot I still don't appreciate how Kaworu is depicted. Like, why would you bioengineer a boytoy for confused teen having hard time with puberty? Shinji needed a dad not girl(boY) who is easier to talk to. If Kaworu slept with either Rei or Asuka it would have been based AF bonus point if shinji masturbates to the scene


>Like, why would you bioengineer a boytoy for confused teen having hard time with puberty?
Cus that's exactly what every confused gay teen going through puberty wants? A (boy)friend?
Shinji needed a dad, and never really had one, and wants the one that's basically right infront of him, that's exactly why getting him a new, different dad wouldn't have worked. You can look at Misato and Kaiji as examples of attempted replacement mother and father figures for Shinji and in both it doesn't work because there's a void there that can't quite be crossed, the mother-Mistato relation just gets diverted into sexual frustration with Asuka and the brief father-Kaiji relation falls short of Shinji's desire. In the end Kaworu was exactly what Shinji wanted, a christ-like father-brother figure who would love him unconditionally. Him sleeping with anyone else makes zero sense as well, that role is pretty much filled by Rei witnessing Gendo and Ritsuko, or Misato and Kaiji.


no I was larping as gen X failed father figure. I think kaworu teaching Shinji how it's done among guys could have destroyed shinji bit further and actually cause Third impact instead of… whatever we got at the end of Evangelion. Obviously this wouldn't work with current Kaworu's design choices but if Kaworu was introduced bit earlier in the show as frenemiy antagonist in classroom settings, it might have been interesting instead of the other guy who got crushed during test drive. he really doesn't contribute anything beyond momentary guilt


I used to be all about Asuka, but now I'm more drawn to Misato. Rei and Kaworu are great too. I wouldn't mind doing all the house chores If I was living with Misato.


File: 1614021108949.jpg (224 KB, 1400x1050, Misato1.jpg)

I feel you when I was younger I really liked Rei
But after a recent rewatch I felt more drawn to Misato I understand her much better now


Yep. 100%.
My bf and I watched and discussed it a lot. It might sound cringe, but it felt like I understood more about adulthood, about myself, about others. It was a very profound experience.

I watched it when I was younger and it was a very profound experience as well, but for very different reasons. As >>6124 says
>Cus that's exactly what every confused gay teen going through puberty wants?
I cried watching it. It made me feel so so alone, and in many ways I was. Shinji was insufferable, but watching him was like watching myself be a pathetic cringelord IRL that was grappling with their own alone-ness. It made me confront parts of me back then.

Second time I saw it was 10+ years later and my focus was much more on Misato. I understood Shinji much better and saw him with less cringe, perhaps because I don't see myself in him as much.

The series end is so god damn cathartic. It's like coming down from a really good acid trip.



You know, the more I think about it, I guess properly critiquing NGE requires lgbtq perspective. I was too dense to realize that Shinji could have been suffering not only sexual frustration but confusion too. He is cringelord if I only focus on his refusal to accept adulthood but to think he could have been bi or gay teen going through puberty make things bit darker.

Did you see evangelion 3.0? What are your thoughts on ending sequence?


>I guess properly critiquing NGE requires lgbtq perspective
Not that anon, but I think you are right. Although not as important as the main themes, I think gender stuff is explored in the series. Like, the main cast of characters don't accomodate to gender stereotypes, especially Shinji who isn't your typical manly protagonist you would normally find in other mecha anime (something that gets him mocked and criticized by people like Asuka and Misato). Besides, there's also the fact Shinji totally fell for a guy, the attraction he felt for Kaworu was stronger than the one he probably felt for the girls. I find it interesting that Evangelion has many aspects to explore and analyze. Even to this day people are still discussing and finding new things that had been overlooked all these years since the series first aired.


I haven't watched it. I'll watch it soon and report back.
I think more than sexual confusion is the desire for some larger than life individual to "swoop" you up and validate your existence. Growing up gay, my biggest frustration wasn't sex, but the capacity to desire freely. Kaworu is someone who is able to desire and love freely, unhindered by internalized homophobia and confusion. It also plays into one of the overarching themes about validation and lacanian self-alienation (eg the characters projecting better versions of themselves and constantly failing to fulfill these projected ideations). Kaworu is the ideal self of Shinji and becomes the object of desire of Shinji. And Kaworu accepts and validates Shinji's existence as is. He's the realization of seeking validation outside oneself.

As a gay teenager, coming to terms with being gay is extremely self-alienating. You're basically forced to identify with the foreign concept of being gay unto yourself, which causes neurosis, but Kaworu represents the overcoming of that neurosis too.


Yeah watch it you will love it


File: 1614054676022.jpg (586.59 KB, 2880x1208, tlj_003.jpg)

Heh. Rey Ayanami.


Anyone have a link to a good torrent of this series?


>requires lgbtq perspective
Bruh I'm straight and that shit GAVE me perspective.


Will you all are already here I'm gonna ask you another question
What is the right way to watch Evangelion?


what the fuck kind of question is that? just watch it


There are 9 movies


I kind of feel bad for burgernons who may never be able to appreciate subway scenes. There's this distinct ambience that only ricecels can understand about riding subway back home from work or school


There's a distinct ambience that only comes from the brain damage that comes from breathing poisonous subway air.


Why should subway air be poisonous?


Why should it or why is it?


why is it


thx intersting stuff


File: 1614226728604.gif (2.42 MB, 480x270, misato drink and yell.gif)

To put it simply, there's no "right" way. Wanna binge? Binge. Wanna watch one episode a day? Do that.
I can't pass judgement on the quality of specific subs or dubs tho.
That said, some episode may be quite good in terms of pace and action, while there are at least a couple of filler episodes, even though in reality there's always some development either in terms of characters or the background of the whole story. If anything, the first half of the series tend to offer more fast paced action when it comes to fights, while the second half has literal trips. Also, don't freak out if a lot of elements in the story don't get to a solution: this franchise is notorious for red herrings.
Watch the entire series, twentysix episodes, including the last two episodes, which are the trip of trips, then turn to the films, Death/Rebirth and End of Evangelion. The first is a quick retelling of the whole story plus the first part of the finale, but this time in a real world, action perspective. The second is the whole action finale.
Then, if you liked it or at least you had not actively disliked it, you can move to the more recent Rebuild films.


I've only ever watched Evangelion and the related films. No other anime resonates with me like Evangelion did, it's just pointless to watch another one for me.


There are alot of great anime out there but nothing gets close to NGE
I love gibli movies but even the best are only second place


Paprika and Perfect Blue get close to EoE's style and are enjoyable, but I enjoyed the introspection and depressive mood of the series and film which I've never seen anything reproduce at all.


Its kinda ironic NGE was made as a reaction to the great stagnation that started in Japan
Now after 40 years of stagnation it isnt even possible to produce smth like this again


Have you seen GITS? the 90s movie and SAC series?


I have only seen the movie and while I liked it, it wasn't Evangelion tier.
Very true. Anno's mental state declining as the series went on certainly contributed to the atmosphere of the show as well. It was lightning in a bottle, really. That just makes it all the more special.


>it wasn't Evangelion tier.
God Tier

Top Tier

Bottom Tier

Evangelion Tier


Did you wait for 46 replies so you could say you don't like NGE?


Eh. That's your opinion, it's not my problem. Also like >>6248 said, why wait for 45 replies before saying this? This is an Evangelion thread lmao


It's the obligatory "Evangelion is shit" post


it's tru tho


>it's tru tho
Ok, and?


File: 1615143274441-0.jpg (431.44 KB, 1920x817, mpv-shot0011.jpg)

File: 1615143274441-1.jpg (364.37 KB, 1920x817, mpv-shot0012.jpg)

File: 1615143274441-2.jpg (315.19 KB, 1920x817, mpv-shot0023.jpg)

3+1 airs today/tomorrow. They just premiered footage of the opening credits, of which you can watch here: https://streamable.com/63pd70




1. It's a tie between Rei and Misato.
2. Will Shinji ever be happy?


File: 1615204385854.jpg (8.96 KB, 250x318, 1312132551679.jpg)

fuck I haven't watched the Rebuild movies


>already DMCA'd
bah, it's on nyaa; dl it there


Is the entire thing there?


File: 1615394696106.gif (1020.42 KB, 500x340, jung.gif)

Gunbuster was better




Thanks anon


You're welcome


Any news about the new movie?
Is it any good?


Was that the last movie? I haven't watched any of them


Its the last one yes
I watched the other ones and they were ok but not great


File: 1615993555678.jpg (196 KB, 1427x1079, kingdom hearts 4.jpg)

until anno dies, then they'll make more.


I recently thought a bit about the movies and I think they werent necessary I kinda understand why they made End of Evangelion (even though I like the original ending more) but everything after that was just milking the franchise bc they are unable to create smth as great again


>even though I like the original ending more
why is that?


Spoilers obv.
Shinji realizing his own flaws and commiting to overcoming them and then the hole cast coming together to gratulate hime for this just works for me it has some lightheatness to it like all of what happened was just part of his personal journey to overcoming his flaws and becoming a better man it also makes clear that between all the giant robots monsters and christian metaphors Evangelion was in its core about trauma
In comparison the ending of end of evangelion turns this around shinji isnt able to overcome himself Misato is dead he is choking Asuka who just pitys him
I cant prove that but for me this ending represents the personal failure Hideako who after all just couldnt do it you couldnt overcome himself
But I love the Asuka fight scene but the progress that is made there is also a bit lost when in the end she just lays there with shinji


I loved both for the same reasons. The incapacity to ever fully be trauma-less. Shinji chooses to not be part of the human instrumentality project because existing is better than not. He's fine with having all that pain as long as we get to exist. Then he wakes up and the first thing he does is try to choke Asuka lol. Pain and trauma are nasty as fuck, but the alternative is to be One. The contrast with Asuka not even struggling because he understood Shinji and saw him as pathetic instead of trying to win his approval all the time. It's both sides of the coin, our trauma, and other's trauma as we experience it.

In general I liked the idea that we are separate, and alienated from each other, but to become One was untenable too. We will always try to become One, and our failure to do so will cause trauma. So, trauma is the contradiction of individuals and the One.


I agrre there is some worth to the alternative ending
Creating a direct opposite ending is still a bit weird to me


It could be my memory failing but wasn't final episode of NGE supposed to be happening inside Shinji's head as Third impact was happening in the movie? I thought they were intertwined not meant to be alternative. I thought Shinji's conclusion was that he'd rather live as a painful individual then sedated blob of mass while Asuka abhorred Shinji from her core.


File: 1618076743557.jpeg (42.34 KB, 300x491, ritsuko.jpeg)

I might be getting old, but I see myself gravitating more and more towards Best Brows.


Based. Best girl from the start


Im probably still to young to apprerciate her

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