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Fujimoto has seriously elevated manga - nay, literature - to another level with his manga Fire Punch. One chapter that encapsulates this masterpiece of modernist art is chapter 53. In the previous chapter of Fire Punch, the main character, Agni, finds out he has lost the fire that has been burning him since the first chapter of the manga. It also seems he has lost his regenetative ability after the Ice Queen defeated him in order to recreate the world so she could watch Star Wars. After waking up naked next to his enemy (who looks exactly like his deceased sister) during a blizzard, he realises she has forgotten her name and now thinks she is Agni's sister, Luna (who had an incestous love for Agni and wanted to have children with him). Agni directs the couple towards a nearby building in search of warmth. Once they enter, Agni wants to kill her as she is his enemy. Earlier he tried to punch her with his remaining arm but she hugged him before he could. Now, however, he regains these thoughts, with the words "kill her" repeating in his mind. This shows how he is still thinking of the fight that recently happened. Despite being hugged by Luna, he is feeling insecure as he has not had good personal relationships with anyone other than another regenerator called Togata, who died to save Agni from drowning. His last words were, "Live" (a repeating phrase throughout the manga which illustrates its key themes). These thoughts repeat as they both start putting clothes on from a wardrobe in a dormitory room. Agni is picking clothes out whilst repeating "kill her" in his mind, when he suddenly turns around and sees Luna happily dancing around in clothes whilst exclaiming, "clothes!" (she seems to have reverted to a child-like mentality). Seeing this, Agni falls over and clasps a hand over his mouth, uttering the words, "So cute.." as the bloody thoughts leave his mind and tears fall from his eyes. Luna, seeing him cry, crouches down and asks him why he is crying. In response, Agni replies, "It's like I'm dreaming" (this may be a mistranslation). He explains that he has no idea what is happening anymore. This is truly a great show of pathos as we, the reader, have been confused for some time now. We utterly feel for his character at this very moment as we also felt sad when his sister died and are happy he didn't give into his murderous thoughts. However, now Agni sees happiness with his sister again. Agni has had little to no happiness since his sister died, the little that he had coming from Togata and the people he was going to protect. All were killed trying to save him or by the Ice Queen. Now, Agni calls for Luna repeatedly. Every time she responds affermative. He puts his hand over his face and asks if she is Luna, and she says yes. Now Agni removes his hand and shows Fujimoto's masterful portrait.

I shall explain this panel another time (it deserves a book written about it, this piece of art is surely better than MOANING LISA or Michael Angel (stupid name).

After this page, Luna jumps into the air in glee, with clothes flying throughout the air. She tries on many different outfits, and in a masterful page each one is shown with Agni's reaction beneath it, saying "cute" and "pretty". This is a page of comic relief after the emotional high point we have just witnessed. Suddenly, the next page is filled with the barrel of a gun (seemingly an AK-47, but possibly an AK-74 U DB type Khazakstan pattern). Someone with winter clothes on holds them at gun point and states, "Don't move, perverted duo". Then the chapter ends. This is a truly exciting ending. This chapter illustrates the artisitc and narrative genious of Fujimoto.

Next I will explain the Marxist interpretation of the beginning and end of Fire Punch.


>I will explain the Marxist interpretation of the beginning and end of Fire Punch.
Looking forward to that


>Fire Punch
I kept mixing this up with Fire Force in my head

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