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Anibros lets talk Games
What games are you playing jerking off to rn
Are they any good can you recommend them?
What upcoming games are you hyped for?
I'll start I am playing Genshin Impact rn and for a free to play game its pretty good obviously I aint paying money
I played about 20 hours now and its a bit grindy at times but for a free to play game I cant complain and as far as I can tell the recent updates added alot of content and made the overall experince better
On an unrelated note my graphics card died last week so if you could recommend some low spec games I would appreciate it


What qualifies as an "anime game"?


games with cute anime girls


What about cute anime boys though
Also is Persona an anime game then?


>What about cute anime boys though
not my thing but if you are into that thats ok
>Also is Persona an anime game then?Also is Persona an anime game then?
I would say so isnt it?


> then that's ok
God I hate str8s


I'm bi just not into anime boys


Does /anime/ like dating simulators?


Never played one tbh can you recommend smth


what the fuck
I didn't know there was a rhythm/Puzzle Bobble Touhou game with famous doujin songs


ah, but sadly it's only on the Switch.


Persona is the epitome of an anime game - taking SMT and turning it into a dating sim between schoolboys with supernatural elements.


isnt it possible to emulate the switch?


Yes, but I haven't tried doing it on this computer. It's not exactly high-end.


I heard the switch emulator is currently single-threaded so games run poorly even on a powerful computer. Wait for elite Russian hackers to implement multi-threading before trying switch emulation.


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File: 1616693206265.jpg (693.76 KB, 1920x1080, tokyo-mirage-sessions-fe-e….jpg)

Just bought picrel.
I fucking despise anime but the battle system is cool.
Basically persona with fire emblem characteristics.
pretty much just fast forwarding through the story to get to the session spam
also fuck the unabashed lewding of the loli


>fuck the unabashed lewding of the loli
If there's a "loli" at all, that's the purpose of its design.


File: 1616706946764-0.png (1.09 MB, 1345x683, Tiki.png)

File: 1616706946764-1.png (175.6 KB, 1500x1108, angry-dark-stare-l.png)

I'm familiar with SMT and how the team likes to subvert shit, I just don't care for the aesthetic and do nothing in-between talk.


Tokyo Mirage Sessions isn't by the SMT team and you're playing a coomer game and complaining about seeing coomer content


File: 1616709879196.jpg (25.64 KB, 380x247, tom_delay.jpg)

>The game's directors were Mitsuru Hirata, who was supporting director on Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey, and Eiji Ishida, who worked on both Strange Journey and Shin Megami Tensei IV.


Yes it is a collaboration between Atlus and Nintendo, but it was not developed by the same team as mainline SMT.




I recently got Touhou Luna Nights and its nice so far


My girlfriend is the president is a true work of art.

Putin is an anime girl in it. What more is there to desire?


Anyone here play vns?


>visual novel
>dating sim
Oh anon, why

Right now practically the only dating simulator franchise for straight men is an eroge series called Lovely x Cation, and some standalone SFW ones have been released in the past decade or so. You know the guy who married a video game character? She's from the dating sim Love Plus by Konami. The 3DS version (which has only a partial translation so far) is said to be even better. The original DS version has been fully translated into English.


Yes, I do, though not lately, I haven't had time to read any. I have a massive backlog and yet always pick the short porn VNs first. Some are untranslated and relatively niche so I use them to study and practice Japanese.


Yeah, I’ve wanted to get more serious about learning Japanese so I can read some untranslated stuff, but I always forget to do my reps for a few days and end up falling off. Any recent releases you enjoyed? Atri -My Dear Moments- was pretty short and probably my favorite release from last year.


File: 1617647488036.jpeg (392.23 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_inline_o122g4eOwm1….jpeg)



>recent releases
I tend to stick to VNs from the 00's or earlier, honestly. I was going to try reading Yami no Koe for the first time.
While I took a break from playing VNs last year, it turns out Google Translate was updated and VNR no longer works with it so now the process of machine translation is more tedious, since I have to manually paste every line into Google Translate. With that, internet searches and the dictionaries I installed, I can understand about 95% of the text.


>reading machine translations
The standards of VN/LN readers are so fucking low.


You take what you can get. We get very few translations, so we make do with whatever works even if it's shit.

Ahh, Saya no Uta. This is pedo shit but I loved it anyways. I read it on youtube because there's no way I'm downloading gore lolicon VNs onto my PC. There's a pretty good no-commentary playthrough from xDragonInstallx that gives you the whole experience (although it's been manually censored in order to stay up on the site).

Not sure if this link will embed or not. Never used this feature before. Here's to hoping it does. If it doesn't work, you can just look it up yourself it's all there.

I think you can watch it in duckduckgo videos search if privacy is a problem. Also maybe an anon here has a torrent IDK.


I use the machine translations as an aid for lines that are too difficult for me. Very rarely do I settle for Google's translation, instead I try to use it as a starting point and then I do an online search on the vocabulary and grammar that I don't know to confirm or correct the result.


I wonder if the internet archive has any machine translated VNs


I used to, but I decided I wanted to learn Japanese so the only ones I read now are easy moe garbage.


File: 1618073042024.jpg (71.42 KB, 853x480, mpv-shot0140.jpg)

Would you an angel, anon?


The classic adult dating sim Doukyuusei got a remake recently, and it's also getting an official translation that will probably release later this year. (Unfortunately if you prefer the old-school feel of the original and don't know Japanese you're gonna be stuck playing the remake)
I've never played it, but apparently it's really good because, unlike other dating sims/galge of the time, sex and virginity weren't treated like a big deal (back then NTR wasn't so popular, not sure if it even existed), and the girls were taken more seriously. Plus, apparently the dialogue is pretty good compared to modern galge (at least that's what a reviewer said).



Also, if you can stand the horrible interface and some bugs, you can play True Love, another classic dating sim (I think this one got licensed back in the day) right now:
I remember this one mostly because it had a gay ending although there's no sex in it.
You can find a guide easily.

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