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Hello /anime/, I've been hearing some complaints about how this board is being administered, I want to help out if I can but I'm not sure if it's just a vocal minority, can you let me know if you feel anything needs to change right now?


It needs more posts that aren't dumps but I don't think that's something more moderation will help with.


One idea could be to make /anime/ and /hentai/ as separate boards, make the former SFW and the latter NSFW, and migrate all the pornographic threads here to /hentai/. There's a reason why on 4chan they made /a/ nominally SFW to redirect most of the smut to other boards.


I'm not sure I like the idea of making a whole board exclusively for porn.


There's so many places for porn already. Just go to the multiple boorus or very active 4chan boards there are.


Would be better to redirect porn threads to /b/ if there's really a need to get the porn off /anime/. Creating yet another board would be a bad idea imo


Also just make more threads about the stuff you're watching/reading/playing/listening to and the porn threads will eventually become unneeded filler.


Can this board have its headers and lack of flags back?
Also the green colored theme actually is not bad, so perhaps set that as the default over here.


What do you mean by headers?


The banners, I presume


why is /anime/ not /hobby/
more posts = more engagement = more people who want to posting because people are posting


If /anime/ is to be merged (temporarily) with another board I'd prefer /b/


This argument becomes moot when an imageboard incorporates an overboard.


Thank you for asking Caballo.

I would like to see a formal ban on content sexualizing children including "lolicon" and "shotacon". I know a lot of otherwise decent anime and much of my favourite works do this or are in kind of a grey area because much of japanese culture fetishizes teenage girls, but I think a ban on content explicitly portraying the sexualization of underdeveloped children would suffice. Posts of this type of content has been waning in recent times I am happy to see but I think a formal ban is needed here on /anime/. I understand it is a complicated issue if it encourages or discourages child sexual abuse and so on, but leftypol is not the place for it.


I would just have non /b/ boards be free of pornography as a whole.



What about that thread?


I think I agree that the porn/image dump threads (except perhaps the "hentai" threads) should be on /b/


I would just agree with this. Move the porn to /b/

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