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Is Attack on Titan fash?


I'll tell you, when it ends.


provide supporting arguments or >>>/b/


you could at least write about its far-right nationalist politics or the fact that the author glorifies japanese imperialism


no idea, I found the plot so slow to advance and boringly convoluted (too many questions, not enough answers), I gave up midway through s2


Not fash, just trash.


I've seen people claim that it's either fash or anti-fash.


It's only retarded


I've heard people claim Marx was a fascist and an anti-fash. Who gives a fuck.


People are really starting to become obnoxious about the Show. Like…the amount of people saying it is the geeatest Anime ever has quadrupled after the new season aired


Did they not see K-On!?


Of course they didn't, they're zoomers and/or normies


Is K-On! that good? I tried to watch the first Episode and I don't see the Appeal. Sort of like FLCL which I find absolutely horrible


It's only pushed because of nostalgia, same with Haruhi and Lucky Star.


why does it feel fash? is it because it's set in germany or is it because fashy weebs on 4chan like this show


Or because it's about killing "savages from outside who threaten us normal humans"


but it sure does have the worst ending in human history.


I thought this was gonna be a cool series at first but the initial twist with Eren turning into a titan or whatever turned me off.


Its SoL, being kind of bland is basically part of the appeal.


That's just normies cutting off polyps internet access




yeah, it turns out their Hitler figure was just a soyboy incel who got cucked by a farmhand and caused a genocide out of sheer envy.
kinda funny ngl


So that's why /a/ is in sheer piss mode.


File: 1617823687575.jpg (10.93 KB, 300x100, 1570575507035.jpg)

Glad it's over tbh.


It ended up being too dumb to be either of those things. If anything is a reafirmation of the liberal morality of "do your part" or "we all have to work to make the world a better place". Lmao, what a trashfire [spoiler]I can't believe I spent 10 years following this shit.[/spoiler]


only watched the first season when it came out should i watch the other seasons?


File: 1617847758349.webm (2.02 MB, 854x480, monkey business.webm)

Wow japanese fans are vocal about the new chapter and they are very happy. Theyre contented with the way eren's character went and the whole genocide. I guess they were holding out hope for a lelouch route, which they got. There's even a petition that's garnered thousands of signatures to have the chapter framed. Obviously that will happen and it shows how happy they are.


Don't bother it's garbage


File: 1617863015016.jpg (570.16 KB, 753x1080, fucked and sucked.jpg)

ooh la dee da


Is it over. What was the Conclusion? I have read the last 10 Chapters. It got a bit too pseudodeep for me


You know what…watch atleast until the end of season 3. The 2nd and 3rd season are kinda good. The final season starts good with potential and then lets down quick, because let's be honest, the Author wrote himself into a corner at some point


thx for the advice im gonna do that


Now that the dust has finally settled, I think it's safe to say that it doesn't have any coherent ideology or theme to it. The story was little more than a set of excuses for constant carnage. I'm sorry I got sucked into it–thankfully it was when the story was already almost concluded so I didn't get strung along forever like Berserk. Would not recommend to others.


They should have concluded it after Season 3 with Erwins Death and they reaching the Ocean after killing every Titan. Would have made the show a top tier series, but no All out War where nobdy can win was better. Btw what happened to Levi? He died am I right?


File: 1617905475947-0.png (973.88 KB, 834x1200, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1617905475947-1.png (1.24 MB, 834x1200, ClipboardImage.png)

idk, is this fash, or just japanese?


File: 1617905571950.png (1.31 MB, 834x1200, ClipboardImage.png)


looks like the standard reac shiz tbh


Is that sarcasm in the first page? I genuinely can't tell


both, it's liberal idealism.
all liberals are fascists.


>fascism is when you have military


>soyboy incel who got cucked by a farmhand and caused a genocide out of sheer envy
So like regular hitler



Vaush is a Checkmark now? It just gets worse with this guy


I'm 100% sure this idiot is browsing this site


maybe not him but one of his under age fans. Change your hobbies so they don't intersect with him and his fandom tbqfh


he literally ethnically cleansed the entire world


Can people explain me why the ending sucked? Like, I want to know why the concensus is, that Isayama wrote himself into a Corner


My guess is he never had a long-term outline of where the story was headed. I think it was probably just a series of improvisations to facilitate endless carnage from the beginning.


Why? Because Eren died?


Nah he's still alive in the last chapter just wheelchair bound forever now


Attack on titan is just modern day harry potter


I read the whole plot into their Wikia and it's another "destroy the world" ending ffs.

All modern shonens are either "gain godly powers to rebuild the world" or "gain enough force to genocide humans". You know it's bad when One Piece has a better story.


>You know it's bad when One Piece has a better story.
Kek, One Piece will end with the former ending you mentioned. Luffy will be so fucking powerful that he destroys the RedLine with One Piece and all 4 Blues will be reunited, resulting in the All Blue.

Also, I don't get how Attack on Titan had to go the "Eldians are so hated that all out genocide by one side had to be the only way". Could the Author not conceal his Fascist Opinions and write a good Story instead? What a mess


Maybe but OP isn't centered around this shit and its main villain is the oppressive monarchy while the plot is basically a huge king of the hill match.

> Could the Author not conceal his Fascist Opinions and write a good Story instead?

The "Western" culture may have a liberal bias but the Japanese culture is basically result of a 800 years military dictatorship (shoguns + the empire), so it's extremely fash and manga/anime writers don't even see their blind spots.


Can you give some examples of fashy things that japanese writers inadvertently insert into anime

I want to know


Oh wow, it's much worse than what I've got from reading the plot in Wikia. That's Steven-Universe-tier bad.

The popular manga Attack on Titan has recently ended with a chapter 139 and has received a mixed reaction from fans, with some of the fans being really disappointed and voicing their frustrations all over the internet. The main criticism is that this last chapter assassinates the characterisation of some of the characters of the manga, including the main character, Eren. A part of the fandom speculates that this is the result of the ending being rewritten from a darker, more depressing ending, to a more happy-ish ending. I don't want to talk about the quality of the ending in general, but rather how the last chapter has betrayed its female characters and the manga's earlier anti-war and anti-genocide rhetoric. Warning: manga ending spoilers ahead in the rest of this post! CW: abuse, genocide

1. Female characters

There are three female characters that I think the last chapter betrayed in particular. First, Ymir; Ymir is a thousand year old girl with god-like abilities; however, she is also a slave to these abilities. The main character, Eren frees her from this slavery and asks her to help him commit global genocide (more on this later). Initially it seems that she helps in committing global genocide for two reasons: because she values freedom greatly and global genocide is a way to free the oppressed group Ymir and Eren belong to; and also because she wants revenge on the world. Before becoming a god, Ymir was a slave, owned by a man named Fritz who abused her, raped her and who kept her as a slave until she died. In the last chapter it is revealed, however, that Ymir did everything she did because she was in love with Fritz. I consider this a betrayal of her character, because it makes her, incapable of acting on her own, clinging to her abuser for thousands of years. Also, her strong yearning for freedom is removed: while previously it was shown that she is willing to risk her life to free some pigs from being slaughtered, now she doesn't care about freedom at all.

Second, Historia: Historia is the queen of the nation of Eldia, and the descendant of the Royal Familiy who possess magical powers. In the last arc she was hinted to be pregnant with Eren's child, however it turns out in the final chapter that she was pregnant with somebody else's child and her pregnancy ultimately is a red herring and doesn't add anything to the plot. Why is this a problem? First of all, a main character got completely sidelined to be pregnant for the duration of the last arc and does nothing, even though she is the Queen and the descendant of the Royal Family. Just as with Ymir, this removes her agency (but this would have been true even if she was pregnant with Eren's child). Secondly, the problem with Eren not being the father is that instead the father of her child is a former childhood bully of her. Just as with Ymir, an abuser is turned into a lover. While not as big of an issue as with Ymir, we are starting to see a theme her with female characters and unfortunately the same holds for the final female character, Mikasa.

Mikasa is Eren's foster sister, who is also in love with Eren. Her love is extremely obvious and Eren is shown not to reciprocate romantic feelings for here throughout the series. In fact, Eren tries to get stronger and become more independent from Mikasa. However, in the last part of the manga their paths diverge and Mikasa can't follow Eren's descent into global genocide. In fact, in the penultimate chapter Mikasa kills Eren. So what happends in the final chapter? Here it is revealed that Eren was madly in love with Mikasa (with no prior build-up) and that Mikasa cannot move on from Eren. Why is this a problem? Eren pushed away Mikasa before, going as far as calling her a slave and saying he always hated her. Again, Mikasa feels romantic love for someone that emotionally abused her. Unlike the other female characters, Mikasa has more agency, as shown in her killing of Eren. Ultimately, however, Mikasa cannot move on from Eren. I think this is a kind of lack of agency: Mikasa cannot be her own person, she is still tied to Eren.

In conclusion, the last chapter makes the female characters be in love with former abusers and by doing so, removes a part of their agency.

2. Anti-genocide/anti-war themes

The main character, Eren, commits a race-based global genocide and kills 80% of the global population. He does this because the world wants to kill his race, the Eldians, and he feels that destroying the hateful world is the onlly way to save himself and his loved ones. He is shown as a villain throughout the final part of the manga (except for the last chapter). He is shown to be in a state of depression over his actions, he doesn't want to do what he does, but he feels compelled because Eren wants certainty. He wants to make sure that his friends live and the only way to be certain is to kill everyone, even those that are innocent. But doing so destroys him inside. Even so, he keeps doing what he thinks is necessary. The manga shows this in a negative light: this global genoicde and Eren's actions are presented as the consequences of a world filled with racism, hate and war. In other words, if we can't stop racism, hate and war, we will have to fight until ultimately only one group survives. And this is bad for everyone, even the victors: Eren is mentally unstable and depressed and his supporters are shown as fascists. However, the last chapter reveals that Eren planned to lose and did it so that his friends could kill him and be heroes. His friends thank him for committing global genocide (!) so that they could live. Eren was a villain who became who he was because the world of Attack on Titan is an awful place─ retconning him to be a hero is non-sensical and paints his genocide in a positive light, when it was cowardly and an act of ultimate desperation.

In the end, I do think this ending wasn't the original ending. To me, this apparent last-minute change has completely messed up one of the main themes of the manga, which was decidedly anti-war, anti-genocide and anti-racism.

There is much more that could be said about this manga and the ending. I just wanted to add why I was disappointed with it from a social justice perspective; I think that this kind of critique wouldn't go well in the attack on titan subreddits and I just wanted to vent somewhere. The only hope for this great piece of work is that the anime adaptation fixes the ending.


Off the top of my head:
– jerking off the military is Hollywood-tier
– nationalist obsession with Japan's history, up to Imperial navel-gazing
– capitalism is never questioned
– benevolent kings/emperors/unelected leaders are frequent
– constant playing around with fascist style and imagery (Kill la Kill doing it "ironically" doesn't make it better)
– lots of "how far being authoritarian is tolerable?" plots/subplots
– lots of Nietzsche-like willpower bullshit
– lots of genes/bloodlines/other quasi-eugenics fiction
– the Great Man narrative is everywhere, even beyond shonens
– patriarchal treatment of female characters (hence, the insane number of insecure teens and incels in the weebdom)


A comment in respond to that one (I'll avoid greentext for readability):

Regarding Pixis' being modelled after the Japanese general Akiyama Yoshifuru; I think there is more to unpack here. In interviews, Isayama said his favorite work of all time is the historical novel "Saka no ue no kumo" by Shiba Ryotaro.

While I haven't read the novel myself (it's really long), I've seen Japanese fans pointing out how the character of Pixis, and even some of the dialogue, is pretty much a copy and paste of Akiyama Yoshifuru from the novel. In other words, the character of Pixis is based off a fictional version of Akiyama from a novel, rather than the historical figure himself.

Why is this important, you may ask. It's important because Shiba's historical narrative had a enormous impact on the perception of national history in Japan. Shiba's narrative in many of his novels (and I've read some of them) can be summarized like this: "Meiji good, Showa (or rather 1931-1945) bad". In his novels, Meiji period is glorified as a period of triumphal modernization and overcoming of foreign power like Russia (while completely sidelining the issue of imperialism). On the other hand, Showa period is depicted as a period of fanaticism and brutality, where militarists hijacked the country and ultimately lead to its destruction (while also sidelining the continuity between Meiji and Showa period).

Shiba's novels sold tens of millions of copies, and his influence still continues to this day. I think one of the reason his narrative got so popular is because it allowed the Japanese populace to indulge themselves in nationalistic pride for modern Japan, while shoving all the "bad stuff" to the short period of 1931-1945 and treating it as an mere aberration in the history of modern Japan, ignoring the fact that what happened in that period was a culmination of everything that happened after Meiji restoration.

Since Isayama's favorite work is one of those novel, one can ask how much Shiba's narrative influenced Isayama's view on Japanese pre-WW2 imperialism.


>In the last arc she was hinted to be pregnant with Eren's child
When the hell was this? I don't remember this at all.


The most blatant to me is how fucking obsessed they are with fascist aesthetics, especially Nazi and Japanese imperial imagery and names. It's incredibly common in anime porn too.


>lots of Nietzsche-like willpower bullshit
man it really makes me sad that willpower is associated with fascists more often
but with my willpower i will make it be associated with communism instead
one day!


it's so annoying when the Right equivocates pointing out Fascist themes in shows like AoT to criticizing anime in general - as if they wouldn't explode with rage if they watched Revolutionary Girl Utena or Gundam. to some degree analyzing those themes which appear at least somewhat fascistic in AoT is rationalization on my part as to why I felt so totally alienated from the show, and why I disliked it so much, but whether it was subconscious recognition of fascist themes or just a distaste for nu-anime, either way /pol/ are retards for liking it.


Communism is the most Nietzschean thing i can think of, and the absolute madlads that are the most famous revolutionaries confirm my belief.



>anime with effeminate “men”


Yes, that's why all the black girls in Fayetteville like it. They have a thing for fashy guys there. It's kind of hot in the forbidden love way. I kind of wish I lived closer so I could watch AoT with a fashy black qt.


Black girls don't dig white guys friend. You have more luck with asian women


i have never read him, what does it mean to be nietzschean

i don't know enough about will power nor do i believe ideas belong to anyone but why is will power associated with this dude?

reading that essay it makes sense why everybody on r9k used to talk about this man a lot


File: 1621307361329.png (2.48 MB, 1452x2048, 1621305719462.png)

lol nice ending


its iraeli


One important thing to note about the rumbling is the fact the actual impact of being crushed by wall titans is alot lower than conventional bombs used in modern wars, especially when you consider how in panels with eren we saw craters that were less than half of erens height WHEN EREN WAS SITTING this would mean that if you actually got stomped by a titan your chances of surviving would be well above 20%, on top of that wall titans can only affect those at a surface level, anyone hiding below the ground, underwater or on aircraft wouldn't even notice the event at all especially when you consider how it took wall titans 2 days according to AOTs lore to fully destroy the island of paradis and in the chapters after the rumbling we see human civilization quickly rebuilding itself as if nothing had ever happened.
To further the rumblings underwhelming destruction is to point out that humanity has faced far worse near extinction events throughout its livelihood, diseases like malaria are responsible for 50% of all human deaths throughout humanities history along with, genocide is another massive causation behind human casualties as genocides from the last 2 centuries alone have caused more deaths than every war in human history, imagine the undocumented deaths from genocides proceeding it or wars like the mongol invasions that wiped out over 10% of the global population, when you consider this simple information it's hard to accept the reality that in the world of aot that an individual is a victim of titans when we've seen them being domesticated or even mass produced for conventional warfare along with the ratio in kills for the scouts in aot versus the titans. and also because we saw cannons being used in the first episode against the titans it's also likely that at some point in the world of aot heavy firebombing was discovered and invented, something that fueled the cold war and nearly led to the destruction of the western world in ww2 when major powers like the usa and germany were finding out how to assemble the atom bomb or the USAs firebombing of Japan


It ended, now tell us.


File: 1630592355971.png (128.6 KB, 182x268, ClipboardImage.png)

After watching seasons 1 - 3 I can see why this anime was banned in China. The whole thing is an analogy of Japan's "justified" racism against the entire world and season 3 literally ends with Eren looking at where China would be and saying, "If we kill everyone there, will we be truly free?"

I know the argument is that Eren is "mentally damaged" or something, but the ideology isn't criticized at all, with the closest exception being the court room scene where Eren gets his shit kicked in by Lavi.

The show is definitely entertaining, but you really have to wonder what is going in Isayama's head. He seems like a genocidal maniac. If this really is an analogy to Imperialist Japan, then you can safely say that Isayama is a damaged individual, who lacks historical Knowledge.

Still the show wasn't completely awful; actually one of the better Anime of the last decade. It'd derailed 'cause Eren went beyond mental but a lot of the animation and beginning story were pretty compelling. I think Isayama just wrote himself into a corner and the only way for it to end faithful to the plot, is for one side of the conflict to be entirely "genocided".


File: 1630593256365.jpg (113.49 KB, 1080x1080, AOT Japanese Generals.jpg)

>But Eldians are basically enslaved in Marley and so that on top of the years of titan attacks makes Eldia mostly justified!
>It's not the same as IRL China and Japan!
It's obvious that the author will have to make up shit if he wants to portray Japanese imperialism in a positve light, which becomes very easy if you are talking about said historical era through an allegory within a piece of fiction. Look at the justification for the enslavement of Eldians. They have to be slaves because they are very evil which is because they enslaved people. This is just so fucking retarded. The real life justification for imperialism was always might makes right and/or dehumanization and/or white man's burden, because deriding people for their immorality is pretty hard when you are the ones who are committing atrocities against them. It's a lot more efficient or even necessary to place victims of colonialism outside of the shared space of humanity and therefore morals altogether.

The reason why Isayama has written it this way is because just like any proper fascist he is very good at projection. In this case, he is projecting the crimes of Japanese imperialism onto its victims so he can say that we the Japanese are the real victims because we are forced to apologize for our war crimes. Of course many other things point to the Eldians being the Japanese like how they are the small island nation who committed crimes against the big mainland nation. SNK's holy walls are even a parallel to the Typhoons that destroyed the Chinese Fleet centuries in the past, acting as "walls" against invasion. Heck there are characters beign direct parallels to generals and officers of Imperial Japan, pic related.

Of course there is more to it than that, but Imma just link those nuances: https://archive.ph/2PK2f


Israeli you mean?


File: 1631659548719.png (186.15 KB, 824x768, bb8.png)

If titans in attack on titan are only active during the day, why dont survey corps go out trapping and hunting titans at night instead of spending all their time attacking during the day where they're at risk of getting eaten. Hell even better if they have 3d maneuvering gear and cannons why cant they just utilize the power of compressed gas to blow off the heads of titans from above where they can get rid of the nape without even having to get close to titans? Hell if titans are made of human flesh aswell and survive through osmosis and photosynthesis that means they're also combustible and can be killed by ordinary civilians possessing torches burning their entire body including the nape and risking nothing… why are titans even considered dangerous…


They don't have actual lights,the flares don't produce light,they reflect the sun.
So you either slowly move around with shitty torches on horseback in the dark (which they show at one point),or you kill yourself with the maneuvering gears against a tree in the dark.
Also you have to slice at a very specific place that's one meter long and 20cm wide,making it unpratical if they were on their back except by crawling under,which most people would honestly be quite afraid of,but that's at least feasible,even if very hard without the gear,because you NEED that inertia to cut the nape.
Also Abberants exist,and if they're is only one at the time you're going out that can move at night,your entire corps get killed.
On top of that,it's been tested on TWO titans that they don't move at night,it would be something quite hard to push onto most people that "yeah sure,don't worry,just go kill yourself in the dark with a torch,everything is alright"


File: 1631666704612.png (792.01 KB, 841x1280, ClipboardImage.png)

>they don't have actual lights
<That feel when these retards make pneumatic grappling systems but can't create a fucking flashlight or independent flares
the sheer STATE of these idiots.
>hard to push onto most people
these fuckers go on suicide missions all the time and face severe consequences for refusing orders, a night hunt isn't out of the question.
>maneuvering in the dark is hard
then have an elite team train to use them in the dark FFS. You don't have to make this a mainstream method, just use it enough to cull Titan numbers a little.


File: 1631678654155.png (29.64 KB, 720x1498, sketch1630811965982.png)

You know when you guys put it like that killing titans shouldnt be complicated in the slightest, eldia is really primitive compared to the rest of the planet especially Marley whom have domesticated pure titans for god knows how long. It makes sense why they had to be protected from the outside world, those idiots would have a better chance of eating or genociding themselves than being genocided by those dumbass pure titans after all all pure titans can realistically do is eat people, that's it
They cant organize themselves
They cant solve basic problems
They cant identify which humans are shifters
They are made of the same shit humans are made of meaning they're combustible and can be easily electrocuted to near death
They arent immune to fall damage
Most cant or simply dont know how to climb or dig
It's like watching an entire civilization lose a war to ordinary predators, youd assume something only fucking cavemen with sticks and stones would need to be scared of, not a society that caused genocides and massive wars around the planet in the name of eldian imperialism, fucking mosquitoes that can transfer malaria to that island feels like a bigger existential threat…


the only reason Titans are any threat at all is their insane regeneration and the fact that the 1m area of the nape needs to be totally cut out to permanently deleto them because (spoilers) that's the area of the actual human part's in the Titans - the head to be exact.

Also add to all this - Titans are literally lighter than they physically should be, as the head of a 3m Titan could be kicked by a tteenage girl like a football (soccerball), so technically a basic set of mines could knock Titans off their feet and on the ground people can pin them and cut out that nape.


File: 1631720684541.png (456.79 KB, 1067x1600, 0139-048.png)

Lmao that makes this ending even better. Eren is a piece of shit ethnocentritst that advocates for genocide and imperialism even after seeing what happens when eldians received it and fucked over the planet for nothing, hallucinagenia is destroyed and humanity is more advanced than ever with jets, nukes, and the powers of industrial society means 139.5 means fucking nothing. Eldia is destroyed and so are titans forever ahahahahahahaha


Nice quads. It gets better, the Attack Titan can change time so theoretically they shouldn't have been able to lose simply by changing history until things go their ay.


File: 1631724781565.jpg (98.35 KB, 802x1200, E1y-lefXoAYoCH-.jpg)

Kek and when you consider that the technological advancements humanity made in 139.5 it would mean that even if that kid inherited all the titan powers he'd get bombed to smithereens and killed instantly before even having a chance to kill anyone lmaoooooooo


Embedding error.
>Flashgitz does it again
The sheer irony of this.


About to finish AoT. Never been sensitive but felt disgusted watching this. What started as good horror turn out to be hilarious nazi apology and rightoid wet dream. Whole show is about genetically different race of super warriors who's being hated by whole world for being too cool and powerful. Which is obvious allegories for Japan Empire and somewhat Nazi Germany. So this race is so baddass it even conceded out of mercy after conquering other races. And other races are so weak they had to use those super people for their wars. What in real life is persecution for war crimes, here is portrayed as blind and wrong discrimination, even tho crimes are not denied. By the end plot comes down to whitewashing literal nationalism. Can't believe this got so much praise.


File: 1634533217927.png (399.48 KB, 320x527, ClipboardImage.png)

>writes fic showing the horrors of militarism and nationalism
>writes ending that justifies and glorifies a genocidal "nationalist"

welp i guess isayama is a clown


I think he never meant to demonstrte the horrors but rationalize them


File: 1634582882282.png (6.66 MB, 1300x4944, ClipboardImage.png)

he rationalized them by showing the horrors of it.
his argument was basically if one side engages nationalism and militarism marley then other nation will also engage in that in retaliation and thus cause tragedy in a massive scale. Aka a cycle of violence that is better to never start in the first place.

The problem is though he ends up saying that tfascism was justified with the fucking paradis getting destroyed ending. In other words, eren was justified in genociding the world, because if he didnt paradise would get destroyed. Now of course this isnt nescarrily bad if eren ends up being demonized by his friends family and huge portions of paradis, BUT THE PROBLEM IS THAT LARGE PORTIONS OF HIS FAMILY AND PARADIS WORSHIP AND PRAISE HIM. of course it could be that the worship is shown in a horrific way, to show the scary reality that genocidal maniacs sometimes get worshipped by the population that these maniacs lead. The problem is that isayama doesnt even do that, instead the way erens friends praise him as if hes superman sacrificing his life to save the planet. Literally you have magna panels saying eren your a "real man", and thank you for being a genocidal monster for our sake. And this is coming from the character THAT formed a merry little band to oppose erens genocidal plans in the FIRST PLACE.


>I never thought he would massacre humanity outside the walls, but…
>If humanity outside the walls would disappear, all the grudges would disappear as well.
>Our enemies who feared our existence would all be crushed flat. Only a brand new plot of land would remain.
>The thing those guys across the ocean feared most has happened.
>Because they decided that we were devils and tried to kill us all.
>In other words, this is the result that those guys across the ocean brought on themselves…
>There was… nothing we could do about it…

I dunno. I hate to endorse genocide but it sounds like eradicating the island would have been the right play at this point.


if the only two options were genocide humans outside island vs genocide humans in island, then i would choose the island simply because there are way less people there.


I was hoping this series was going the route of Fullmetal.
Sad to see the ending fucking sucks.


File: 1635782213591.png (126.37 KB, 320x180, ClipboardImage.png)

Made an AOT edit, i will just leave it here , hope you engoy it ^^ https://youtu.be/OaLKY2ZyJ-Q


It should have ended with Eren winning and genociding the world but through killing his friends he realises what he was doing was wrong and he tries to fix what he did. The ending we got was a massive cop out.


>heard people claim Marx was a fascist and an anti-fash
Kind of a false equivalency.


Are Eldians the Jews or is it the Marleyans?


I don't think either are Jews, as pointed out by >>9813 the main allegories are for Japan and China.


>this would mean that if you actually got stomped by a titan your chances of surviving would be well above 20%

ii mean this is countered by the fact that realistically you are going to get stomped multiple times

so your chance of surviving is 0


Which is why people need to get the vax!!


>>11506 yeah a vax that turns non eldians into titans too

cant hate people if anyone is an evil titan shifter :^)



so anime only ending might be real


japs are fucking mongs, no wonder they say that shit





who else here /marxist-yeagerist/??


you are watching the (part 2) final season of the anime of the decade, right anon?


>anime of the decade

<this uygha didnt see the ending didnt he


I'm waiting with bated breath to see if Sawano put vocals on the scene of eren screaming about ahually I cared about somebody that disgusted me.


File: 1642891059438.jpg (29.08 KB, 537x525, 1635993002827.jpg)

<I've read it



I'm rewatching SE1 and I have to say it's probably the most clean cut example of a fascist show out there. Glorification of struggle as such, total sacrifice for the "people/mankind", civilians stabbing the military in the back, a totally inscrutable Other that has to be eradicated, no questioning of the obviously skewed economic and social relations, and the very Japanese notion of being duty bound to fight a losing battle. All with imagery to match.

It's also a great watch regardless of all that. People who are turned off by media they don't agree with are lower than plebs.


>People who are turned off by media they don't agree with are lower than plebs.
if that's the case then being a pleb is based. just because i'm watching something doesn't mean i can't feel repulsed by the shitty ideology espoused by it.
also snk isn't that good of a show, i find it too reliant on edge for my taste. maybe the later seasons are better but i'm tired of
>blood splatters, everyone's seething and crying
>5 seconds of relative peace


Yeah you should stick to capeshit.


aot is edgy capeshit. i haven't watched a marvel movie since i was a child. cope.


I seem to be one of the few ones who really like the show specifically because it is polarizing and different. I'm tired of shows with happy endings and I am tired of shows that fall in line with mainstream morality. I am not a contrarian for the sake of being contrarian, I just want a diversity of media to be at the edge of my seat, wondering where the plot will go. Regardless if it is fascism apologia, I praise it for being different in a mundane media landscape and everything you're criticizing the show for it has done superbly.


I liked it up until I finally realized that the plot in its entirety was really just an excuse for endless blood and carnage. Don't get me wrong, I love some good stupid ultraviolence (just finished enjoying Damned). But it's very irritating when a story presents itself as if it's going somewhere meaningful for a long time and then never arrives.


And at what point would it have arrived to something meaningful? What were you expecting?


File: 1645710853085.jpg (124.39 KB, 640x518, this blows.jpg)

it's worse than fascism apology though, it is lib fascism apology. ie:
>virtue signal about how fascism is le bad while benefiting from it directly



>I'm tired of shows with happy endings
it was a pretty happy show for jean embro


File: 1645983415402.png (1.07 MB, 988x802, f5h239u0djip.png)



Sounds like a shit idea. So only once he killed friends he understood that killing millions if not billions of people was a bad idea? Lol. I think Westerners are too encapsulated by a Disney/Hollywood approach of depicting „villains“.











They changed it from the manga?


clifhanger just at the start of the rumbling for the next season next year.
I don't think they can stretch 3 chapters in 12 episodes.


File: 1650290104176.png (436.7 KB, 700x511, ErjfZE-XIAEfLaF.png)

Speaking of, if the anime had an original ending 1) what do you think is likely to happen 2) what would you like to happen?


eren commits genocide and kills his friend alongside 99 percent of humanity


I dropped this shit as soon as they started turning into titans.


how embarrassing for you


>Not wanting to watch some le ebin shredditor /pol/fag be a Mary Sue until the author realized he was doing an oopsy and then shitting the bed because of that



really makes you think if the author is a fascist


so green


File: 1650527680765.mp4 (11.64 MB, 880x720, unit 731.mp4)

the author thinks this is based


In my opinion, it's not. It's just depicted how badly is the chauvinism between nations. Although it's still in WW1 era, imagine the Rumbling as Nukes in our time.

Now I know there are autists here that unironically think nuclear war is good for accelerating bla-bla-bla, but it won't bring nothing both barbarism.

For peace & socialism. Socialism or barbarism.



What do y'all think of this guy's take and or take away of Attack on Titan? I've always heard that the show has favorable views to fascism.


I've not read this but on what basis do people go "nu-uh, he's not really nationalist"? from what I recall it has a "MANLY CHARISMATIC SPEECH that's actually scary" bit like Gundam and criticism of antisemitism so I dunno if he's full blown fascist… but he is a war crime denier and it's not like you need to want jews dead or love hitler to be some form of right wing nationalist


>the author thinks this is based
Source? AoT is pretty fash, but proofs are nice.


Monarchy is socialism? Oh wow I didn't know!




No he's actually a triggered social justice warrior cancelling Marley


File: 1679947449843.png (71.67 KB, 277x182, ClipboardImage.png)

change my mind


i don't get it


Nah not even close. Eren has ZERO fucking choice or freedom throughout the entirety of the manga and it took me a while to realize how disgusting and barbaric this mans existence actually is. He was born into a family of eugenists on an island whom the entire planet wanted destroyed for legitimately good reasons, surrounded by man eating monsters whom comprise of his own people all stacked on top of gaining the foresight into events like the rumbling, the fucked up history of eldia, how many deaths he would be responsible for and knowing he couldn’t do shit about it beyond cry and complain. Like fuck I can understand why people hate him, personally I think he’s more of a slave than a protagonist but to say he actually wanted anything more than to leave Eldia to live independently is a joke


Watch Aria the animation instead


if you think k-on and flcl are bad you probably have the bad taste required to think the aria anime isn't boring stiffly-drawn washed-out-colors garbage (the manga looks good tho I'll admit, not my thing but immensely more expressive)


They're still good though. Only the nostalgiafagging is annoying.


I said no such thing about flcl. Also, you sound like the type of person to drop Steins;gate in episode 5 because "nothing is happening", sometimes you have to bear the set up until the payoff anon


File: 1692425146187.png (319.12 KB, 736x552, ClipboardImage.png)

K-On! is overrated SoL, but if you like it you like it, and the animation at the very least is pretty good, especially for its time.
>hating on FLCL


Here me out, the rumbling is a metaphor for air strikes. Some members of the AOT community have suggested that the rumbling was a representation of the bomb in Japan but honestly I think it was meant to represent air strikes much more. For one thing most of the damage inflicted onto Japan didn’t actually come from being nuked, it was the mass bombardment from the air raids that shortly came after, bombs that not only exploded but incinerated everything in their path, similar to how the colossal titans don’t just trample but burn everything beneath them. It’s also easy to point out how the rumbling occurs shares a striking parallel to the damage inflicted on urban spaces. Both involve not one but the repeated destruction of public spaces from above, both see basically nothing left by the time the bombs stop falling, most of the damage dealt is lethal but uncoordinated since its covering a broad area rather than a specific point meaning many civilians and wildlife in the region are disposed to indiscriminate death. Coincidentally that wall the Titans formed shares another component of air strikes being its easy to evade the oncoming damage just as long as your either underground, and the fear coming in that inevitably the destruction you’re about to witness will inevitably catch up with you even if you’re far away


Why do aot fags think eren caused the rumbling. Mf died before he could do jack shit anything, for Ymir and for the plot of the show in general.


I can’t believe it ended at chapter 119, people were saying that Aot would end with 139 chapter because of symbolism, but it looks like they were wrong.


go to /anime/ where you belong


It actually would’ve been better to just end off there, or continue with a storyline where plot armour doesn’t allow eren to continue the rumbling. It would open up a lot more questions and a lot of better solutions to the titan problem, like just altering the DNA of eldians to not pass on the shit in the founders spinal fluid to their kids. Re education from a neutral perspective on the islands history for all, tests to resolve issues with titan abnormalities that have them attack other eldians regardless if wether they’re still under the influence of Ymir, or just simply having more to say about WMDs in warfare. It goes on and its a shame the author wanted to do an evangelion in the dumbest way possible


If I understood everything correctly Eren had absolute control over all descendants of Ymir, it’s kind of stupid that he didn’t use to idk help them by improving their bodies, and life’s, helping with disabilities, longer life’s etc, found it kind of annoying how story decided to just remove the fantastical element from the world, which seems to be a common trope among media. But tbh I think the story suffered mostly due author seemingly being sympathetic to fascism and thus refusing to do actually interesting things and solutions. Also kind of fucked up how quickly Aot fans seemingly adopted the in universe fascist stance on the conflict.


Also ngl the headshot scene was 🤌🤌 10/10 moment really liked how the head fell right into Zekes arms, and how the spine grew out of the head, the ideology is dogs shit but the execution and plot twists were pretty good in my opinion.


He didn’t manga wise he’s straight up dead and lost control to Ymir completely, and this carries over to the show. There’s a reason for why he couldn’t imagine a future for himself where the rumbling doesn’t occur despite being aware of the fact that everyone around him were pushing for better options.


he was an incel


An incel and a moron you mean


>refuses to fuck mikasa for entire manga


A lot of it is because of this. Again the author isn’t a terrible writer, just terrible at writing endings and should’ve had someone else write the conclusion to AOT where eren stays dead, or something way more brutal with eren alive and vilified along with all of his supporters with the world permanently fucked


Doesn't he also get cucked


Can’t be cucked by Jean if you die a virgin first


but he reincarnates or some shit


he wrote a bunch of imperial propaganda, we can call it terrible


>2 AoT threads in siberia
>Already one in /anime/


Aot has a completely trash ending but what adds fuel to the flame was how pointless it was. From the manga it’s told his actions were to keep eldia safe, but this is far from the case. Causing a rumbling does anything except keep people already in Eldia from being attacked by Marleyan soldiers who were also in the city, coincidentally having the walls destroyed also ensures any Titans interested in eating the inhabitants of Eldia have absolutely no restrictions placed on them for doing so. Both of these problems come to fruition and by the time the manga ends a substantial portion of eldias already fractured population is zero due to murder and mass emigration. Those remaining survivors of Eldia at the cliff in the final chapters, they’re the last ones remaining in this gay ass story because of Eren, everyone that was stuck in Paradis is fucking dead or being eaten by the remaining pure titans before they burn themselves to death without ever becoming human. And none of this actually makes any sense given Isayamas own fucking lore. Reminder, the rumbling starts right after Erens head gets severed by a high caliber AT round directly through the neck by Gabi. Isayama wrote this ending horrendously, he somehow both managed to include the shittiest outcome for the entire planet, and fuck over the perpetrators of it when keeping them safe was the fucking point of having that damage inflicted on the planet in the first place. Oh and all of the geographical damage is just flat out retconned for the most forced and cheesy ending imaginable to say something about violence and fascism without commitment. Bad writing.


I don't see why a story can't have bad outcomes for the people involved. It neither needs to have one side getting what they want nor does it need a deep message to convey. Can't a story simply be the unfolding of events and the audience gets to experience a fictional world?


imo lots of people consume stories for escapism purposes so shitty outcomes kinda defeats the point.


AoT is a tragedy and lives up exactly to what the genre is about. If people were looking for the good guys to win then they tried to find that in the wrong series. The critique about Eldia not being saved also wrongfully assumes that the story is about Eldia being saved.


That’s fine, but you can’t say that for AOT for two reasons.

The ending we got was forced and out of synch with what would actually happen given the authors context for the worlds setup. Eren is fucking dead and the power of the founding titan is long since gone well before he has any reason to be able start a rumbling.
The fact that the rumbling occurs and how it changes the planet still fucks over any sense of consistency and manages to be a considerably less satisfying ending than if Eldia was straight up raised to the ground and the story ended off there.

The ending was shit and poorly thought out. There’s no excuse for Eren, his actions, the retconning and the plot armour it took to even create such a terrible conclusion. Hell I haven’t even touched into the fact that outside of the literal death of paradis island, basically anyone that didn’t already hate Eldia now has zero reason to not want to kill off the remaining Eldians, wether or not they’re even aware that plenty don’t support Erens actions.


there's also the fact that the story constantly cocksucks eren and lionizes his edgy retard behavior, it's not like the warning signs weren't there


File: 1693927277209.jpg (211.45 KB, 640x932, Romeo_and_juliet_brown.jpg)

Have you heard of a tragedy anon it's one of oldest genres of fiction, as the ancient Greeks invented it. And it's considered one of most popular genres of fiction, and is often considered the highest form of art.


>people haven't consumed tragedy for escapism/catharsis since fucking civilization existed

tumblr brain moment


the pure titans have been wiped out during the time skip, but in theory there could be some left since eldia was sending them all the time. also in my opinions it should have ended with eren succeeding, but paradis still getting destroyed but from inside due to the fascist who took over, but Isayama is a fascist himself so he of course did nit do that and would rather create an ending which validates the kill or be killed ideology of the fascists and his newly ideologically open segment of audience.


Attack on Titan feels like someone had a gigantification + vore/stepping fetish and also liked anime a lot, so they combined the most tropey shonen anime action with the fetish, following an inane plotline. I mean it worked in terms of popularity so you can't claim it's a failure.


Escapism is for boredom. Tragedy is entertaining.


usually people with that fetish make the giants hot. Nost titans look like they were taken out of some fascist propaganda poster which makes sense since they are seemingly are the stereotypical foreign animalistic subhuman bugmen horde that is only there to destroy.


>usually people with that fetish make the giants hot.
Not necessarily, just mainstream. And I mean the main protagonist Titan-shifters are relatively better looking than the brainless NPC-normie titans.
>they are seemingly are the stereotypical foreign animalistic subhuman bugmen horde that is only there to destroy.
LMAO, but even in those depictions there is the interracial element.


>mc goes schizo abt doing anything to save his people
>bark meets his bite, starts genociding the planet bc all or nothing
>PSYCH! reveal lelouche plot at 80% completion (not even how lelouching works, lelouche worked because he made what he hated feared, eren made what he cared about hated by those he clearly didn't give a shit about)
>manga ends with some bs 'they all hold hands' ending

>extra pages drop

>actually the whole all or nothing thing was right, mc's home is nuked to oblivion, proving…?


Dunno if it's fash but it's way over-rated


File: 1699515816859.jpeg (56.94 KB, 896x883, F-M818-W8AAj94a.jpeg)

The moral of the story:War and hatred is human nature destined to make the same mistakes in a cycle. Communism is supposed to be the end point where the proles destroy themselves as a class and we truly find peace. But would this war cycle keep on going even under communism. I am wary it is even possible to end this glitch with humans.The amount of people that call this ending realistic really made me think tbh. Most Shonens have a feel good ending where peace and friendship overcomes everything. This ending was just a giant blackpill.


The actual lesson is not to be naïve and commit to a successful genocide. Their punishment is to be stuck in limbo for not going all in.


>"Men should be either treated generously or destroyed, because they take revenge for slight injuries - for heavy ones they cannot." - Niccolo Machiavelli


some of the faces looked pretty goofy, story is shit, I am surprised how suddenly people started praising the ending since originally everyone hated it. One piece is better


How many people praised the ending of One Piece?


I'm sure a lot of people are going to when it happens.


It’s entertaining, but under any scrutiny, the story is retarded, which shouldn’t be surprising considering the author is an unabashed imperial Japan apologist.
The fan interpretations solidify how much he fumbled the story, with every person seemingly parroting either:
1. The story was about how war is inevitable and the cycle will always persist, no matter what we do, so let’s just hold hands and peacefully walk into the inevitable knowing we’re good people.

or the more concerning

2. The story was a cautionary tale that you should always complete genocides of your enemies as they are ontologically evil and must exterminated.


natural result of being a liberal. The ideology doesn’t really have anything to offer to refute fascism, other than “it’s not cool to kill” and “actually you are the real homos/jews” so it’s only natural that author failed to offer a real reason why Eren’s plan was wrong other than attacking Eren’s character by making him act in a pathetic way in the end, kind of like how liberals attack Trump or Putin by calling them gay. Also I am 💯 confident that author has fascist sympathies which naturally got in his way once he decided that “billions must die” isn’t cool actually.


Yeah he’s absolutely a mild crypto fash at heart.
He openly designed a character after an imperial Japan invasion commander, noting that said war criminal was “frugal and respectable”. He also denied comfort women in Korea being a real problem, as well as saying that Korea occupation benefited Korea in the long run cause their population increased, and Japan was not anywhere near as bad as Nazi germany.


If WW3 and/or climte change aren't killing us before


File: 1705459813753.png (Spoiler Image, 6.2 MB, 2000x1237, ClipboardImage.png)

Would you a Titan, lads?


i've seen a theory from fd signifier that isayama was just shitting up the manga on purpose and the anguish and imposter syndrome he was feeling led him to the contradictory and pessimistic worldview he holds rather than any political ideology. he's probably a right-ish edgy liberal


I wish it ended before the time skip.



If you don't want the Embed to vanish if the site has a glitch, post the URL and name, moron.
>There is Nothing Good About Attack on Titan's Ending


File: 1706475891167.png (277.44 KB, 640x640, ClipboardImage.png)

You have to ask?


Ending ruined all the themes, show was ruined as soon as Eldia didn't follow through on the Azoumabuto Clans plans.

Could have done the rumbling pre warning, then attempt diplomatic relations with Nations who were colonized by Marley, create an anti-colonial alliance and show discrimination against the Eldians is not needed, with the ending following the themes of a better world rid of imperialism or genocide, not bullshit fascist movement on the Eldian Island which ruined the direction of the story, but would've been good if the volunteers won that battle.

Bad ending, nice anime.


Zeke was right


File: 1713325000252.png (706.96 KB, 900x834, ClipboardImage.png)

>some of the faces looked pretty goofy, story is shit, I am surprised how suddenly people started praising the ending since originally everyone hated it.
>One piece is better


File: 1713375434165.png (1.5 MB, 1079x1132, ClipboardImage.png)

AoT is a confused mess and most of its /a/-fans are neo-fash, pic rel


File: 1713892310235.png (361.13 KB, 555x471, ClipboardImage.png)

>Have you heard of a tragedy anon it's one of oldest genres of fiction, as the ancient Greeks invented it. And it's considered one of most popular genres of fiction, and is often considered the highest form of art.
Reading this I couldn't help hearing this with Palpatine's voice lol.

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