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Menhera fetish is just the anime version of SuicideGirls.


i want to fuck /rei/ and ruin 4chans upcoming reactionary board, /rel/




wtf is menhera fetish

>4chans upcoming reactionary board, /rel/
they're making rei into a board????


It's like a Japanese style that is about bringing awareness and attempting more public acceptance around mental illness from what I recall. Someone correct me if I'm off in my description. Has nothing to do with anime but it gets depicted in some anime style art.


afaik thats basically it. I think it means 'sickly cute', like a style/aesthetic that gets inspiration from mental illness.
It's technically supposed to be for raising awareness and public acceptance, but that side is mostly ignored in favour of menhera as a type of anime girl personality. Think clingy but in a cute way, anxious but in a cute way, sad but in a cute way, etc.
I guess some people (including OP) even find it attractive? idk anything about SuicideGirls though


English language sources seem really unhelpful because it's all written by Westerners that only have a vague idea. Some say menhera is a style, some say more broadly a subculture, some say menhera isn't the style name it's yami kawaii, while some insist mehera developed into a style of it's own off of that and other similar styles. Some say menhera started as a derogatory term for mentally ill perceived to be "attention seeking" girls on a board of 2channel and was re-appropriated, some say it was a subculture and style first then became a derogatory term similar to how emo was. Only consistency is menhera is short for "mental healther" and the fashion style associated with it is meant to impove how Japan sees mental illness by normalizing it's visibility or just is sort of a way of self expression among people with mental health or physical health problems.

As for SuicideGirls it's a pinup style alternative-model site and brand. The models are tattooed, pierced, dyed hair etc. I sort of get what OP was trying to say but I don't really agree with the comparison.


Finally found info explaining what menhera is that sounds actually researched. Seems a certain grifter is responsible for the association of menhers with yami kawaii when it's something else in it's own.


Colloquially in Japan "menhera" is pretty much a derogatory term for bpd bitches but as usual westoids took it and tacked on a whole lot of unrelated shit to mean a completely different thing lol


No it literally was an online group and then the term menhera became used in a derogatory manner by the rest of the reactionary Japanese. Seriously just think about it. There isn't any negative sound to "mental healther". The term is implied to be someone trying to improve their mental health. It's like what someone would call themselves more than something someone makes up to shit on someone. Clearly it wasn't something negative first then tried to changed into something else.


>4chans upcoming reactionary board, /rel/
What's that?


Nevermind, I didn't figure it out at first but now I did.


Nah fam Japan is just that shitty, they hate people with mental illnesses.


this is a very hot picture
who is she


please explain to me
i still can't figure it out


japan is a true right-winger shithole
it's no surprise the weebs are reactionary tradoids


Does this board have builtin image search links by threads or posts with images yet?


Japan other than west was only place to reach similar levels of feudalism except it didnt collapse like westoid feudalism until gaijin approachment then transition into fascism then afterwards liberalism, booj spooks would be deeply ingrained in that society.


Do you any books on the permeation of booj spooks into regular society?


/rel/igion, I think?


There should be an anime adaptation of the adventures of Gazi Kodzo and the construction of Hammer City.burkina_fasoBurkina Faso



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