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Can we make one? This Board is pretty harsh a critic when it comes to Anime and I would be interested in achieving some sort of Concensus about which Anime are worth watching


Welcome to the NHK and Evangelion are my all time favourites



I have to say, that I found Evangelion to be better than a lot of Haters suggested, but definitely not good enough to be considered an all time classic. So what makes it one of your favourites?


I'm not critical of anime and I tend to end up at least moderately liking whatever I watch but I'm definitely critical of charts.
And yes, reading lists for books are stupid too.


File: 1619049289388.jpg (557.63 KB, 1043x1032, 1596562895779.jpg)


bruh I cant even see any of the names


damn bro you're so weird


Charts with no names are traaaaaash


god i wish i could read japanese

top row second from left is one of shuzo oshimi. my favorite author from what little ive read


>Zetsubo sensei

That's like, not even that weird lol.


I don't wanna be an asshole to the guy who posted the chart but SZS would only be weird to the majority of retards who watched it and thought it was nothing more than lol so random comedy. It was filled with jokes and references to incredibly niche Japanese stuff, even small news events that happened while the manga was being made.


File: 1619062818303.jpg (153.27 KB, 724x1024, katakana02-724x1024.jpg)

So many of the names are in very readable katakana. C'mon guys.


>And yes, reading lists for books are stupid too


Ok, I'm gonna list them all for you guys
>Super-conductive Brains Parataxis, Blood on the Tracks, Soil, Homunculus, The World is Mine, Shigurui, Sundome
>Usogui, Gantz, Ultra Heaven, JoJo Part 6 Stone Ocean, Fire Punch, Freesia, Innocent
>Bradherley's Coach, Magical Girl Site, Fourteen, Getter Robo, Bokutachi ga Yarimashita, Devilman, Mad Bull 34
>MPD Psycho, Shoujo Tsubaki, Zingnize, Panorama of Hell, PTSD Radio, Alien Nine, Jagaaan
>Riki-Oh, Sayounara Zetsubou Sensei, Dorohedoro, Akagi, Shamo, Cerebus the Aardvark, Baki the Grappler
>Sekai Oni, Dragon Head, Vanilla Spider, >filtered, MW, Wolfguy, Golden Boy


>mfw シソシノツン


Has anyone read this Mad Bull 34. It looks interesting as fuck. Also want to say that Gantz is a must read


>Jojo Part 6
Stone ocean is supposed to be batshit insane?


Part 6 is the weirdest imo (besides jojolion)


Maybe as JoJo has become more popular we've all become desensitized to its brand of weirdness. Also Part 6 is one of the most bizarre parts.


thanks for spoon feeding uwu


I'm always glad to share


I wish there were more stuff like oyasumi punpun, that shit hit different and made me realize how much im lying to myself


I have no idea what it's about but everyone who has read it has the same reaction. Now I'm curious.


Inio Asano is very much inspired by Shigeru Mizuki in that he likes to place cartoonishly stylized characters in hyper-realistic environments. But where Mizuki often did this in service of horror, Asano does it for slice of life. The end result isn't as wholesome as fans of that genre would normally expect.


Usogui is great and not really weird.


File: 1619151971423.jpg (110.57 KB, 740x1100, 14.jpg)

14-sai English license when


why is Dave Sim's Cerberus Thje Aaardvark on that list; also
>Shigurui but no Kakugo no Susume


>Freesia instead of Joshi Kouhei
can I get some more batshit mecha/toku in these lists, please


Man bokutachi is just depressing


Shuzo oshimi does this too for horror. Although they’re much more grotesque and really capture that feeling of isolation? I don’t know how to describe it. I love all 3 authors work


File: 1619179761825.png (102.54 KB, 600x600, Constirned.png)

I feel like reading any of those authors' work would just make me cross the line from just depressed to suicidal


That's how I feel about Welcome to the NHK tbh


It’s better than me being angry all the time so it was a welcome change in emotions

unrelated but those lurking should read inside Mari


File: 1619704493217.jpg (592.65 KB, 1316x1086, Batshit Anime core.jpg)

Same list but with the name of the mangas on the right


Pretty decent list. Some objections can be made, but I think this is alright for the someone tapping into Anime/Manga


Actually it's not exactly the same list


>attack on titan
its shit, list discared

>fuckin one piece

if you're not into shonen, dont even bother


if I get an OP character, I want a more interesting premise than a shitty good guy against evil story. overlord was better.

good list.

didnt see mentioned parasite and terror in resonance which were both good
also, entry tier, but code geass, GTO and death note


I mean…I said some objections can be made about the list. AOT, One Piece are definitely among them. Still a decent list


File: 1619788726938-0.webm (4.87 MB, 512x512, 🎶.webm)

Watch anime of the century "Dragon Ball Super" including the anime retelling episodes of the movies! And DBS:Broly


Ok so I've just finished reading Scumbag Loser and man, what a shit ending. It still had some pretty decent things going on in it, but in general the final chapter and like the entire last volume felt not only rushed, but also incoherent/inconsistent with what came before it. Anyway, it was kinda sad at times, and I guess it worked with what the author decided to do for the ending.

I read it in practically one day. Before the bullshit at the end, the most intense feeling it was making me feel was morbid fascination mixed with disgust at the worst parts of Japanese society. So far it was excellent; I was also enjoying the mystery, horror and suspense of the first two volumes, and I'm not really a fan of horror nor did I feel genuinely scared (lol typical Japanese idea of "horror" being those big round grins and the creepy black eyes, so predictable that I've just become desensitized to it over the years) but I was very invested in the plot. I really wish the story had gone in a different direction.

Rant about the art: The art is shit. At least most of the time. I don't think its ugliness is completely intentional, the author is just not very good at drawing either anime style or a less stylized/more realistic style. What annoyed me to no end since the beginning (and it's just something I hate about most manga/anime, really) is that girls are generally drawn "anime" with big cartoon eyes and tiny paper-thin triangle noses, while the men all look like crap as if they belonged to a different species that has big, ugly, almost human noses. So the style isn't ugly in a intentional creepy way, but more in a sucky way (at least to me).

I think it had some interesting things to say about society and I'd even say it's kind of hopepilled, but reading some of the comments online it seems that either children or retards failed to grasp the apparent messages the author was trying to convey, since they took everything that was said throughout the manga at face value even though the protagonist quickly begins to change that mindset and actively fights against it later on (or maybe I'm just projecting my own interpretation onto the author's work here). This reminds me of the situation with Emergence where dumbasses fully blame the protagonist for her own misfortune and misery and even loathe her for "being a slut".

It definitely didn't make me suicidal or worsen my mental health (so far) but I think I'll remember this manga for a long time. Especially since I don't usually read manga. So yeah, I recommend it.


> the same shit from the 90s and the 00s
> no Golden Kamuy


I love Dragon Ball Z Buu saga and onwards (except GT since I never watched it) because of the slice of life-like humor. Dragon Ball is never going to go back to the good old days pre-Cell saga, so why cry about it? Ever since I was little I loved the goofier, light-hearted moments anyway.
I loved both Super movies (Resurrection F and Battle of Gods) and I think the revival of the TV series was great fun.


I'm not sure if those rec charts were made in the late 10s. I wonder if new ones have been made. And besides, usually it takes years I even decades for a piece of media to become a classic, due to biases and nostalgia.


Don't want to start a new thread and this one seems appropriate to ask. Not long ago I saw an excerpt from an anime film posted somewhere on the site. It was a detective and his partner sailing on a boat in a harbor looking place, while one of them was recounting about how war is a racket or something along those lines. It caught my attention, but I never went on to watch it, and now have forgotten the name.


maybe some myazaki film?




Thanks, that's the one.


File: 1621631485748.jpg (2.77 MB, 2900x5400, 1613595198602.jpg)

Here's a recent chart


Pluto looks interesting. But the waifu comments are a bit annoying.


bakkuon rettou is just great


Any other anime similar to picrel?


huge moebius vibes


Robot Carnival


Also Neo Tokyo


Vid related

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