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File: 1619170621452.jpg (287.35 KB, 363x485, 1618634309556.jpg)


>draw elf
>call it a dragon


File: 1619170661195.jpg (1008.41 KB, 956x1981, 1617893681199.jpg)

>draw elf
>call it a demon


File: 1619170781861.jpg (65.3 KB, 640x480, 1445123138492.jpg)

>draw elf
>call it a vampire


File: 1619171151914.png (126.2 KB, 430x476, 1568488627285.png)

>human with long ears
>human with horns
>human with green skin
>human with gray skin
>human with blue-ish skin
>human with one eye
>human with long teeth
>hairy human
>pale human who dies of sunlight


File: 1619182924276.jpg (129.32 KB, 672x1100, 275_cait_sith_L.jpg)

>Draw furry
>Call it a monster girl


>Draw girl
>Call it your wife


All female furry is monster girl but not all monster girl is furry.


>attractive anime human girl with human torso and head
>"""Monster""" girl


File: 1619188138399-0.jpeg (39.85 KB, 474x625, 100.jpeg)

File: 1619188138399-1.jpeg (40.88 KB, 474x752, 101.jpeg)

File: 1619188138399-2.jpeg (51.31 KB, 474x846, 102.jpeg)

>anime girl covered in fur and big meaty paws for hands and feet, even digitrade limbs sometimes
>not furry because no snout or some other mental gymnastic
I love monster girls but the community on the *chans is so funny, they get their panties in a bunch whenever they see furries (not approved by the hivemind) (or monster boys).
It's culture war shit that started before they were even born, and back then it was both otaku and furries that got flamed and ridiculed by SA goons. Nowadays it's incredibly outdated and most people don't really care anymore.
Also the /monster/ board on 8gag was a fucking embarrassment.


To be fair, furries wouldn't consider that kind of character an anthropomorphic animal (furry) either. Whereas monster girls have a human head and tits and get progressively more monstrous features towards the hands and feet, furries must have fully animal heads and the rest can look as human as you want. But yes, monster girl fans are so triggered by furry (and monster boys) it's hilarious. And since monster girls are so damn samey (the overwhelming majority of them just look like girls cosplaying) I don't see the point in getting mad. Are they that proud of their monotonous taste?
>Also the /monster/ board on 8gag was a fucking embarrassment.
Why is that?


Not the other guy but /monster/ was basically like an outgrowth of the kek meme magic thing. They formed sort of an apocalyptic cult around a fantasy porn setting and sprinkled in their turner diaries fantasies. They somehow believed they’d have their demon wife who is also a perfect christian tradwife or something.


File: 1619223632374.png (536.04 KB, 640x480, best punch in gaming.png)

I still don't know what it is about monster girls that attracts so many reactionaries and flat out fascists, /monster/ was a den of them.
Most monster girl touch upon the issues of acceptance and fantasy racism in one way or the other, especially the two big ones (Monster Girl Quest and Everyday Life). If I had to guess I'd point at MGE single-handedly bringing them in with its snoozefest lore centered around perfect "waifus" with absolutely no personality. It should've just remained a collection of pretty pictures.


>think it's size difference
>it's a regular sized girl and a shota


Monster girl stuff appeals to the performatively unwoke and edgy who like the idea of having people who are different than them existing but they are too mind fucked by reactionary politics and so they remain weird nazis.


They transform into dragons using a magic stone.


>no horns
>no tail
>no wings
>not a single scale on sight
>just pointy ears


File: 1619245656342.png (142.34 KB, 374x237, dragon.png)

This is what they look like when transformed.


>draw woman
>call it a femboy


File: 1619246848794-0.jpg (19.9 KB, 299x418, astraea-15929.jpg)

File: 1619246848794-2.jpg (15.59 KB, 350x490, sumomo-1226.jpg)

>draw human
>call it a robot


File: 1619246944754.jpg (76.45 KB, 1156x714, 1594526930307.jpg)

Planetarian has one of the few legitimately good robot girls.


File: 1619247265782.jpg (76.24 KB, 640x480, 1617235836747-0.jpg)

I suppose this is /anime/ so complaining about the human face isn't as compelling.


Watch it first. I'm talking about her mannerisms.


Fair call.


File: 1619247437028.jpg (118.46 KB, 600x800, femboy.jpg)

>draw man
>call it a femboy


¿te asustaste anon?


Back in late 2019, a short while after we had all migrated to bunkerchan, we were raided by /monster/ twice, which both times resulted on them failing to get the GETs they wanted.
I remember when one of them had some sort of argument defending capitalism that basically boils down to them basically treating reality as if monster girls exist and they’re demigods and monarchs, and they won’t give up their property without a fight.
But the thing is, they’re not real. It’s almost like the “temporarily embarrassed millionaire” thing but with “smokin’ hot demon babes coming out of portals any day now bro I promise.”
That memory of their pathology sticks with me.


File: 1619322794232.jpg (131.14 KB, 463x337, smug anime girl.jpg)

So you're saying that they unironically, honest to god believed that monster girls (their perfect anime waifu versions and not furries or male) would become real one day and rule our world? You can't be serious.


>he doesn't want monster girls to be real and rule our world
brb going to remake the Roko's basilisk myth but with monster girls and spread it around


Laugh all you want, I'm actually scared shitless of ending up like these people in a decade.


And in their dream monster girl convergence scenario, the monster girls and their world are exactly that of the MGE setting- no, scratch that, their special snowflake more
puritanical headcanon version of the MGE setting. /monster/ doesn’t care about any other monster girl media, and they are actually considerably more puritanical than KC’s own canon. MGE may be the wholesome hugbox of monster girl settings, but it’s still pretty /d/, with canon bestiality potions and tentacle rape forests, among other things.
ngl monster girls becoming real would be pretty cool, i wouldn’t have any preconceived notions they would be perfect tradwaifus
If such a thing happened and they just so happened to be the same species as in MGE, I’d want to shack up with an apophis and larp as 70s spy movie villains.


File: 1619387538456.jpg (194.86 KB, 783x618, Man made horros.jpg)


lol MGE

The races as characters of the setting used to have a bit of diversity in their demeanor, in their appeal. Not every girl was for everyone, different tastes.
And then EVERY girl had to be a submissive moeblob, EVERY girl had to mold herself to you, the races as characters stopped having their own distinguishing traits.
It got noticeably more boring and unappealing really quickly because a setting which used to present a bit of dimension to its characters became utterly flat.
It reached that Uncanny Valley territory where it is repulsive because it is so brainlessly "perfect". The races as characters lose all appeal when they're just empty blank extensions of you.

>they will always love you but they can still be tsunderey or moody if that's your thing

>and femdom you but only gently if that's your thing
>but then you'll get empowered/corrupted and turn the tables too if that's your thing
>and they will be only for you but then you can do a harem if that's your thing
At that point, why bother writing anything?
You may as well just leave a blank page and say "The story and her traits are whatever you want them to be". And that'd be preferable because the designs are really good, it's all the text that's shit.

Despite MGQ world being not designed as a utopia it manages to have far more people wanting to be reincarnated there despite the danger that comes with it, why do you think that is? Because trtr (and friends) fetishes aren't the end all be all there. You can pretty much do you anything you want, but with added bonus of probably getting a monster wife. However with MGE corruption is the endgame, and there's not much you can do about it. Unlike KC Trtr tried to make a living, breathing world before appealing to his fetishes.

The thing is no one would complain if MGE at least passed even one level of scrutiny and was at least on the surface a happy wonderland for femdom fetishists, but unless you literally just consume without thinking the universe is bleak as fuck in all respects despite KC intentionally trying to make it a hugbox. It's like if someone told you to live in a nice glass dome with supplies/entertainment/amenities and called it your safe space, but you noticed the dome was on a collision course with the sun in a few months.

This hugbox tendency explains why the /jp/ general and /monster/ are filled with retards that sperg out at the slightest deviancy from their norm: human girls, furries, monster boys, whatever fetish they don't have and find disgusting despite themselves having a bunch of weird fetishes to the eyes of the average person. Monster girl threads on /v/ and /vg/ are a bit less spergy because they're interested in other IPs like MGQ. /tg/ is probably the most civilized because that board in general is all around better and less stupid I guess.

Sorry for the rant.


yup,some even went so far as advocating for ethnostates each girl "belonged" to,and since a lot were /pol/fags,they started posting chimp pics at every dark skinned monster girl like anubis and hellhound and derailed threads.
It was crazy.
>MGE may be the wholesome hugbox
We probably didn't read the same thing,the place is absolutely god awful and going outside of a town would mean you get killed or raped (or vored) in less than a week,or you become a husband (and I hope you aren't a woman,because you're pretty much fucked).


File: 1619507088331.jpg (91.96 KB, 341x353, 1619488849144.jpg)

>draw a girl
>call it a boy
>NOW it's art


So true!!


File: 1619636434409.png (203.77 KB, 334x380, convoluted.png)

>trying to jack it to monstergirl fic
>there's some sort of human anti-mg organization called "order"
>spend way too many paragraphs about how human women are assholes
>especially the ones belonging to this organization
>two whole paragraphs about how loyal they are unlike those pesky human women
>getting to the good bits
>boom, more mge loredump out of nowhere
>main man can't even leave the house because then he could be claimed by other monstergirls or something
<exposition is so retarded my boner is dead at this point
Jesus christ you were right
And yes I interrupted my fap session just to come here to post this


tbh I can enjoy ManyEyedHydra’s stories- they cross over with horror elements


File: 1622416035675.png (2.02 MB, 1920x1080, 1622415094367.png)

>draw wyvern
>call it a dragon


I would have sex with this thing


Ironically this shit was so annoying that /chaos/ got created just so people could get away from these hypocritical purists. Sadly it died with 8ch, August 2019. RIP. https://web.archive.org/web/20190803152629/https://8ch.net/chaos/index.html


This ought to be the monster girls thread TBH.

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