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What do you think of one piece?


Its ok but bloated as fuck the ending will probbably suck ass


it's the training wheels for reading HxH


File: 1620614027866.jpeg (104.69 KB, 1024x404, main-qimg-77a86f7f0da292b….jpeg)

Quickly collapsed after the Enies Lobby arc, Oda should had finished it sooner. Also, picrelated atrocity shows he's got braindamaged for working so much.




It's good, great world building, but bloat. I think it's safe to say that: Thrillar Bark, fishman island (alternatively could've been shortened to be fair), and half of dress rosa (why was there a tournament arc in it?) were mistakes that should've had its moments in other arcs. Except recruiting Brook, never should've happened since it's obvious that Oda's been struggling with juggling all the members. (Honestly could've cut Franky and instead made him teach one of the members how to fix ships or maybe make Robin stick to the sidelines).

It's also funny how we're like 4-5 years left with the story and the only thing that interest me is the idea of the anime being redone (which will never happen but let a man cope)

I'm going to kick your ass if I catch up to Hunter x Hunter and the rest of the arcs are the same quality as the: Game arc, Saving Killua Arc, and Heaven Arenas arc.


The change in character design is insane


File: 1620649484216.jpg (896.42 KB, 3104x1700, A guide to hxh.jpg)



So is the DB is the true manga of the working class.
Approachable and appreciated by all.


lmao,hajime no ippo is a seinen now too ?
It's mostly a shounen but some chapters ask you to not drool over the paper,come on.Also
>contemporary when all of those are 30 years old at least
Damn,shit's old.
Putting high school DxD in there is also pretty funny.
Great pic.


It’s the best shounen manga imo


Of course it is. Captain Tsubasa too.


>some chapters ask you to not drool over the paper
JoJo is not only squarely shounen, it's some of the most idiotic shounen out there.


Maybe the earlier parts, but part 6 onwards it becomes more of a seinen


It's still idiotic though


>jojo is idiotic
Okay uygha, and?

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