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Is Noralities Correct in every possible way about anime or will this board defend loli dragons ?


Depends on what you mean by loli dragons


I'm TIRED of pseuds whining about cliches and tropes


His avatar is really cute, I'm gonna watch his videos


File: 1620703177850.jpg (153.49 KB, 1008x1500, E0jiDo9VEAIlH47.jpg)

idgaf I just like huge tits on smol frames
even better if they have some plushness
i will never get a shortstack gf because of my borderline ASD relationship/hookup skills haha ;_;


I just searched her I thought it was a he name on YouTube and most of the results are calling her out for hypocrisy lol


Why would they need defending? They are just some drawings, they won't get offended by the opinion of some rando.




Yes, but she should practice what she preaches.


ehh its not really the same thing soft gay porn is OKAY bc its not coded like theyre "LITERAL CHILDREN" as she puts it in the dragon maid video i think all of this


is some pretty shallow thing to be preachy about yes men are terrible okay fine great it's whatever my point is

Lolis = not okay
dudes bein dudes with each other = okay
girls who are 14-16 being treated like women that are 18+ if they are coded as 18 plus = okay

the one thing i think she is hypocritical about is the disgust which she flings at MHA fans for "sexualizing the female cast OF LITERAL CHILDREN"

and then she proceeds to have softcore yaoi of male characters thus elicting groans from the audience


File: 1620764952063.png (156.68 KB, 306x372, 1616030893439.png)

Disregarding whether he's right or not, do we really need a whole thread dedicated to some youtuber lol


I am happy about every new thread


Quality over quantity. This isn't /b/.


anitubers are an important part of the anime watcher's experience and YES we do need a thread about her isolated from others bc she can elict quite a response (as im sure anyone who is looking up her videos now is)

I'll post her videos i mentioned in the op





Idk she seems way to radlibby for me


why should I care?


Of course she is (she likes shota after all) but her points and drama are interesting, from what I've seen


There is already a thread for these streamers and for shota?


OP, stop shilling your shit.


My only problem with 1000 year old loli dragons is when they act like actual children despite being old as fuck, doesn't make any sense. Otherwise it's cool.


Idk what the lifespan of dragons is but if they get really old a 1000 year old dragon could still be a child


hooge tiddies > moral relativism


They would be a child by dragon standards but there's no way a being that has 1000 years of experience and knowledge act exactly like a human grade schooler.

Why would dragons even have titties, they come from eggs.


Why is everyone such a killjoy all the time?
I don't give a fuck.


then don't bump it




good take


I'm glad if I could kill your joy pedo


Noralities is extremely hypocritical, I don't want to be bitched and whined at by someone who does what she rails up against.


ITT seething pedos


she literally jills out to shota porn you moron.


>omg have you heard about what this youtuber jacks off to?
This thread just keeps getting worse.


Those who didn't know about her searched her name on YouTube and the first results they got were videos criticizing her for her hypocrisy. One of the reasons she's a hypocrite is that she hates lolis so much that she calls older characters who act childish lolis, but as you learn in any of those rant videos, she likes shotacon and sexualizing underage characters.


Sounds interesting. Why is this thread still up?


File: 1621169138851.png (184.96 KB, 653x266, Egg_Laying_Mammals.png)

>Why would dragons even have titties, they come from eggs.
There are mammals that lay eggs


Why shouldnt it be threads dont really get deleted here


but dragons aren't mammals


If they have tiddies wouldnt they have to be mammals?


>If they have tiddies wouldnt they have to be mammals?
We'd need to consult the experts, scalies.


Dragons have titties because they can, you can’t tell a dragon what it can or cannot do.freudFreud

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