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File: 1622868090890.png (754.32 KB, 787x787, 1622862837355.png)


How many times has he warned The World about this already…?


omg based jappo fighting le globohomo based based based based long live the empire


Wasn't there recently a sort of campaign on Japanese Twitter against American liberals who accuse Japanese artists of whitewashing?


That "campaign" was literally started by American neocon otaku.


Fuck anime and I hope it becomes the cesspool of self insertion that marvel became


File: 1622870643553.jpg (675.04 KB, 1909x1998, 1616673822704.jpg)

If you mean this garbage it was made by gringos trying to get japs riled up against le sjws LMAO

>conservative furries
This is the actual clown world


Who are you Quoting


Honest question: do you think being against flamboyancy = conservatism


>unlike those homo weirdos I'm not horny or crave dicks, I'm a Respectable Gay Person, please accept me
Oversocialized nerds are truly pitiful.


File: 1622870858375.gif (6.36 KB, 85x115, 762404775223492608.gif)

Would be pretty cartoonish if there wasn't a pandemic of people making being gay their entire personality


Insecure internet nerds are always saying people doing things they don't like is "turning it into their whole personalities".


getting mad that others are horny is pretty conservative, yea

>inb4 b-b-but they do it too much, it makes us look bad!


File: 1622871093808.gif (674.85 KB, 1000x793, 1610048306078.gif)

>Put flag + avatar in profile pic
>Go to their feed / search their posts
>A fourth of their daily posts is hornyposting
>cocks it's their most talked about subject
Pick any discord server, it's not like it's a niche thing


>omg can you believe these people are horny? how dare they!
you dropped your flagchristian_communismChristian Communism



They do make you look bad (which is why GET and NSFW stuff got hidden in bunkerchan)

Not an argument


>They do make you look bad
if youre a sad fuck who cares too much about what conservatives think of them, sure


>weeaboo furfag
>oversocialized wreck
>neocon talking points
>random images to get (You)s more easily
yep, its 4cuck time


Most people cares about how they reflect on other people or what they think of them, even horny people
Ask any transperson

>oversocialized wreck
Not a real thing, whatever you think that even is


>oversocialization isn't a thing
Real pseud hours. I bet ya think Kaczynski invented the term.


Explain with your own words then


stop responding to obvious bait you idiots


Oh, thanks, I didn't know. I knew something was fishy.


no u

>Japanese Twitter becoming idpol jizzer


File: 1622942122805.mp4 (7.17 MB, 640x360, friends_Trim.mp4)

>not being horny all the time and in public is conservative
Who would have guessed I'd wind up being "conservative" for believing in some form of public decorum. I'm not sure if it's the "slippery slope", because the "left" in the West has been primarily a movement of bohemians for decades now at the least. Its pretty predictable that bohemians would just push even harder for their lifestyle bullshit and start calling non-bohemians "conservatives".




Nobody is "pushing" anything onto you, you retarded normalfag, they're calling you a conservatard for whining about people who are too horny for you.
I guess you had to fit the conservacuck image perfectly and also had to act out your victim complex just like all other neocons do.
sage for not even being the topic of the thread.


people confusing traditionalism with conservatism itt

as an example: I'm pro-whatever, including consenting people fucking each other as they want to, supporting feminism (as in "not discriminating and not shoveling women into specific roles"), trans, nonbi's – you name it

at the same time, I'm not happy with the sex-, consumption- and pleasure-obsessed globalist culture, making a brand out of yourself and >>7980 this kind of bourgeois degeneracy (yes, I know this word is overused by fash)


Hedonism rules.


>Brining horniness and lifestyle bullshit into the public square
<bwah I'm not pushing anything
If, for instance, you live in a society where religion is regarded as a purely private matter to be kept at home or in the church, being very overtly and obnoxiously religious in the public square and encouraging others to do the same is, in fact, pushing your religion on people within the context of this society.

Good fences make good neighbors. Certain things should be kept private and not brought out into public.

This is only "conservative" in the sense that it's non-bohemian, and the left in Western countries is a movement of bohemians rather than a movement of workers, so anything that isn't bohemian or is opposed to bohemianism is painted as "conservative".


>Bringing horniness into the public square
Do you also whine when people passionately kiss in public?

>Bringing lifestyle bullshit into the public square

Literally everyone does this, unless by "lifestyle bullshit" you mean "things that offend my Christian sensitivities".



>Do you also whine when people passionately kiss in public?
Well, yes, people should avoid public displays of affection if they can, but generally romantic love isn't obscene in the same way lust is. Two people caught up in romantic passion suddenly making out in public is infinitely more acceptable than them stripping off their clothes and fucking in the middle of the street.

>Literally everyone does this, unless by "lifestyle bullshit" you mean "things that offend my Christian sensitivities".

No they don't. Everyone wears a mask of decorum in public, it's only bohemian dipshits like you who want to throw off the mask and be unhinged in public. As I just pointed out, being overtly religious in public within the context of a secular society is boorish.

If you walk around half-naked in public with fucking dildos strapped to you and you walk across a street preacher with a big absurd sign screaming that everyone that walks past him is destined for hellfire, know that you're simply looking at a mirror image of yourself.


>people should avoid public displays of affection if they can
im so glad im not an oversocialized neurotic like this closeted conservacuck, your life sounds miserable


lol holy shit dude. Worst part is I used to think like this.


File: 1623127543257.png (352.23 KB, 1000x523, ClipboardImage.png)


what absolutely zero pussy and romantic affection does to a mf


The white savior complexalbaniaAlbania


File: 1623633002977.png (273.85 KB, 508x545, E3ufp3MXIAAUygw.png)


>waaaaah, I wanna be an annoying faggot, don't call me out!

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