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Anybody know any good cutesy Yaoi manga/anime?
I've watched the stock standard Doukyuusei and Yuri on Ice, but apart from that, I don't know of anything good.

Also, general SFW Yaoi thread.


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I just read Ganbare! Nakamura-kun!! I enjoyed the 80s aesthetic


I'll take a look at this as soon as I can, for sure!


Look up shounen ai. Personally, I really like this one manga called "How to Make a 'Girl' Fall in Love" (https://mangadex.org/title/31395/how-to-make-a-girl-fall-in-love), but the chapters are a little scant and it essentially functions as a straight romcom.
If that suggestions disappoints you a bit, then I suggest Given (ギヴン); both the anime and manga.


Just completed this and chapter 1 of the Motto Ganbare
Any other manga like this? Especially in a similar art-style?


>Anybody know any good cutesy Yaoi manga/anime?
I never watched it but I remember No. 6 being very popular when it came out. Judging by some reviews though, the story is not very well executed. The main characters only ever kiss twice; I'm supposing that's what you meant by cutesy.

The first yaoi anime (iirc) is Kaze to Ki no Uta (1 OVA) which came out in the 80s. I don't know how softcore it is though, I never watched it either, but the style looks very nice. It's adapted from a manga.

Another anime that's very softcore (only 1 kiss) is the DRAMAtical Murder adaptation. I did watch the anime but I never read the VN (which, being a Nitro+CHiRAL title, has quite harcore stuff in it). According to people who did, the anime is a step-up from the source material in terms of plot execution. I really liked it, nice aesthetics, absolutely awesome soundtrack, hilarious rushed 3rd episode that made the studio apologize and re-release a fixed version. Apparently there's a bonus episode which is a compilation of the bad endings in anime form, but I've just found out about that so I can't give an opinion.

Likewise, there's a Togainu no Chi series but it's the opposite of DMMD (according to those who read the VN), it's apparently so bad that fans deny its existence.

I prefer to use the term BL in general, and Yaoi sometimes. "Shonen ai" has a different meaning in Japan (romance between underage boys) and in the West (any form of yaoi that doesn't have sex), so I don't tend to use that term. Because of this, I get confused sometimes. I'd recommend some yaoi that's more explicit than what I've already talked about, but I don't know if anyone's interested.


I watched No. 6 and it was pretty damn good. It's essentially the only yaoi anime I've ever watched, but the story hooked me and has opened me up to watching more yaoi in the future. Great setting, cool drama, and there's the humor of the main character casually dumping his slutty smart childhood friend who loves him after she kisses him in the 2nd episode for the the aloof gay guy. It also has the leftist theme of a dystopia with serious inequality, and the need to tear down the Berlin wall and destroy the system.




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I personally hate 90% of yaoi
1) Because I'm not gay
2) Because most writers make it the most contrived fujoshi shite ever
3) Because its always done obscenely

All that said an interesting doujin is Victory by Ellen Chain for One Punch Man, depicting Genos and Speed o' Sound Sonic


Bump thread


If you don't post content, don't fucking bump. That's called necroing, faggot



Bump the thread.




File: 1626848745507-1.jpg (1.63 MB, 2036x3051, idpol.jpg)

While I personally dislike yaoi content as it's not to my taste (and attracts fujoshits), the concept itself is not that big a deal because in the end it's never used to push ideology or some other garbage, unlike Western comics and media which exploit such stuff. It's just aoftcore (or hardcore) erotica with a simple romance plot between 2 men, not some sort of virtue-signal.

Western comics can't seem to shut up about gays and society, even though literally nobody but a small, always existing minority of people are openly attacking them. The constant pride flags all over the place and corporate shilling and stuff like changing a banner on a subreddit is all so fake and literally gay, as is the entire concept of a "pride month". Note that this is only for Capitalist Western countries, and this started in the USA, The place this whole hullabaloo started. This gay pride, is inane idpol, because it's the same as being proud you're white or of a certain nationality - if your identity is built on superficial things like who you fuck and what skin color you are, you're essentially a shallow NPC because this whole pride thing is just a mess of ideology. It's intentionally dehumanizing because it encourages people to have samefaced personalities and not disrupt the porky status quo. Anyone who speaks out against this is immediately a homophobe, even other gay people who 'dare' to point this out.

So what does this have to do with Yaoi? The fact that Yaoi stuff doesn't promote this, the content does not define the characters involved nor is it some shallow, misplaced source of pride or ideological basis.

A good example of stuff that inspires Yaoi is the Western interpretation of Sasuke and Naruto - the two are often paired in stories due to the latter's obsessive behavior, even though that was a hyperbole of the author to emphasize how much Naruto values his bonds and friendships, which is the Japanese POV, but I digress - this fact of course encourages yaoi pairings of the characters, however while doujins and memes tend to make it short and sweet (or humorous) and not exploitative, Western authors, (like in fanfiction) tend to dramatize it into a mix between a disturbing cocklust and a bad Indian Soap Opera. But because people fear being called out as "homophobes" for pointing out how blatantly idpoled the content may be, they stay silent.

An example would be the rainbow flare on the r/NarutoFanfiction subreddit. A recent thread had a user question why the banner remained up when June was long over - the response was 1 'queer' "author" immediately screaming homophobe and being aggressive, and the rest of the commentators being apologetic and making sure to say that they think "pride is good" because otherwise they'd get screamed at for being homophobic too. It's pathetic.

TL;DR: Gay pride is exploitative of gays and teaches people to dehumanize themselves to having shallow personalities and fear to speak their concerns to others. Gay relationships = a personality and shouldn't be ideologically exploited.

PS On the subject of gay fanfiction shite, one of the perfect shoe-ins for a gay relationship for Naruto is Haku, however outside of maybe 2-3 unfinished fics, HakuNaru content tends to be abusive and downright fucked up, all while written by openly gay "authors".


>A recent thread
Thread in question. Mods essentially are continuing to keep it up to "spite" haters, even though frankly I side with people who don't like this corporate pandering. Mods locked the thread.


>The fact that Yaoi stuff doesn't promote this
But it does a lot of the time, just in a different way, like "we're both boys and love/fuck each other but according to our homophobic society we shouldn't be together :("
Of course this isn't nearly as bad as it is in the West but still


I'll take that over spammed "It's ok to be gay GAY GAY GAY GAY AND IF YOU"RE NOT YOU"RE A NAZIIIII!"
type shit you see in Western Comics.


> Gay relationships = a personality
I meant to post =/=


>>4330 Beastars


File: 1634525045279.mp4 (3.91 MB, 1280x720, 1624036761649.mp4)

I'm not a fujoshit, BUT
KawoShin is OTP


<preying on the emotionally insecure


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OK then I'll just stick to ItsuKyon.
"Want to sleep on your side" is a lost ItsuKyon doujinshi series that I downloaded in English a long time ago in my teenage years (around 2011), but it's impossible to find online now, because the scanlator's Livejournal (Ebil Trio) is gone. Such a shame, I was waiting for the last chapter to be translated.
And I think I saved it all in a pen drive that I lost somewhere, probably at an internet café. It had all my yaoi in it. And I still wonder what reaction the person who found it had when they took a look at the contents, lol.


yaoi? that's gay


What's more straight than sexualizing one person of the opposite sex? Sexualizing two of them, of course.


I've searched for good yaoi, but something about it always seems off. The art usually. I haven't seriously read any Yaoi.


What do you mean by "off"? And do you mean recent yaoi? Because it definitely used to have a pretty shitty style pre-2010 lol

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