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Have you ever noticed that a large portion of anime and manga expresses the desire to escape from the monotony of late capitalism in Japan? There's a prevalence of scenarios in seinen (young adult / 20-50s~) media which protagonists are taken in by loving females. As well as a bulk of romcoms to support Japan's large population of "herbivore males" (men uninterested in relationships.)
Anime was a different medium during the Japanese economic boom, then shifted into a much more niche market in correlation to Japan's long economic recession. I would argue there's a continuity in the fanbase in spite of anime's reorientation. It's simply that the demographic which supports has gone through a visible degeneration as the economy has degenerated. I would make no fault of "otakus" for being the way they are and the media they eat up, but rather the stifling corporate climate. Japan is perhaps worse than the US than in working conditions.


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Here is a discussion the members of /leftytrash/ had concerning this recently.


I'm the original poster seen here.

I find this topic fascinating because to me anime acts as a microcosm of art and entertainment as industries in the post-modern era.
Which is to say, the brutal nature of both worker and customer exploitation in said industries provide us a window into sheer contempt capitalism has for all but profit in a manner so direct that no-one can deny it without being total class-traitors.


On funding, I would like to add that the 80s-to-early-90s saw the boom of consumer funded OVAs in conjunction to the home media market. It's a little off to say that anime in that era mostly profited off of merchandising; although that's a big part to this day; because direct copy sales funded risk-taking animations without any brands to fall back on.
Anime is just pure speculation at this point. Anime becomes brands to be capitalised off of through the calculation of production committees. It's a stark example of superexploitation. Bleeding every last drop off of profit.


Some anime may have Catharsis in them, but TBH I find the Catharsis I get from anime/manga to be a bigger concern.


And yet right-wing anime/manga fans (West and East) are way too prominent.


Japan is a corporate hellhole and salarymen cling to slice of boring trash like the manga you posted. This is not a recent phenomenon.


Thanks for saving this

Because right-wong shit is prominent in the themes of many anime. Also waifuism.


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[Beatrice] Daishizen no Majuu Bagi
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>Literal catgirls
Oh boy…



but really it's actully pretty good anime OVA. pretty sad


A lot of cyberpunk anime like Alita Battle Angel bring me a sense of Catharsis, as it depicts depressing stuff but also hope and deep meanings.

I also found catharsis, in Naruto , in the moments like Naruto's fight with Pain-Nagato and his fight with Gaara, and even more his fight of ideologies with Obito.


Escapism is a problem in capitalism, for the Japanese it is anime, for burgers its Capeshit.

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