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thoughts on this manga? i watched the anime and am a fan of the artstyle.

i watched a video summary and spoilers the story is basically these magic users who live in a separate dimension abuse the human dimension and have contributed greatly to humanity living in poverty and suffering and regular genocide for "testing" of their scientific powers. from what i understand, the power relations are that the wizards are colonizers except they do it for fun and pleasure. basically the main character discovers his past and has multiple personalities and finds out that one of his personalities has materialized from the hatred of the humans towards the sorcerers from the past. the final battle ensues and the protagonist comes to the conclusion that the final enemy has turned into the exact same as their oppressors. For some reason, this ending, if it was described correctly as the video summary was rushed, really pisses me off. the wizards are the clear scumbags and abusers, and despite being walled off into a caste society, the entirety of the society is complicit and participates in abusing the human dimension. the final antagonist spoilers:which represents the rage of humanity wants to genocide the sorcerers but is stopped and the moral message seems to be that when you overthrow your oppressors you will probably turn into them and that your oppressors are humans too that you can get along with. of course, the protagonist was invested in defeating the final antagonist because their best friend, who was in the human dimension and helped him kill the genocidal sorcerers, would also be targeted indiscriminately, but the ending reeks of dont kill your rulers because there might be a chance you kill a good one, aka dont start a revolution.

idk, im just angry, but is the manga worth checking out and reading in its entirety? i only read some of the manga and watched the anime, and i would be disappointed if this is the logical conclusion of the manga. Is there more nuance and awareness of this? it seems in the ending, the power balance remains and nothing fundamentally changes. ill probably still read it because i like the artstyle, but I wish there was less of these apologia for "both sides" just because we got to know the characters of the oppressors.


oops forgot manga name. name is dorohedoro


I liked it, but it dragged for too long due the fact that it changed publication twice. Almost every character is a cunt to some degree: Kaiman is a cunt for murdering or attempting to murder random wizards just to found out about his real identify, wizards are absolute cunts for treating humans like guinea pigs and for almost genociding them. Hell, they even mistreat their own: En was a slave milked for smoke, the Cross Eyes are wizards without powers and so on. The Devils…Well, they're demons and do whatever the fuck they want. Maybe the only good people are the doctor who helps victims of magic in Hole and Ebisu, who's just a traumatized kid. Nikaido is the only wizard who's genuinely distressed that her race treats humans like shit, it makes you think that maybe Chidaruma was right in using Hole to genocide magic users.


I’ll probably start reading it then but I agree. Hole was the epitome of Justice


Ebisu experimented on people like any other magician and the doctor is pretty amoral, his interest in medicine and surgery is pretty much limited to only his interest in those subjects. It's just that he helps people for what I assume to be for free, so I guess that he is good-ish in that sense.


> Kaiman is a cunt for murdering or attempting to murder random wizards just to found out about his real identify,
Given the context OP gave this seems based.


>Ebisu experimented on people like any other magician
To be honest, I don't recall the circumstances of her transforming Kaiman into a lizard, I only remember that she made money by selling her smoke at high prices. But then after she gets her face torn off by Kaiman she doesn't do anything evil.


Like that anon said it drags on a bit later on and the conclusion and final message are kinda mehhh but it's still really fucking fun, so I recommend reading it. The characters are the best part of this manga.


File: 1629689926368.jpg (496.79 KB, 1446x2048, EwCcJ3DUUAUlwAP.jpg)

I really liked the manga up until Kaiman becomes like 5 different people and as others have said it meanders a lot until that point and the conclusion leaves much to be desired. Regardless, I still think it's worth a read for all the fun and insane bits a plot summary leaves out.


>thoughts on this manga
Pretty creative but not my cup of tea


File: 1646038004729.png (919.43 KB, 947x651, ClipboardImage.png)

anyways how you fags liking dai dark


File: 1647051223177.png (3.4 MB, 1115x1600, ClipboardImage.png)

I like it but its still in the baby steps of the story. We haven't seen too much of the Solar Mass and I hope the only character that can actually put up a fight against the protagonists isn't just that kamen rider dude.

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