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About to finish AoT. Never been sensitive but felt disgusted watching this. What started as good horror turn out to be hilarious nazi apology and rightoid wet dream. Whole show is about genetically different race of super warriors who's being hated by whole world for being too cool and powerful. Which is obvious allegories for Japan Empire and somewhat Nazi Germany. So this race is so baddass it even conceded out of mercy after conquering other races. And other races are so weak they had to use those super people for their wars. What in real life is persecution for war crimes, here is portrayed as blind and wrong discrimination, even tho crimes are not denied. By the end plot comes down to whitewashing literal nationalism. Can't believe this got so much praise.


Jazz isn't the only fascist genre in entertainment.


I hate an*me. Except for hentai.


That's weird.


Well, this one is fascist propaganda that's got super popular and went unnoticed.


>it's bad when bad thing is portrayed in art
no you sperg. stop thinking like a fucking burger.


Based. Anime is fascist, even when it’s done “ironically”.
>the story where the only solution that led to peace is complete racial genocide of one side is not fascist
<even when it makes literally no sense
Yup in order to protect a few millions fashoid cunts that are my friends is should stomp the entire world protagonist is totally not a liberal wetdream.


It's not just "portrayed". Did you even read the manga?


kinda funny how people were saying it glorified fascism for awhile and the common dense until relatively recently was that i was supposed to be a critique of it


Stop reading anime and getting upset over fictional stories, incel.


Stopped reading it past the point that they defeated that bigfoot looking Titan.
Story kind of started to drag.
When does all the fascist stuff happen?




I have to ask, is it so hard to use catalog? The thread isn't even inactive FFS >>6734 Please repost there and delete this.

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