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File: 1613702709705.png (129.11 KB, 1200x300, Personal is Political_1.png)


The transition from one age to the next is exciting and eventful. But it is also a source of great worry; people not ready to accept the new ways are feeling left out and threatened. We understand that, and you have some questions; I will start with the basic ones.

> What about the economy?

The old model is no longer fit for purpose; it will only worsen if we try to prop it up. A certain level of control is needed. Otherwise, demand will outstrip supply and very quickly. In the short term, so long as that's not food or energy, it won't present a problem. But long term issues will emerge and raise their ugly head. Long term means more of the same, a society with some haves and many have not's. The people with the most money will own everything, and the people with very little will own nothing, that could result in a societal collapse.

So there is a strong will to prevent such a thing from happening; most people are still very far away from the targeted evolutionary path; our path must be spiritual to avoid repeating our past.

> So how do I get a job?

In the old system, you have to be there on time; your face had to fit the job description and depending on your performance, you would get a raise or promotion. The new is similar, but there are many talented people out there; AI can select the perfect college these days, but if you want to wage-slave it, keep applying until the right job finds you. However, machines will replace wage slave jobs; this is a massive step in the right direction; I can hopeful explain why. With wage slave jobs gone, what's left? No matter their ability, every person has a place in this world, and if you're smart ^-^, you already know this. Just try replacing Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movies predator one and terminator movies. You cannot replace that guy because his very character fits it so well; how about Keanu Reeves in the Matrix movies? You cannot replace that guy either due to their personality.

So in the new system, you first have to find yourself; I recommend Eckhart Tolle for self-finding and overall spiritual development and the books he recommends that you should read.

Second, you should ditch everything that is causing your dysfunctional behaviours, such as excessive masturbation. I can tell you I had that problem on and off for many years, and what I noticed is that smoking weed and drinking alcohol goPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1613708098798.mp4 (8.28 MB, 576x576, Martin Cabello (@martincab….mp4)



>confusing suggestibility for the effect of the observer in quantum mechanics
dunning kruger is a hell of a drug


the guy has mental trauma. Not sure how he got it.


>Oh right this what you use to raid /pol/ right?
Every /pol/ schizo that ends up here makes the same claim and yet they never produce any proof that we've raided them or even that there was a raid at all. Is this just a perpetuated belief from the poljak spam in October (which in fact was done by other 4chan users)?


>Then once your T raises,
Testosterone makes people horny in the first place, retard. Fuck off with your meme pseudoscience

File: 1608524693627.jpg (255.41 KB, 1920x1080, 1542751523050.jpg)


>mfw I see a teacher/parent teaching kids how to spell by using names of brands
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Source please, OP. My dick is unbelievably hard


They made a whole [spoiler] 4 minute an episode [/spoiler] anime, my friend


>amerimutt moment


these are used to help autistic children learn the alphabet


File: 1613781554213.jpg (22.08 KB, 575x356, Ironic.jpg)

File: 1613754084683.jpg (24.04 KB, 647x340, 8484djpa45.jpg)


I think you are all pretty cool. :)




File: 1613755981397.gif (41.27 KB, 220x292, shy.gif)

T-t-thanks OP


I don't think I'm very cool, anon :/


Oh I wish I were so I could kick some ass


Ily too

File: 1613697918249-0.jpg (125.15 KB, 400x560, Harold_Holt_1964.jpg)

File: 1613697918249-1.jpg (82.78 KB, 325x458, harold-holt-flippers.jpg)

File: 1613697918249-2.jpg (799.02 KB, 2982x2982, HaroldHolt-56a48db23df78cf….jpg)


"our investigation has led to a dead halt"
What happened?


I'm not saying it was aliens, but…

File: 1613409898972.jpg (133.23 KB, 828x815, 1613409873465.jpg)


Reveal your power level
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File: 1613669480043.jpg (68.82 KB, 526x526, 657856765412.jpg)



Replace mental health with sex having


That's how you know a fat chick made it.


File: 1613709300366.jpg (485.09 KB, 1078x817, Screenshot_20210213-084836….jpg)

there's already sexuality on it


Finally a good fucking meme.
It's from twitter, innit?

File: 1613709282321.jpg (31.52 KB, 493x335, dementia.jpg)


Leftism is dead and every single one of you killed it. Tankies killed it. Third Worldists killed it. Maoists especially killed it and enabled people like Pol Pot. The more time you retarded faggots sit around jerking yourselves off about the soviet union or china, the more leftism dies as something to be desired by the average person. At this point I'm almost convinced we deserve fascism because you fuckwads can't provide any alternative.
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I figured. Honest to god, there's valid criticism of ML theory and praxis, but what a lot of people like OP don't understand is that owing to the basis of it being a socialist form of theory, it isn't static, and can evolve.

Say what you will about Paul Cockshott, but at least he's making an effort to somewhat evolve ML theory from its 20th century trappings.


File: 1614652480196.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 222.37 KB, 1000x773, 4FC54EBA-AD56-4E29-B7BD-7….jpeg)

Anarchists be like:


As a leftcom, I see you all as rightoids who don't actually care about commuinsm as a concept, and instead participate in "commie aesthetics", which is actually just Capitalist symbolism with extra steps.

Op does have a point (at least until the dumbfuck started thinking fascism is in anyway acceptable).
You fuckers do everything in your power to make the left look as bad as possible.

Also, why the fuck are you marxist Leninist when neither marx nor Lenin created the ideology.
Why not just read fucking marx?


>don't actually care about commuinsm as a concept, and instead participate in "commie aesthetics"
>You fuckers do everything in your power to make the left look as bad as possible.

Notice something?


That there are too many glowies running about?

File: 1613468368104.jpg (205.2 KB, 1920x800, schizancom.jpg)


/leftypol/, like right-wing groups, should embrace schizoposters. Having schizophrenia is a vital part of peak praxis.


hell yeah, pimp


File: 1613485475389.jpg (68.49 KB, 634x1127, sleepyhunter.jpg)

Hell yeah king


>Having schizophrenia is a vital part of peak praxis.
yes but only in burgerland


File: 1613707578818.jpg (151.24 KB, 960x640, 213123.jpg)


File: 1613672412308.png (308.91 KB, 443x471, BJG.png)


Would you?

and what her rating /10 ?
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those are some ugly fucking legs, so yes


File: 1613677459667.gif (494.89 KB, 840x600, 1613315075.gif)

I challenge him to do deadlift and pick his girl up and walk away as he grows brown tail ez


>She’s dating an asian guy
Just began for ricecels


Am I the only one that reads up on those media figures on Wikipedia and once they all turn out to be some kind of Ivy League lawyer I feel reminded of how much of a loser and failure I am?


naw thats normal. there's an elite university to media/thinktank/politics job pipeline.

File: 1613504589533-0.png (1.26 MB, 1024x513, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1613504589533-1.png (1.85 MB, 1024x683, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1613504589533-2.png (1 MB, 600x997, feeduspoison.png)


Alright, comrades. We haven't had a thread like this in a long time. It's about time we create another one of these.
Post pictures/videos about trains here.
To start, here are some images of Soviet Maglev experiments.
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File: 1613553775034.jpg (883.39 KB, 824x549, snowpiercer.jpg)

<give me socialist revolution>
<give me giant train>
aaaaaaah, imma COOOOOM


When EVs come into the 3rd pic it's specifically referring to Musk's retarded car based mass transit system for Las Vegas, not cars in general. (Cars in general being the problem that initiated Musk's "solution" by causing so much traffic.)
What he's built is basically a railway loop line with self driving cars instead of trains.


File: 1613572565334.png (261.02 KB, 309x489, IMG_2733.PNG)

>tfw I will always be a burger


File: 1613615043342.webm (9.93 MB, 720x544, stalinexpress.webm)

Forgot to post this gem


stalin himself blessed us all with this webm, it sounds great, looks great, it even loops almost perfectly

File: 1608525160291.png (14.53 KB, 500x250, the base flag.png)


>Al-Qaeda (/ælˈkaɪdə, ˌælkɑːˈiːdə/; Arabic: ‎ al-Qāʿidah, IPA: [ælqɑːʕɪdɐ], translation: "The Base", "The Foundation", alternatively spelled al-Qaida and al-Qa'ida)
The nazis were socialist, DPRK is democratic and these muslim fellas are based. Any questions?


Islam IS right about women, after all.


What does the quran dictate about thots?


File: 1608525162127.png (89.55 KB, 500x548, cce81a495e0e1210ed1d224197….png)

Thoths-worshipers are pagans and must be stoned.


based, only wallstreet simps mourn for the towers.

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