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"We need an imageboard of action to fight for OC making posters."
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File: 1627562876403.jpg (26.67 KB, 499x481, pepeduh.jpg)


Its leftists, not lefties. Lefties are left handed people, get it right you dumbasses and tell your dumbass friends too.

t. Lefty
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To child porn.


Plato was a broad shouldered wrestler and of course member of the militia.


And Socrates was a soldier who fought in the Peloponnesian war


fuck off and take your mong scissors with you


Piss of righty

File: 1627608762710.jpg (345.34 KB, 1050x700, scary_stories.jpg)


What do I do about the all the dark thoughts in my head. It's not uncommon for me to spontaneously have violent, gross or strange thoughts randomly. I don't think I've acted on a signal on to date. But it'd be nice to have a clear and focused mind. And I'm not sure substances or drugs help. I accidentally got super high recently and the darkness was even more intense.
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Go complain about your intrusive thoughts to a doc and get pills


Ugh, I hate the idea of going to a shrink. Any chance they may prescribe me some xanez or something fun?


There's an article on our wiki for this: https://leftypedia.org/wiki/Health


It's your funeral, but if you have panic attacks, general anxiety disorder or anxiety disorder which could interfere with life situations you need to go through (like at work or school), they might. I doubt they'll like to however and will prescribe something else like an SSRI (which they love to prescribe for OCD and social anxiety) if you seem after just the pills.

I got serax once because our class had a field trip and an anxiety attack during the trip coulda been a nightmare not just for me but everyone else involved. Needless to say, I popped them with booze during the boat ride there.


File: 1627653436230.png (114.17 KB, 701x800, Beelzebub.png)

Its beelzebub tempting you with wrath to commit horrifying deeds.

File: 1627316611672.jpg (115.13 KB, 349x349, 20210609_153851.jpg)


I was told to write this down here because i may have stumbled onto a vision of what "work" will look like in the future if capitalism in the west continues on its current course.
>the west, especially america, has thoroughly de-industrialized to the point where the only form of work available in most areas is service work
>sex work has become normalized, but not criticized for being work. things like onlyfans and pornhub have created a generation of youth who see nothing wrong with having sex as a form of work
>already, much of work is based on sex. women often are promoted or receive pay raises because they sucked their manager's dick for it.
>proletarians have metaphorically grown accustomed to "sucking dick" for the bourgeoisie in a similar way, to attempt to climb the social ladder.
>this sexual appeal gives women an inherent advantage over manly men whose only "body-selling capability" is their ability to perform hard labor.
>performing service work is weakening western males, they aren't pressing metal or hammering shit, they're flipping burgers and working a cash register.
What does this all mean?
I propose that capitalism is moving towards normalizing prostitution. Sucking dick will be as much of a valuable skill as teamwork and being able to smile at the customer.
Not only are strong males increasingly becoming unemployed due to their inability to really adapt, but sex performances are providing opportunities that they're unable to take advantage of. Furthermore, effeminate males are much more capable and willing to perform a similar function to women in order to receive a raise.
I believe that capitalism will normalize shit like onlyfans and pornhub. Also, while you're "on the clock", you may be expected to perform sexual services. You're already selling your body for a wage, you're selling your time and your labor, it's not much of a stretch to imagine being forced into prostitution is it?
We're looking at a future where, when you come in for an interview, you'll be expected to suck dick. Also, when you write down your former manager or boss as a referral, your new employer will call him and ask about your "work experience".
>"how was anon at your place?"
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You are a dumbass attention whore thats all.


What's that, gay accelerationism?


uh i don't really get it honestly but i met a transgirl who was one once and i kind of have some peripheral knowledge of what it is


File: 1627651671334.png (97.89 KB, 512x549, ClipboardImage.png)



Turns out the only way out of this is to SEQUESTRATE YOUR BOSS

File: 1627650942721.jpg (100.98 KB, 417x239, Logo_of_Soviet_Republic_Vi….jpg)


Is this game any good?


Ask >>>/games/ I think they had a thread on it


its pretty good but last time i played it still had some bad bugs


File: 1627652826137-0.mp3 (1.08 MB, track1.mp3)

File: 1627652826138-1.mp3 (1.07 MB, track11.mp3)

File: 1627652826138-2.zip (22.86 MB, workers_and_resources_soun….zip)

it's pretty good, but there's no scenarios in it yet. soundtrack is a banger, I took the liberty of creating mp3s and zip attached


Return to God.
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File: 1627623632644.jpg (119.86 KB, 822x508, hell chad.jpg)

>what is universalism
Something most Christians don't believe in


>have infinite power
>allow punishment realm to exist
>allow the guy operating it to operate freely
>uuh but it's not me! I'm simply letting you go there by not kissing my ass hard enough!


>Jesus loves you
The people do not love you.


Because they believe in the Demiurge.


Why even bother replying if you're just repeating what i replied to.

File: 1627638135013.jpg (67.13 KB, 624x352, noam chomsky.jpg)


Karl Marx was Dirtbag-Left.

It's a fact.
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File: 1627646326857.jpg (48.24 KB, 960x810, brainletsmug.jpg)

Karl Marx was Russian


File: 1627646541448.png (29.86 KB, 923x243, ClipboardImage.png)

>Edgar Bauer stumbled over some paving stones. “Hurrah, an idea!” And in memory of mad student pranks he picked up a stone, and Clash! Clatter! a gas lantern went flying into splinters. Nonsense is contagious – Marx and I did not stay behind, and we broke four or five street lamps
Smashies of the world, unite!

>Marx showed an activity that I should not have attributed to him.

I thought that meant Marx mooned a copper, but picrel has a more reasonable interpretation


File: 1627646770266.png (223.95 KB, 400x400, ClipboardImage.png)

>Karl Marx was [p]Russian


Karl Marx was


File: 1627648787144.png (201.37 KB, 474x375, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1627640118562.jpg (104.1 KB, 976x850, Peeps.jpg)


i kind of feel like people here try too hard to come off as clever. It seems like it's a real big issue in the anglosphere for some reason and my intuition says that most other nations don't really have this issue.


Bourgiefied urban intelligentsia culture, everyone is stupid except me.


Yeah it seems as if a lot of American posters here aren't even really stupid or anything, they just try very hard to come off as special snowflakes with their stupid hot takes on everything that comes off as more based on emotion than anything that makes any reasonable sense IMO. I don't really buy into the radlib shit that we're all a bunch of /pol/lacks or whatever but we are kind of full of people who are so full of ego and rank alienation.


>i kind of feel like people here try too hard to come off as clever.
It's good then that cleverness comes completely naturally to me so no tryharding is required on my part


When I do it, it's often satire. Mocking, if you will.

File: 1627398596812-0.jpg (400.23 KB, 1920x1080, siberia-CC0.jpg)

File: 1627398596812-1.jpg (87.78 KB, 480x640, 6e9093e0e01318a8c572d686da….jpg)

File: 1627398596812-2.jpg (74.38 KB, 341x512, unnamed (2).jpg)


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Imagine sticking this shit, worst mods on planet.


based OP
based mod


Those houses look peak comfy


File: 1627639275044.jpg (67.08 KB, 912x1024, gigachad.jpg)

Untsicked, they know whos the boss.


I would leave it stickied but I'm about to declare jihad on hornyposters

File: 1627330279586.png (993.58 KB, 1009x813, 1618617253978.png)


1. Your mother climbs onto the roof at night and dances with stars
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2. Your mother can be found in a jungle


3. Your mother wields rails together (please note that the jokes are posted according to the gmt+2 timezone


4. Your mother bites furniture


5. Your mother barks at trains


88 Lines about 44 Women


File: 1627633397669.png (691.83 KB, 960x872, _zhKabEFLyjFqC26t-Z2kXdfXG….png)


Im writing a script for a comedy movie about red guard autists. Anyone got ideas for what could happen?


Nah. Spend your time doing something more productive than infighting.


they declare a peoples protracted war in the suburbs of Austin

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