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File: 1611354686963.mp4 (3.42 MB, 576x1024, Eddie Liger Smith (@eddiel….mp4)


Post tik toks and tik tokers. Doesn't matter if they're good.

First off, special mention to the GOAT, Eddie Smith.

He's ridiculously normie friendly and simultaneously extremely based. I don't get how he does it, but he does. He's absurdly wholesome as well, so I don't think he browses this god-forsaken forum.

Here's his youtube channel:
And his tik tok:

>inb4 tik tok
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cope and seethe old man


Thanks for making this thread anon I appreciate it. Most of tik tok is shit so it's hard to find good videos on it


You missed the rise and collapse of the internet. There is hardly a shred of evidence that its greatness even existed, save for a few artifacts you wouldn't even know how to interpret.

It is you who must eternally cope.


thanks for the thanks. It took a while to compile and I did it with much love.
point to one you dislike.


who gives a shit at this point dude
old internet humor was pretty damn stupid and simple too

File: 1614775516866.jpg (34.9 KB, 526x547, Anarchy Logo.jpg)


So anarchism is a CIA psyop just like the hippie movement, right?
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Cut off your bits, pseud. You can criticize anarchists for their reluctance to reject liberal narratives, their difficulties in understanding processes and their superstructural (and thus superficial) analysis.

But badjacketing all anarchists is sus as fuck.


an anarchist poached her boyfriend


Topkek. Cuckqueaning for the win.


Well it is an accelerationist at least for this edition of their sectarian bait threads


Anarchism, no. The hippie movement, absolutely.

What is the purpose of this thread other than showing your retardation?

File: 1614722907817-0.jpg (158.33 KB, 1242x1239, Chadler 1.jpg)

File: 1614722907817-1.jpg (43.85 KB, 500x500, t1 big brain.jpg)

File: 1614722907817-2.jpg (19.28 KB, 328x264, T1 chill.jpg)

File: 1614722907817-3.png (222.87 KB, 540x504, t1 real height next to tal….png)


Thread for discussing Tyler1 related content
Previous thread >>1288757


He screams a lot and his gf is too hot for him. What else is there to say?


give pic of gf


who's this cuck, then?

File: 1614744541578.jpg (85.54 KB, 1102x935, nicehoomi.jpg)


leftypol.orgt jannies are trans
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no shit, you need to be mentally ill to moderate an internet imageboard


File: 1614810819132.png (81.91 KB, 898x725, sneed.png)

Im a chaser


Proof? And why is that bad?


i cant have sex with them so who cares


lol it rhymes

File: 1614810273115.png (24.17 KB, 608x329, ClipboardImage.png)


I had a bunch of servers and friends on that account that I am not sure I will be able to find again, I even had nitro. What are the chances that I will be getting the account back?


I would say fat chance tbh. Good luck hunting them all down.




This is why you're supposed to save all your friend's discord tags on a text file.


lmao what'd you do?



File: 1614557828100.png (124.56 KB, 1000x1000, 1601273874522.png)


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>Remember when doomer, boomer, zoomer, and bloomer, were somewhat funny and new?
Um, no.


>tfw ancient enough to remember wojak spamming the that feel face on KC


File: 1614804604680.png (103.5 KB, 555x1027, fun_bear.png)

Fuck the late capitalist wojak internet.
How do we accelerate out of it.


File: 1614809974218.png (64.54 KB, 325x324, no.png)

>funny and new


Browsing or creating sites that have moderators do their jobs in fostering a 'good' community. Treat shitty generic memes exactly like we treat gore posts or furry porn.

File: 1614630321056.jpg (138.25 KB, 860x1214, __iwakura_lain_serial_expe….jpg)


I just feel so lost right now. Almost everybody that I like hates LGBT+ people and all the liberals, neocons and other Atlanticists are wrapping themselves in the rainbow flag. How has it helped LGBT+ people in Russia, who are now villified as pro-NATO agents and sympathizers? Are gay Yemenis supposed the cheer the gay drone pilot that murdered their families? Are trans Venezuelans supposted to cheer now that trans North Americans can join the imperialist military? Is somebody who just got thrown into homelessness by their parents for coming out supposed to feel better that funds that could have been used to build housing for them were plowed into regime change ops and military boondoggles instead? How can they call themselves the "new civil rights movement" but be pro-empire and pro-austerity? I hate them, I hate their "open society" and "liberal democracy", I don't want them on my side and I would thank them by finding a way to stab them in the back.
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File: 1614800365144.jpg (4.33 MB, 2507x2506, 87970228_p0.jpg)

>Liberals are absolute hypocrites, and what's even more disgusting is that if you were to not go along with their charade they'd turn on you faster than any fascist or reactionary.
Or they'll just pretend you don't exist. For all their kvetching about Putin, they don't have a problem with the anti-LGBT sentement in the Ukraine; I guess LGBT+ people in Kiev should be grateful that NATO cares enough to back the Neo-Nazis that assault them. They also never had a problem with Erdogan until he started turning Turkey away from NATO. I certainly don't think the "moderate rebels" they mourn in Syria allowed pride parades in Idlib or Aleppo.
>I think Zionism has also become an identity
It's more like Zionism has been made into an integral part of the Jewish identity.
>they did a video with a Palestinian queer artist – a stateless person – who is waving a Palestinian flag around and singing about how he won't be erased.
I'd like to see it. Anybody know what the song is called?
It wasn't a completely false cause. Married couple have access to certain benefits and rights that civil partnerships lack. Frankly, a better way to do it would be to abolish the distinction between the two, to make "marriage" just a word.


File: 1614800620461.png (241.84 KB, 576x512, Screenshot from 2018-10-01….png)

Or for that matter, housing fit for human habitation.


>It wasn't a completely false cause.
That's true. I agree the real solution is to abolish marriage as an institution. However, the big rally around gay marriage reduced gay rights (and to a degree LGBT rights in general) to that single issue. It ignores things like kids being homeless or workers getting fired over it. I've seen liberals unironically put it like the stuggle for gay people is over because gay marriage is legal now and society can "move on" to the "next" marginalized group (trans people) to give them equality.

>I'd like to see it. Anybody know what the song is called?

I think it's the music video in this post? >>14874




File: 1614809987015.png (3.44 MB, 4961x7016, b065e84a68e399195a49d10b87….png)

Fuck them. My blood is boiling every time i see supportive heteros. I am reduced to card played by both left and right wing politicians to either rally the masses for or against. People think i wanna do their boring straight shit like building a family or being married.
At the other hand, its a playground, by being neither their misconception about homos nor a boring straightie, i can play on expectations, etc.

File: 1614802697897.jpg (11.75 KB, 235x307, c.jpg)




File: 1614805501006.png (206.8 KB, 523x587, chadsuicidevest.png)



File: 1614807068913.png (21.46 KB, 645x973, 6ca.png)

noooo dont do it gigachad

File: 1614803161064.jpg (92.69 KB, 1080x631, Screenshot_20210303-211755….jpg)


How could Musk do this to us?????


>a thread died for this


Imagine being so shit at infrastructure you have to rely on satellites.
What's up burger bros, why can't you just lay some fucking fibers?


They did iirc, but I can't remember what it's called. Clinton started it and after it was finished under Bush they sold it to the military for dirt cheap to let the free market sort it out. I think the Dept. of Defence has it now.


have you seen thunderfoots videos on spaceX? good showing on how its a total scam.

File: 1614516213211.png (39.32 KB, 208x200, 78967.png)


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>I tried to enter that link but it's telling me to install a certificate…
<Chrome has requested a certificate.
Chrome is the name of the browser you use. Chrome is doing this, not the website.


OK, I can enter the site on Firefox (I used to be able to open Bunkerchan.xyz on Chrome mobile just fine though)
I can now see what's wrong with the thread


File: 1614790151585.png (7.86 KB, 328x36, ClipboardImage.png)

someone please kill it for fucks sake.


But being dead is a Bunkerchan tradition since its founding in 2015


File: 1614805067485.png (21.86 KB, 861x331, ClipboardImage.png)

>Meanwhile on .org

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