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Chad Yes.


jannoids move every criticism of haz/infrared to /b/. I'd rather deal with nazbols over at bunkerchan than e-celeb simps here


>jannies are all hazbots
>jannies all hate haz


He's cute

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Are US women snowflakes for being afraid to walk alone at night, or am I just an asshole?
Being a black man walking at night is far more concerning than the insane notion that a rapist will jump out of the bushes - as well as obvious classist overtones.
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File: 1613375372828.jpg (90.65 KB, 645x1000, 1613375358381.jpg)

I'm not. I'm what everyone else is afraid of


I used to be afraid to walk alone at night, but growing old gave me a sinister face so everybody just change sidewalks when I walk the streets. I'm no longer afraid but now i'm sad.


iktf. white women just flinch when they see me nowadays. I hate it.


i walk faster whenever i see another man walking in the same direction as me at night, how do you know it's because you're black, i've been followed by an old guy and i'm not fucking doing that again


>Are US women snowflakes for being afraid to walk alone at night, or am I just an asshole?
>Walking alone at night is dangerous even as a man
Statistically, walking alone at night is more dangerous as a man since men are more frequently assaulted by strangers (around 3x as much IIRC). The overwhelming majority of rape is done by someone the victim knows. The idea that a rapist is going to jump out of the bushes isn't total fantasy but it's in the same realm of reasonableness as fearing black men raping white women. It happens sometimes but it's the exception not the rule.

The point here is that rape is a problem, and this is a fantasy story about how it works that serves no obvious function except to scare people by misleading them (which ultimately makes the problem worse).

Why scare and mislead people? IDK, who is telling this story and how might it benefit them? Is it not primarily NGOs who claim to combat sexual violence or whatever? Do they not get their money from fundraising (marketing) based on how urgently they are needed? Is it possible that the bourgeois activists working there want to keep their jobs and would personally lose out if their place of work successfully combated the problem and eroded the basis for its existence?

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hyperborea time
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File: 1613205327641.jpg (39.37 KB, 828x511, 147c6843678d0aff5ed6840f66….jpg)

Where is this Hyperborea supposed to be and what does the name mean?


File: 1613227429654.jpg (14.25 KB, 312x420, doug ss.jpg)

basically some schizo belief that varies from country to country usually the one consistency being that ancient aliens exist and they're the original aryans, for some reason its popular with esoteric south american neo nazis and russian neo nazis


File: 1613250452452.jpg (692.81 KB, 1992x2711, SchutzStaffelObama.jpg)

>South American neo nazis
>Russian neo nazis
Hitler must be rolling his grave lol


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why is does leftypol hates Dugin but loves Slavoj Zizek?
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have any more edits where the woman lusts after the fat guy?


she should really be calling the CIA or NATO
funny comic otherwise



You guys aren't even trying. Work a little bit more on your baits.


You should consider putting a name so I can understand your theories better. You're really smart anon, do it.


I hate both of them.

File: 1613350270320.png (119.31 KB, 900x944, maoists.png)


I think I maybe a Maoist.
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It's a joke about Mao being a theorylet (im assuming)


File: 1613387391890.gif (2.65 MB, 440x502, 1611744215361.gif)



File: 1613387465570.gif (2.52 MB, 440x416, 1611744279376.gif)



lmao are you referring to mexichad?


Liberal democracy is a step forward for Nepal, which before 2008 was an Absolutist Feudal Monarchial shithole

File: 1613295339338.jpg (78.42 KB, 718x802, 2e5.jpg)


Please excuse me for these possibly dumb posits about existence and life.

The origin of us and all matter in existence goes as far back to the origin of matter, if the big bang is true we were once gaseous atoms floating in space.

Yeah, we came from space along the way here, though not in the form of complete lifeforms but mere consciousless matter. Then somehow, within the vast interactions of these matter produced the first genetic code by chance, which coincidentally arrived or formed in a suitable environment for lifeforms, which it then starts replicating by absorbing organic materials, and evolving as it keeps replicating. We are products of this process.

Now we are mere re-replicating biomechanical machines
absorbing consciousless matter from the environment to form and sustain a being with consciousness, just to return all these materials back to the environment, likely forming other living things.
Though living things don't always have consciousness, unless we think that even the pure instincts of microorganisms count as that.

What the fuck is the purpose of a genetic code to exist such that it generates biomechanical machines? Idk, none?

Is it biased to think human life has ultimate meaning but not the lives other lifeforms? Is it biased to think that our consciousness have a meaning to exist while other lifeforms with or without consciousness, and other non-conscious objects do not have a meaning to exist?

Then what is the purpose of life, as in the existence of lifeforms, the existence of genes that code for these lifeforms?
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Reincarnation isn't real because what you are is not consciousness but self-consciousness. That part that isnt there to get recycled. Self-consciousness has no evolutionary function. You said it yourself that you can explain all these higher order concious brain functions like emotions and logic as a biomechanical process.

So then why should I be self-conscious of it at all? I shouldn't be able to reflect on my self if its all just part of some holistic universal flow. Why is there an appearance separate from what is, if what is is all there is? There has to be a gap, a contradiction somewhere in reality that opens the space for subjectivity.

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 No.235[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

For now, the rules are:

No outright reactionism (ie Nazi posting), this is still a leftist board

Porn is okay but should be spoilered in OPs. If you do not do this a mod will do it for you. It does not need to be spoilered in the thread itself.
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No way you freaking pinko


u gotta b fookin kiddin me


The trigger happy mods delete my shitposting threads too easily, i thought this was a /b/.


less suicidal shit pls theres no reason to die or to kill yourself when life will kill you by old age eventually. don't let old fascists win


Hi there. Would you like to sign my petition?

File: 1613093545841.png (17.74 KB, 1000x329, sage is forever disgraced ….PNG)


Let me tldr why he thinks strikes are direct action: sage runs tenant unions so he basically knocks on doors and says "fuck the landlord lets not pay rent". and thats his fucking union lmao. ok first of all good for you you have reached an adam smith ricardo level of conciousness. but not just that its also basic self interest. but for marxists unions mean a different thing. for us fucking marxists, unlike sage, we grab the neck of capital and strangle it at the point of production. but sage's labor union shit "No matter how small and local we do our part" anglo individualist meme feel like they are work. its not radical resistance. it doesnt touch basic social ontology. tenant unions wont achieve anything, shut the fuck up you fucking troll, sage.
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File: 1613153189530.jpg (97.03 KB, 640x360, 1610939204701.jpg)



File: 1613265159233.png (18.57 KB, 1010x328, sage is forever disgraced ….PNG)



So how exactly do you "grab the neck of capital and strangle it at the point of production" anon?


>Strikes aren't direct action
Why not and if so what is direct action?


It seems appropriate to write about the mass line using a massive line.

File: 1613189973161.png (952.37 KB, 1280x720, 1613133792438.png)


You will never have "real communism"
You will never take over /tv/ even after paying off the moderation team to delete anything that puts your [email protected] panties in a twist all you can do is aggrivate and make shit bait threads
You will never read more than a couple token readings of your ideology so you can continue to hypocritically go with the "read more" meme
You will never meme or shitpost properly
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Why wouldn't you?


>do I have to post the discord screencaps?
do it, coward.


shame on you for asking the glow in the dark CIA nigger questions on a dark anonymous imageboard. you communist tranny. you pussy. here's all you need to know:
1) I lift weights almost every single day and own a gun. just try staging a revolution from your middle class neighborhood when commissary cletus is here to stop you.
2) I have information that can lead to the arrest of hillary clinton
3) you will never be a real woman
4) I've read the communist manifesto and debunked it thousands of times in my head already, so we don't need to go over it. just watch Jordan Peterson views and maybe you will learn to make something of yourself
5) I have discord screencaps that will lead to the arrest of leftypol. no they're not fake. yes, I saw it on /pol/. yes, QAnon is real and 4chan and pol and tv are viable reputable sources of information (the only ones I trust really, unlike your lib media LOL).
so stop with the bullcrap and the manifestos. nobody buys your fake tranny ideology. and stop posting screencaps in all my /v/ threads about your latest female character in the newest JRPG. I don't care how sexy you look or how many times you've fapped to them, playing as videogame characters doesn't make you a woman.
hopefully you guys have all read this and have taken time to reconsider your life choices or join the 41% you TRANNY. AT LEAST IM HERE TO MAKE AN IMPACT AND PROTECT MY WEBSITE FROM TANNIES. WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?


is this pasta or satire?
>I have discord screencaps that will lead to the arrest of leftypol.
kek, I'd love to see those.


Why haven't you?

File: 1613229231341.jpg (990.24 KB, 1200x1570, 1610454693051.jpg)


At which point in history was the average human the most free?


Prehistory. Now stop with the slide threads.


File: 1613230704242.png (13.79 KB, 500x500, 743.png)

2050 when comrade xi Jing bing flips the igslamig gommunism switch ::DDDDD

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