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File: 1612996517136.jpg (319.04 KB, 262x531, 017281001.jpg)


wtf is this true?
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why are conservatives like this?


This is why some people think there's a lot more gay/bi people out there.


honestly if you don't want to be facefucked by a cute boy, you must be lacking something important as a man


File: 1613060066184.jpg (617.71 KB, 561x949, 2801910101.jpg)

forgot pic


Eh fond my some nice femboy or trans woman to frot with and I’ll be golden.

File: 1613005779704.jpeg (546.3 KB, 2048x1209, 938ADEF2-0996-44F0-A9F5-B….jpeg)


It’s ogre


someone should nuke it again tbh


File: 1613009022826.png (89.46 KB, 432x313, ClipboardImage.png)

>I like proles on paper




edema is so sexy

File: 1613000623169.jpg (23.08 KB, 420x420, 3d9916fbd228add08d547ac287….jpg)


I took shrooms last night, and you know what?

i finally overcame hegel

that's right. ME. I am the only person in history to both understand and transcend Hegel

pretty good huh??
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I took meth and fully understand nietzsche, ama


Are you sure? Nietzsche didn't even drink alcohol.


bullshit. psychedelics might get you closer to hegelianism, but not overcome it ever.
DMT might make you overcome it, but not in an intelligible way.


sounds like someone who doesn't understand the owl of minerva


File: 1613036078361.png (148.5 KB, 600x776, big-trippy-cat.png)

I don't see lizards very often on psys, but cats (small and big) are a recurring theme.
First time, when I tripped around a camp fire on a mountain with some high school friends and a guy we met through 420chan, the NEDM cat ( https://youtu.be/iQkbwhHfohY?t=119 ) was formed as repeating copies within a spiral around the shining moon on a clear night sky.
The second time, when I tripped with my ex in our apartment, fractal/tribal patterned big cats were strolling along the orange walls in our bedroom.

File: 1613035632934-0.jpg (38.05 KB, 336x407, stalin cross.jpg)

File: 1613035632934-1.jpg (270.15 KB, 828x1084, saint_stalin2.jpg)

File: 1613035632934-2.jpg (80.26 KB, 423x640, saint_stalin3.jpg)

File: 1613035632934-3.jpg (109.34 KB, 597x800, CD-qxCdUUAAuPzX-597x800.jpg)

File: 1613035632934-4.jpg (31.58 KB, 624x351, icon_tank.jpg)


Оче нашь ижє ѥси на нбсєхъ . да ститьсѧ имѧ
твоѥ да придєть црствиѥ твоѥ · да бѫдєть воля
твоя · яка на нбси и на земли хлѣбъ нашь насѫщьиыи ·
даждь намъ дьньсь · и остави намъ · длъгы
нашѧ · яко и мы оставляємъ длъжникомъ нашимъ
и нє въвєди насъ въ напасть · иъ избави ны отъ
нєприязни [яко твоѥ ѥсть црствиѥ
и сила и слава въ вѣкы]


In english please

File: 1613008327422.jpg (11.16 KB, 400x199, comment_MvWsvcV9oub5cWtvkX….jpg)


Неба утреннего стяг
В жизни важен первый шаг


Никто тут не говорит по-русски, болван ты.

File: 1612753459900.jpg (357.09 KB, 810x1410, cf6939ddf9f16f93457668897c….jpg)


itt: we make a dialectical materialist analysis on this comic
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go to jail pedo




she is canonically a woman because she was raised around pigs


A fine young femboy. Mayhap one would court her when she is of age.



File: 1612691435134.png (4.16 MB, 2048x1536, B424DB6E-98D8-49BB-817C-CE….png)


I want to be a better communist
However I am incredibly bitter at women
My life is deeply isolated and alienated, I am all but alone in life and am terrified that a life of solitude is my future
To make matters worse, I’m starting to have my doubts in the ability of any western communist to lead so much as a damned labor movement much less an actual revolution
So I’m also starting to lose on of my only drives in life which was communism
Not to say I think Marxism is false, but that I won’t live to see any revolution and will be lucky if another social movement happened

That being said, yea, I’m bitter at women and want to stop. Their lives just seem so perfect to me, I mean, at least as far as a prole under capitalism can have a perfect life, they have perfect lives. They always have bucket loads of friends, they always have relationships, usually all upbeat and happy. People care how they feel, care about them, don’t shame them for almost anything. Me, nobody gives a fuck how I feel, I’m never happy, and I get shamed for fuckin feeling bad in general. I can’t stand how seemingly nothing can drag a girl down, they’re so perfect, it’s like they’re untouchable, nothing can hurt them, nothing can break them, nothing can ruin them; me, I’m already a broken man, half of what turned me into a comrade was my willingness to die for something, anything. Women are so strong, I truly can’t stand it, absolutely nothing phases them, they don’t need any man and yet always have one, almost every guy could die today and women would mostly be fine tomorrow, they don’t need or even want us, and I know they aren’t at all sympathetic or empathetic to us either, I see girls talking about how guys they don’t like are “genetically inferior”, I’ve never in my life claimed another person is genetically inferior to me. I know it’s wrong for me to be this way, as a socialist, but it’s also incredibly hard to escape from this mindset, especially when women and their simps mock and jeer you about a life of solitude and loneliness; they’re social darwinist liberals who all but state that anyone that fails in life deserves it. Honestly I wouldn’t even be this bitter if women and simps didn’t gaslight me to the point of insanity, claimed I have no right to feel upset about my life, am a monster, etc; if I can’t even complain about my shit life wtf am I supposed to do, die?

Can /b/ help here?
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not him but it's not that girls don't want to, it's just the fear of being told to fuck off, or the fact that it's not seen as normal, or the fear that the guy will feel uncomfortable like some girls do when a stranger comes up to them to compliment them out of the blue


Yea, most guys I’ve seen said they’ve never been given a compliment from a stranger in their lives as adults
You gotta understand, when a boy becomes a man the world becomes a hell of a lot colder and lonelier, for most working class males 18 is around the age when you lose your status as a person and are rebranded as a wage drone


have sex


not sure what is worse. being breeding machine or being replaceable slave


Read the thread fucker. He gets laid

File: 1612920191916.jpg (29.08 KB, 524x286, 1612919847634.jpg)




brain betrays don't listen to it


File: 1612993699978.gif (216.98 KB, 220x204, when tendies.gif)

literally me

File: 1612432184583.gif (3.14 MB, 234x300, spider unboxing.gif)


post titties
i don't have any
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File: 1612434954473.png (105.42 KB, 804x802, dxjfgr4m4pi412.png)

The endless stream of kind words from the community is all the pay we need.


File: 1612436262808.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 240.87 KB, 720x782, snuffbunnii.jpeg)

>post titties
she's got beer stickers over her titties but it's the best I can do


I'm proud of you


File: 1612983365728.jpg (207.03 KB, 717x1166, 1612884482216.jpg)



>visible vellus hairs

File: 1612941506219.png (22.32 KB, 326x222, FarronKeepEnjoyer.png)


cursing is the dumbest shit




go fuck your tranny cunt of a whore mother retarded nigger


File: 1612978535894.jpg (50.03 KB, 460x345, carlin.jpg)

and tits

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