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File: 1612422954514.png (563 B, 1x1, 2134.png)


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File: 1612735521930.jpeg (20.2 KB, 474x315, 4563656.jpeg)

Wait. You kids aren't just throwing random emojis down?




i need more emojis to decipher





File: 1612844244898.png (1.74 MB, 1024x1523, ClipboardImage.png)


Hey /b/, can I put this glass of fuel oil here for a moment?
Be right back.


File: 1612844494895.png (346.03 KB, 640x718, Coldsteel-0.png)

Maybe I'll watch it, maybe I won't. Maybe someone will take it.
Maybe you could convince someone to watch it.
Maybe not.


File: 1612845788911.png (1.93 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

eeh so eeh was that you got there uhh in the bottle over there


Heyy wait a minute,
1. The oil is my car is almost transparent and very fluid
2. This oil is thick and black
3. ???
4. Trump can still win! Trust the plan!

File: 1610685253584.png (976.99 KB, 960x557, ClipboardImage.png)


Fuck tankies, tractories are the real communists
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File: 1612361593355.jpg (58.54 KB, 730x461, f8aa0c96c9dc84dfdeba52956b….jpg)

for me it's the polish jet powered crop-duster
which you could consider a sky tractor. i mean, air tractor is the brand name of a popular crop spraying prop plane…


We are reaching based levels of unfathomable depth


fuck off, anti-tractorie shill


File: 1612373642658.jpg (185.22 KB, 1023x778, 4770962_cc67_1024x2000.jpg)

>not achieving the ultimate synthesis


Peak comfy

File: 1612169377735.png (440.88 KB, 985x2269, TAKE ACTION v3.png)

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On my todo list:

- Create a more accessible collection of violent justice pastes based on or including my old posts for use with the hit list. Topics I need to cover in a single post: statutes of limitations, the possibility of relocation, no applicable laws, etc.

I'm thinking it's about time to escalate again at least here. I'll probably start with my next thread after this one is inevitably and predictably deleted. Perhaps I'll even escalate permanently for this site. If doing so ends up drawing unwanted attention to this place, all the better. The fucking censorship-happy bastards running it deserve that and more.
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A creative wordfilter could be more fun.


how about backscuttle


just go with butthurt


anon, do you have more pictures of data like the one in pic related?


>just go with butthurt
I'd suggest Buttman®, but that's probably unfair to John Stagliano, the porno producer.
The OP posts seem to say that anorectal violence is the same thing as porn. I don't want to derail the thread, but that sounds similar to the sex work is rape argument. The question is what is rape then? Is it no different from transactional sex? That seems the flip side of the argument that you can't rape a whore. Obviously sex workers can get raped.
<He anal rapped me.
What to do about it? The OP argues for vigilante action. Incarceration is what we have now. There are other arguments for restorative justice.

File: 1612839661818.png (102.69 KB, 500x492, can-we-fix-it-no-its-fucke….png)


I give up


I'm literally only here to shitpost


The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to shitpost


File: 1612840261036.jpg (108.06 KB, 597x828, sQ41a.jpg)

They expect one of us the the wreckage brother

File: 1612830799651.jpg (51.97 KB, 675x473, falange.jpg)


sorry guys but this is an anti-racist falange thread so cool it with the racial slurs


fuck off cumwipe cracker


File: 1612838451696.jpg (208.57 KB, 1440x1394, 1a89a2709b84ef164fa9cfc056….jpg)

I guess that pic is a joke, but considering Spain has some weird Carlist-Titoist current - I'm not joking - I wouldn't be surprised if that thing was real.
I don't know about Franco, but Salazar in Portugal was actually vocally critical of nazism because of its outright racism and "blood and soil" ideology, which he considered "pagan". At his funeral they deliberately had both white and black members of the Mocidade Portuguesa - the children's organisation sponsored by the state - paying their respects to the late fucker.
Also, western - and especially anglo - rightwingers are suckers because they could point to some of the Iberian shtronkmen as successful examples of statesman and not the psychotic Austrian immigrant in Germany or his bald mate larping as the Ancient Rome in Italy, both ending up dead and with their countries defeated and destroyed, being universally reviled as the personifications of evil.

File: 1612812195776.png (260.21 KB, 315x567, Screenshot_2021-02-08 Roma….png)




i fucking hate tiktok so much

File: 1612544992992.png (282.15 KB, 420x587, ClipboardImage.png)


Uphold Jackie Weaver thought.


File: 1612545413707.png (478.01 KB, 623x587, ClipboardImage.png)



I'm watching it right now, shouldn't the Neutral Evil guy be Lawful Evil or is there goint to be a plot twist?


Am I the only dude who think this Jackie gal is a bitch for kicking the chairman? Like, he was elected chairman and she kicked him from the conv, then tried to elect another person (probably herself) in his place. Such an asshole move, I would have become so fucking angry if this happened live with me


it's worth setting the context that he was wrong about the meeting being illegal and that the parish council had been having problems for a while. if he's the chair (i forget the politics of how he became chair, Handsforth has apparently been dysfunctional for quite a while), he's surely culpable for that dysfunction.

File: 1612732734189.jpg (71.94 KB, 356x356, 20210208_051719.jpg)


I want to move on from politics, I feel that I care about it too much to no avail. I have other goals in life which I don't want to sacrifice for activism, doomscrolling or becoming a politician. Politics gives me too much stress and makes me loathe the world, humans, and existence.
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smoke some beer or smth


you can stop caring, but your leftism isn't going away. Mr. Reagan


That's what you're mom said the other night.


Funny, yours said the exact same thing.


File: 1612756226752.jpg (131.65 KB, 1140x622, Still-hasnt-gotten-weird-e….jpg)

>not supplementing your theory with a healthy dose of kinography

File: 1612702119642.gif (1.82 MB, 250x250, vfr8toN.gif)






File: 1612702681953.gif (1.83 MB, 512x288, glasses.gif)

I agree, destroy all book readers


File: 1612704090460.png (5.01 KB, 397x75, mao reads too much.png)

m–maobros how do we recover?

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