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File: 1617320325020.jpg (169.54 KB, 1214x692, 1611125410288.jpg)


Any other femanons here not really understand why there are a lot of radfems who like to hate on trans? A lot of the trans ladies I've met don't even want to date other women and believe me I've asked them myself. Is it the PTSD we all get from dealing with men taken to the extreme? Paranoia after being grossly mistreated by so many? I honestly don't see anything threatening about MtFs, tbh I'm actually very attracted to them (if they're not a hon and look sorta like a woman and stuff). So yeah I know from experience most of them don't even like other women (unfortunately). Also if they pass as women they're probably going to get treated just a shitty as the rest of us. They're <1% of the population. Okay, I do understand having a genital preference and not wanting to date someone with a penis though if you're a lesbian, I don't see anything wrong with that, some people probably just won't get turned on by certain genitalia. I'm bisexual so maybe that's why I'm attracted to MtFs so much.

What is the materialist explanation for the very intense hatred that some radfems have for MtFs?
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if you are going to keep blabbering at least get an argument, instead of a few ad hominems without any content to them


Yeah, this


>Gender equality is bad
>I’m totally a leftist by the way


Are you male anon?


Not a material thing but it's the old unwoman problem, literally centuries old feminist theory, the basic jist of it is
>"Oh we are so opressed: (true)
>Someone outside your opressed group tells you that: " some people who are part of your opressed group secretly NOT part of your opressed group and are trying to ruin everything"
>some people actually believe it and they start oppressing each other, which prevents feminist consciousness
<See The Scarlet Letter, Salem Witch trials, etc for more examples of this, it's nothing new and is repeated in all opressed groups including of course the workers, it's basically the same old trick as dividing the labor force by race and letting them at eachother.

File: 1617290182636.png (331.17 KB, 480x591, y3kowo80rjg61.png)


I unironically can't breed. My pinky finger barely fits in this fucking pinhole shit
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Stretching it in the warm water of a bath doesn't sound like a bad idea, but hot water does sound painful.


Appreciate the advice, I think i'll just order to a friend's house but will research the cream first and also those ring things
>idk. I'm sure there are safe DIY lubricants. Latex + water don't sound fun.
Kek it works for me, my foreskin sort of works as its own lube and water can't damage it


Based allah making us as he intended, intact.


>Nigga I'm a minor
rip anon


designed by Allah? Im muslim and we had to get circumcised lol

File: 1617331050072.png (59.1 KB, 1200x1200, 1200px-Twemoji2_1f914.svg.png)


Are there only so many rightoids today because they would have died in a less advanced society?


Nah, Crony Capitalism is stagnating at a rapid pace. This create a pressure for the big porkies to eliminate and consume their own underlings which are the small porkies and their labor aristocrats that boot lick them. This in turn create a new class division in which these people turn more to the right.


Bootlicking could only ever sustain them by mooching off the labour of the working classes. Could rightoids be a sizeable demographic in a subsistence economy?


Crony Capitalism?

File: 1616365301181.png (212.6 KB, 1179x1176, ClipboardImage.png)


>I can't breed…
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never said that


File: 1617325000894.jpg (8.82 KB, 335x378, 1560556963653.jpg)

>be lolbertarian incel in college
>drop acid
>realize being a lolbertarian is smarted and selfish
>start reading theory and become a leftist
>dropped incel viewpoints
>finally got laid this year at age 23 with my qt 3.14 gf that I love

feels good man.


back when I used reddit I was really into anti-incel stuff. I was really obsessed with losing my virginity. I was obsessed with incels, and not wanting to be one. Eventually I realized I was basically the same as them, obsessed with being a virgin. I only really wanted to lose my virginity for social status, to feel secure in internet arguments against strangers, and I realized when I put it into words that that was a completely stupid and dogshit mindset to have.
I don't really care much anymore about having sex or getting a relationship. Maybe I'll meet a nice girl through my friends or family later, but for now having a girlfriend is something I think I only wanted so that I could be the kind of person who has a girlfriend. It was a vain desire. Not one that formed out of love for someone else.
When I see discussions about incels and virginity and having sex on the internet, I have to wonder how many people have the same mindset. How many people want to have sex so that they can think of themselves as the type of person who has sex? The insecurity about it shines really clearly in a lot of posts on the internet when you're looking for it. You can see the anxiety, even through an ironic or joking post, no matter its position.


Damn anon, you don't have to call out half the board here


If you ever bought into the incel meme you're an incel forever

File: 1616115607245.jpg (36.33 KB, 640x500, ERRpIj6UUAA0SdZ.jpg)

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I wanna bounce on a cock so bad my pussy wet 24/7 I can't stop masturbating I just want someone inside of me
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OK pedophile


Oh wait, I just noticed the dick
You know, maybe there's some reason for it


File: 1617326009165.gif (681.29 KB, 1460x1080, Today's furaffinity porn i….gif)

Majored in comparative religion, specifically focused a lot on East Asian stuff. Very interesting shit, great for holding a conversation, not the most practical thing to get a job out of though, especially now with all the COVID shit. So currently, I'm bartending at some retirement home complex.


self hating pedophiles like you usually relativize pedophilia by comparing it to everything while playing themselves up in comical ways as whatever they create the opposite to be
like someone who really likes hairy bodies or an age gap of 2 years but only if both are 40+ wholesome virgins


I'm not her nor do I have such a strong opinion on big age gaps. In fact I fully admit that I like the idea of 40 year old virgins being chased by 20-somethings.

But I'm a very small minority while everybody else finds age gaps like that inappropriate or even disgusting, particularly if the older person has a fetish for younger people and/or is manipulative. So there must be a reason for that.

File: 1617326108985.png (17.73 KB, 305x189, Screenshot (186).png)


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dear friend Haz BTFO
the cult RISING


This post is so contradictory
How is Haz's cult going to rise up if he's been BTFO


Infrared Haz

File: 1617216023570.jpg (32.36 KB, 500x500, 7a995470385d3036687fbebfd1….jpg)


how do I quit 4chan
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Not gonna click then


He just ties an elastic band around the base of his balls while his dick his hard, mind you

I apologize for my bad English, I'm ESL and very sleepy right now


Get permabanned. For a veteran like me lurking doesnt give any kicks.


File: 1617315742703.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.39 MB, 240x426, 1598073722479.webm)



This, if bestiality porn is not illegal in your country you can probably download some and post it on 4chan for a month long ban at least

File: 1617320203254.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 11.9 KB, 160x315, 411440D7-B7B1-47B6-B9F5-1….jpeg)


How does a guy talk to a girl like this?

File: 1617075275963.jpg (201.3 KB, 1920x1080, RussianBeauty.jpg)


ITT post your comfy slav pics. cute girls a bonus


Tylko jedno w głowie mam
Koksu pięć gram odlecieć sam
W krainę za zapomnienia
W głowie myśli mam
Kiedy skończy się ten stan
Gdy już nie będę sam
Bo wjedzie biały węgorz
Tylko jedno w głowie mam
Koksu pięć gram odlecieć sam
W krainę zapomnienia
W głowie myśli mam
Kiedy skończy się ten stan
Gdy już nie będę sam
Bo wjedzie biały węgorz


File: 1617077136272-0.mp4 (2.9 MB, 240x240, Tylko jedno w głowie mam J….mp4)

File: 1617077136272-1.webm (930.83 KB, 240x240, Tylko jedno w głowie mam ….webm)



Bracie zapostowałeś krindż.
Бро, ты запостил кринж.


I have no beef with slavs but i agree on Hitler about russians.


Lemme guess: polack or ukrainian? Or maybe croatian?

File: 1617318132530.jpg (56.52 KB, 300x201, CTwJV.jpg)




File: 1617319360580.mp4 (27.94 MB, 854x480, Jesse Ventura VS poljak.mp4)

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