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File: 1626596976900.jpg (39.06 KB, 600x631, Purple Wojak.jpg)


>be me
>enroll in university and meet some cool dudes and girls
>also meet a girl I really vibe with but don't hit on because she has a bf
>1 year has passed and she broke up with her bf a couple of months ago
>over the year we became really good friends, but I always sense some sort of tension between us
>couple of days ago at a party I miss my last bus and ask her if I can stay the night
>risk it and "confront" her about this perceived romantic tension between us
>she says she doesn't want to risk the friendship, besides I am not her initial type anyway
>got friendzoned hard there
>sleep on the couch
>wake up and we still hangout till afternoon
>smoke some weed and are vibin as pretty nice as usual
>but we also make out
>ask her what the deal is, because now I am even more confused
>she says that she is unsure what she wants right now, but still feels that we shouldn't risk the friendship
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>why do you sound like a teenager
That's ageism


hey there won’t be a friendship after this, in either scenario. At best tense acquaintances. Might as well announce your true intentions and “risk”(it’s already gone) the friendship. Good thing, you’ll become best friends if it works out lol.


get out of here


>why is /b/ turning into /r9k/
4chanoids and bunkerfaggots (/pol/ """converts""") have been ruining this board since at least the Bunker redirect, soyjak.party and /pol/ raids bring them in as well.

I hate it


The friendship is already finished OP, lmao. Might as well go balls deep now.

File: 1626563774531.png (260.92 KB, 525x591, idk what to do .png)


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You will NEVER ride my dick.


File: 1626568819036.jpg (59.21 KB, 444x440, How horrifying.jpg)

Why do you be sad tho


File: 1626571312505.gif (219.41 KB, 240x180, chiana cum.gif)

how do I do it though?
i can make a throat r, i can make a machine gun sound, but I can't put the shit together


wtf are those purple circles around the head


say "grrrr"

File: 1625920594534.webm (2.31 MB, 252x480, NikeMilkers.webm)


What now chuds?
You're done.
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Also see the 'satan shoes' controversy recently (though Nike wasn't even involved in that but evangelical soccer moms are too dumb to know that)


>why faggots btfo by tits
because they're gay and dont want tits


uyghur tiddies. Big juicy uyghur tiddies. Just for me. Need those uyghur tiddes around my dick. Need those uyghur tiddies on my face.

File: 1626574957708.png (2.35 MB, 1240x1754, 1616870890225.png)


in keep having intrusive thoughts pls help me
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so mental illness is not just an ideal but also a physical damage to the brain which causes these things?


Yes the brain is impaired like the lung of a smoker is impaired or a radio signal is poor so if u mess with the brain chemistry you might be able to get a better reception so to speak.


Fuck I hope there's a way to repair my brain without using meds

I don't have any ways to afford those things.
I hope Resting, Sunlight, Exercise and Good Food can repair it enough


>i don't understand how meds can control thoughts
They don't control thoughts, they affect moods "below" the thoughts.

Normie's brain favors happy thoughts and can lose focus quickly.
Obsessive brain seeks out signs of danger and is forced to focus on it.


Tips on accquiring normie brains pls::DDDD

i'm getting good at it but still need some help

File: 1626592681992.jpg (33.39 KB, 500x353, america-deserves-a-better-….jpg)


Do you wanna know how I got these scars? My father was a redditor… and a tankie. And one night, he goes off more authoritarian than usual. Mommy, who he has suspected to be counterrevolutionary Western chauvinist, takes his Little Red Book away because he’s not making any sense.

He doesn't like that.


So, me watching, he yells “the CCP’s police forces aren’t bastards! The PRC is contesting the Western imperialist powers and fighting for working class interests by expanding socialist commodity production!” to her, laughing while he says it. He turns to me and says, "Why so anarchist?" He comes at me with reddit summaries of Economic Problems of Socialism in the U.S.S.R., On Authority, and parts of Das - "Why so anarchist?" He puts his phone with r/ communism101 opened on reddit up to my face - "Let's put some Dialectical Materialism TM in your head!"


4/10 Shitpost
did laugh


Yes I read parts of das


File: 1626599216220.png (445.15 KB, 753x960, 471c59be386d7835f63bf1d02e….png)

Me at the top


>Hardcore Stalinist communist

>Chapo Traphouse


File: 1626549096588.mp4 (205.59 KB, 640x480, 1626549084831.mp4)


>when "socially liberal socialists" reveal themselves to be welfare capitalists
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>Whos standards?
The current conception of what it means to be on the spectrum of conservative to progressive. It is arbitrary to our time but a meaningful definition considering how often people cry about "conservatives" and so on.
You write like a zoomer, read some Marx/anything it'll sharpen your brain. I explicitly say I'm not talking about gays, I'm saying if Lenin was alive today he'd be doing what you consider "conservative" things and Marx would sound like a "conservative" to you. Old communists weren't progressives, and that was based (clearly worked), so what if Che was homophobic? I see no evidence for it, but to act as if revolutionaries can act detached to their time and material reality is literally idealism.
>Class first only
That's Caleb, he's not cringe crying about 0.01% of the population (trans ppl) all day and focusing on working families.
>What is a dictatorship of the proletariat


>still replying to the bait by pedophilic far-right /pol/tard


This is just proof we are being raided again.


File: 1626590118781.png (197.9 KB, 1200x630, ClipboardImage.png)

>when burger "politics"


That's a standard that corporate america pushes and doesn't mean anything reality.
Words are ever-changing and it is our duty to push that being progressive means being first and foremost economically leftwing.

Your post doesn't have subject just unnecessary deflections
How does a writing style denote zoomer and how does being a zoomer mean I haven't read marx?

Odd tangents.

>Old communists weren't progressives

No they were progressives. They were economically left-wing

You are judging them based on the supposed corporate america standards of today which you so suppose is how every single westerner judges them too.
Absolutely disagree.
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File: 1626567930619.jpg (103.8 KB, 637x1024, lenin-opium.jpg)


Saint Lenin reminds you: there are NO gods.
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>not narcissist ang egoist that made man in his own image, but with no moral of right/wrong and got triggered when it did not follow him because… they did not knew right or wrong.


File: 1626574361079.jpg (73.44 KB, 785x1057, E5F3zkFWQAMrJLA.jpg)

Thank you Lenin!


>Kill God
>Implying that doesn't mak him fallable

Kys godcuck


I'd trust Lenin much more if he wasn't succeeded by stalin.
Also, Lenin started many of the purges and power abuses that stalin expanded on.



File: 1626578934694.jpg (97.37 KB, 682x1024, 26c3e3a0eded452a1a7ccfefaf….jpg)


What is the materialist explanation for this?
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Clearly it's capitalism.

No, she thinks he has a fat black cock.


Fuck these faggots in comments. She's posing for a picture with him. It doesn't they're bf/gf. It doesn't mean they're fucking. Grow up.


They're literally married because of this picture and you must explain it.


Its a femboy


Who is her??

File: 1626586347359.jpg (401.83 KB, 1063x2235, E5088O6XEAYFWb7.jpg)


The face of soyjak.party




Soot instantly deletes any pictures of sissybabypansy when posted on soyjak.party; this confirms that soyjak.party posters are transhumanist babies.


I trust you homie.
Every bad thing about people and things I don't like is true


only this specific diaper transhumanist or any diaper transhumanist pics in general?

File: 1626566947876.jpg (47.43 KB, 524x395, 377.jpg)




any time i see some fuckin animal on the road I FLOOR IT


>On this April first, local shockjocks Elmo and Grover, in their words, "pranked" the listeners of Boston. The prank? It was really an insidious act of horror, they told their listeners the sitting Mayor of Boston was dead!
>More at 11.


why is elmo so mean bros

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