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"We need an imageboard of action to fight for OC making posters."
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File: 1627450311455.jpg (44.54 KB, 300x446, 1984.jpg)


>everyone cheering that my city got a """"""leftist"""""""" mayor
>one of her first actions is adding facial and plate recognition to the security surveillance cameras
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>and in america, they beat negroes!


>i wake up in district 249???
>they're dream logging now
>can hardly remember my own face
>wish i had access to my own memories
>go to the storage store
>see myself there
>forget was i was going to ask


It will happen on a national level when America gets some form of universal healthcare or free college or something. All the LARPer online commies will declare victory and claim that that's what they meant when they said they wanted socialism.


Right, real communism means some vague notions about porky bad.
Actually advancing equality is not socialism, it's rightist idpol.
The only way for communism to be tried is to murder everyone who can afford to eat.


Don't worry silly anon ,when "we", i mean the enlightened vanguard, seize the state apparatus all those cameras will be used to catch the Bad Guys™ so it's all good

File: 1627444908617.jpg (79.74 KB, 736x736, vuBkZAW.jpg)


how come in the online left there are so many people who blindly defend any country that calls itself 'socialist' or 'communist' even if its state apitalism or something

These people are called tankies right? they deny genocides like holomodor and the uyghur thing happening in china right now and i hear that they have a tendency to call it all "American Propoganda"

When i went to go to far left subreddits I saw lots of these and thought something was off, so I realized not to blindly believe in the countries like china and drpk
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>We will get universal healthcare and we WILL execute the pharma executives
No retard, they WILL execute you if you try anything of the sort, which you won't because you're just an imageboard edgelord who will fall in line for the Mommy AOC or Daddy Trump team come the next election circus.


>how come in the online left there are so many people who blindly defend any country that calls itself 'socialist' or 'communist' even if its state apitalism or something
Sometimes it's a cope, sometimes it's just russian nationalist retards being blind to the fact that they're the ones who eat up propaganda.

There's also the /pol/ style boogiemanism going on
It's psychological splitting: everyone is either very good or very bad, and once declared bad, there is no coming back.
Very common in BPD and narcissism.


Not just the online left, literally all major communist parties of the world defend the supposed "not socialist" countries headed by communist parties.
>inb4 muh revisionists
The others are something far worse, they're irrelevant.


I don't think you understand just how close people are to breaking. Never voted for fucking AOC and never voted for Trump and for that matter never voted for Biden or Shillary either. The anger and frustration is building up. Amerikkka is already a failed state I predict good times ahead because even if socialist policy is not implemented me and other vigilantes will eventually go out trying to kill these cocksuckers. If a fucking retard kid being bullied in high school can kill 30 other kids with impunity there's no reason why fucking bourgeois pigs can't be executed in broad daylight. Who's going to take away my gun? lol fucking dumbass Right wingers handed us the very weapons we needed and argued against all background checks and restrictions.


both you and the people you're criticizing are gonna get shot once all is said and done
>I went on reddit and let me tell you what it's like because I know leftypol will surely care about this
to be fair this shithole of a site is in such a state that you might as well

File: 1627404152838.jpg (49.52 KB, 530x476, a.jpg)


> when boss praises you in front of the team for all the unpaid overtime you did
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The Original quote actually had the opposite meaning
>Ulrich has made a career by shining a light on the lives of ordinary women – well-behaved women otherwise forgotten by history.
>Ulrich did not mean that women should break rules or misbehave in order to make history, she was actually expressing frustration that history overlooks the lives of many exemplary women.
>Despite Ulrich’s many accomplishments: Pulitzer prize winner, Harvard Professor, and MacArthur Fellow, she is most famous for coining the well-behave women phrase. The quote has spawned much notoriety for Ulrich.


Imagine handwringing over rebellious women on a supposedly communist imageboard.


How new are you, this pla \ce is full of people who were /pol/fags 2 weeks ago and menaged to use their brain power to realise capitalism doesnt work, but claimed all their other shitty opinions, and claim that they are the real communist, ignoring entire history of the left and acting like feminism and gay righsts began in the 60s like, school propaganda want you to think.


noo you are doing it wrong >_<


More like it has a bunch of vocal /pol/tards who pretend to be leftists and try to "destroy the left from inside" by posting genuinely rightarded shit but replacing
>jew -> porky
>leftist -> woke
>non-lumpen proletariat -> bourgeois

File: 1627401449894.jpg (513.52 KB, 1691x1127, e5655715ac6b96dc61048983e2….jpg)


Would you save feelsguy? Or would you give him up to sadfrog?
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reminds me of that one anon who didn't coom for 3 months


Pleb I haven't coomed in years


Easy. Shoot both their dicks and keep them both as fuck toys.


I would save feelsguy and give him hot choco and a big blanket. We never have to discuss what happened again if he doesn't feel up to it

File: 1627449088687.jpg (9.25 KB, 300x168, images.jpg)


>You don't know me, but my names Sy! I'm just the Ohare delivery guy! And I think that trees might be worth a try, so I say let it growwwwwwww

File: 1627156442313.png (248.38 KB, 750x497, ClipboardImage.png)

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File: 1627440846796.jpg (5.05 KB, 517x594, 6666666.pg.jpg)

>>That's what someone with BPD would say though


File: 1627441032942.jpeg (9.17 KB, 517x594, nooo.jpeg)

>>>That's what someone with BPD would say though(USER WAS BANNED FOR SAMEFAGGING TO FLOOD A THREAD)




File: 1627441814148.jpeg (9.17 KB, 517x594, 1627441032942.jpeg)



File: 1627442701728.jpg (122.74 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20210727-211021….jpg)


Pollution, as it destroys the environment, makes the streets smell awful and spread disease, shows the failures of the industrial revolution. The whole premise of increasing industrial production for material wealth with real money creates a divide between man and the environment over something completely useless outside of human influence. The struggle to produce and consume in some sort of game about who can destroy nature the fastest shows how people who overproduce and over pollute will turn out successful regardless of the damage they cause - if, under a sanitational reform would things change - earth started with everyone sharing the same lands, only then will the earth rest at peace with itself naturally evolving in cycles. Now you see, the industrial revolution" and “material wealth” can easily be replaced with “increased extraction of earth's resources” and “geographic degredation”, and you have the description of the errors of industrial pollution. By underlining these basic errors in such a civilization acts as perfect pro ecological and santiational propoganda.
We will clean the streets and slums of india
We will remove the chemicals of chinas rivers and lakes
We will purge every disease and any potential breeding ground for them in all of americas ghettos
And we will purge all germs until not only humanity but the earth as a whole can reflourish and become habital for all life
Bring up your tools
Sweep, wash and repair
Janitors of the world, unite!


File: 1627442756092.png (220.8 KB, 720x1560, sanitational starter kit.png)

Whoops wrong image






The garbage bin is sus

File: 1627435635164.jpg (97.62 KB, 1480x700, Jesus-Walks-on-Water-Aivaz….jpg)




>a glow in the dark spook


Holy shit that ocean man farded so hard there are clouds the size of homes behind him 0_0


Jesus was made of oil


No shit, what did you think this whole Middle East fiasco was about?

File: 1627441937215.jpg (43.54 KB, 640x480, luffy4.jpg)


>he thinks summer is better than winter


File: 1627442012267.jpeg (9.17 KB, 517x594, 1627441032942.jpeg)



File: 1627442250867.jpg (75.66 KB, 1200x659, EV963WDX0AEXAL8.jpg)

Im sorry, I meant xe


File: 1627442612635.png (2.24 MB, 1826x1497, Everybody was Aztec fighti….png)



Still alive fellow burgers? Heatwave did a lot of damage, ehh?

File: 1627251060324.jpg (365.84 KB, 850x1202, soyjak-fun.jpg)


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Fapping to cultural comodity with both arms and both legs thirty times a day.




And plenty of soy shakes


This. So. Much.



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