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"We need an imageboard of action to fight for OC making posters."
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File: 1627441937215.jpg (43.54 KB, 640x480, luffy4.jpg)


>he thinks summer is better than winter


File: 1627442012267.jpeg (9.17 KB, 517x594, 1627441032942.jpeg)



File: 1627442250867.jpg (75.66 KB, 1200x659, EV963WDX0AEXAL8.jpg)

Im sorry, I meant xe


File: 1627442612635.png (2.24 MB, 1826x1497, Everybody was Aztec fighti….png)



Still alive fellow burgers? Heatwave did a lot of damage, ehh?

File: 1627251060324.jpg (365.84 KB, 850x1202, soyjak-fun.jpg)


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Fapping to cultural comodity with both arms and both legs thirty times a day.




And plenty of soy shakes


This. So. Much.



File: 1627436378851.png (293.84 KB, 474x308, ClipboardImage.png)


Name their gang.

Hard mode: they're vigilates
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the vegie-lantes


File: 1627438642034.gif (5.36 KB, 336x268, anonymous.gif)

current winner


File: 1627439157726.jpg (98.42 KB, 732x806, Penny gets a call from the….jpg)

Meals on Wheels


ARMed Chair Revolutionaries


File: 1627441034825.jpg (72.14 KB, 640x554, bordiga.jpg)

>ARMed Chair Revolutionaries

File: 1627440619148.jpg (44.39 KB, 700x561, dcbda737829621211fb66dce6f….jpg)


I've never read any philosophy, and don't believe in Astrology, but I find the concept of Archetypes fascinating. Sometimes I look at someone and see pieces of a whole in them, I don't exactly know what to call it, qualities maybe?

Most of the time they're never fully present, and when they are it's normally a very bad thing (they are insane)


report this thread as >>>/b/

File: 1624661188538.mp4 (8.06 MB, 1920x1080, 1624661176812.mp4)


/comfy/ thread
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>tfw hours until comfy time


classic image


How do I get comfy bros, I'm sick and my head and hand hurts

Pain everywhere.
My eyes hurt from moving

Can't sleep


Letting the thread die is NOT comfy!


Duende - Gipsy Kings

File: 1627428613142.png (372.58 KB, 5000x3000, downloadfile.png)


My name is Moonwind, and I'm an Indigenous Two Spirit person who uses a wheelchair. The fact that I use a wheelchair is important, but be careful not to call me a "wheelchair user", which is ableist because it implies that wheelchair is inherent to my being (but in a bad way, as opposed to the way that I imply it).

A certain Valerie from my university has come on this site to make some criticisms of white leftists. I generally agree with these, although Valerie's lack of an Indigenous perspective is a glaring shortcoming (which I hope to later resolve by eternally tarring her as a bigot and taking her former place in the activist hierarchy).

First, white leftists have got to get with the program when it comes to land acknowledgements. Land acknowledgements are one of the most effective and widely used tools of the Indigenous liberation movement. These acknowledgements, when prefacing some public speech or another, serve to remind the listener that they are living on stolen land which needs to be taken back. What "taking back" entails, in a country where the white settler population is so much larger than the Indigenous population, is a minutia that can be safely postponed to never. But what's important is that the land is acknowledged each and every time, so that eventually this can result in change to the system (somehow). White leftists, who even fail to consistently refer to N*rth Am*rica as TURTLE ISLAND, are ignorant bigots for failing to recognize this.

Second, I am worried by the economic policies being proposed by white leftists with a superficial understanding (if any) of Indigenous needs. Some among them have expressed an interest in nationalizing and building up the industrial sectors in impoverished regions, as part of an advanced planned economy. Since some of these regions are inhabited by Indigenous people, this would mean more Western conceptions of "progress" imposed upon us. See, Indigenous people already figured out communism centuries before some old German weirdos decided to pick up on it, simply by living off the land and sharing stuff. You see, colonizers? All you had to figure out was that it's nice to share things.

And why should communism be industrialized? Since we managed without it, we will continue to do so. We didn't want capitalist industry and we don't want communist industry either. Factories are for white people. We Indigenous hunt and gather, and we grow Three Sisters, and we Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>K*ll y**rslf
okay that is FUCKING IT. i am reporting you creeps to the FBI for fucking TRIGGERING my CPTSD flashback from when I cut my FINGER with a KITCHEN KNIFE by ACCIDENT last week. you PIECE OF SHIT .


File: 1627429552672.png (149.25 KB, 420x348, anglo.png)

i no longer feel bad about residential schooling system


Kill all cis women.


File: 1627438687313.jpg (382.47 KB, 1280x720, porkypranker.jpg)

ur naem means fart


funny post. Gold star.

File: 1627354218120.png (40.36 KB, 192x248, gyno.png)


Malding gyno manlet
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File: 1627403801831.png (743.16 KB, 1200x1200, don't skip leg day.png)



Jewish nigger


what is this an image for ants ?


What bodyfat percentage is that? 25%?


File: 1627436010858.png (408.75 KB, 690x449, body-fat-percentage-men-wo….png)

Yeah that's about right.

File: 1627435787415.mp4 (1.32 MB, 720x720, Which Would You Prefer.mp4)


Which would you prefer?

File: 1627346077537.jpg (24.2 KB, 500x382, l.jpg)


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No one knows what mae is canonically
All that's told is mae prefers they/them and is pan


File: 1627435508914.png (550.21 KB, 720x680, She uses a slightly larger….png)

Yeah it's me, that is one of my legitimate filenames. Sorry for the confusion.

I've played the game and I'm pretty sure they refer to Mae as a girl


But Mae poster irl is a girl right?


File: 1627435694671.png (1.47 MB, 1920x1080, Shiggy diggy doo, where ar….png)

Well, a gentleman never asks, and a lady never tells.


It really doesn't matter to me. I respect both cock and hole people.

File: 1627430816708.jpg (20.85 KB, 300x532, f789f85cf8cef25c3b0d1837f5….jpg)


Reminder that edgy leftism involving the use of slurs, dark humor, sociopathy directed towards liberals and reactionaries, and a violent bloodbath revolution are the only ways to help the working class and for leftism to succeed.


You already made this thread, and it's still up. Go bump that one instead or say something new.


File: 1627431694144.jpg (43.54 KB, 640x480, luffy4.jpg)

you all need to be reminded


File: 1627432921019.jpg (28.33 KB, 361x361, toph17.jpg)

I see now why people don't like avatar posters.


File: 1627434441068.jpeg (261.91 KB, 962x788, index.jpeg)

Shut up n𝗂gger


File: 1627435284490.png (176.79 KB, 540x432, Uncomfortable and slightly….png)

I think we got the point the last time you made this thread, you know, the one that's still on the catalogue, the one that's on like page 4

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