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File: 1627410325905.webm (3.99 MB, 600x480, succ.webm)


May I inquire the Dialectical-Materialist explanation for this phenomenon?
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That was pretty cool to watch tbh.

i can't really give a "dialetical materialist analysis", but maybe a vulgar dialectics of nature ala engels, to the best of my knowledge:

the notion of coitus involves an internal contradiction of two states where on one hand is a completely flaccid cock and on the other, the state of ejaculation. each quantity of pump leads to the quality of excited neurons. Every increase of excited neurons negate the previous lower amount of excited amount and in the end, the ejaculation is the final negation of the previous negations.

thank you for attending my retarded TED talk.


File: 1627411996931.webm (2.78 MB, 464x288, 1626274471413.webm)

yeah but can you do this
explain this


When it comes to ejaculation (or any process of change), same logic of transformation applies:

Internal contradiction
Quantity -> Quality
Negation of Negation.


but damn, that looks intense


what the fuck

File: 1626222295128.jpg (1.13 MB, 1520x2688, IMAG0860.jpg)


The Chrimblini are a cursed line of wizards dating back to 30,000 years ago. The most notable effects of their curse are as follows:
-Buttholes for eyes
-Eyes for teeth
-Teeth for a butthole
-Born with the shape and wrinkles of a fat 80 year old Jewish man
-A tentacle protruding from the chin.

The pipe they are seen always smoking is in-fact not a pipe, but a large hollow bone shaped like a pipe. This bone is attached to both the jaw and has a loose connection to the brainstem. Removal of the pipe is excruciatingly painful and results in almost immediate death. The connection is so loose that just bumping it could mean certain death, and thus the Crimblini must constantly use it's tentacle appendage to hold up the pipe. Tobacco and preferably Marijuana are added to make this a less stupid and boring experience.

On the top of it's head is a very thickly woven patch of hair, always formed into the shape of a wizard hat. Upon autopsy, it is shown that it is hollow and has the top of their brain protruding through it. Any attempt at a haircut results in immediate brain death.

The only way for the Crimblini to reproduce is incestuously with another Crimblini. Being all men, one Crimblini is chosen to burden the Rite of Bearing after a brutal trial by combat, usually by breaking all of the legs and arms of the losing Crimblini so that it might not refuse. After the mating ritual the crippled, immobile Crimbini experiences an 8 hour process in which a fully grown Crimblini begins to form in his intestines and slowly burrow it's way out of the urethra, killing the original Crimblini in the process. Because of this, only 4 Crimblini's can exist at any given time.

Known to say: "It's a living."
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what do their limbs look like




best thread in /b/ history


stacked bicycle tires


what wizard magic can they work

File: 1627404805702.jpg (152.48 KB, 456x655, SmartSelectImage_2021-07-2….jpg)


Why does MTG look like a literal neanderthal?
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File: 1627405648615.jpg (77.38 KB, 828x841, EvuHhysXMAMqcBD.jpg)

Marjorie Taylor Greene


She's a social and economic conservative, the furthest thing from trans folx.


Jewish nigger.


jewish uygher


>why does she look like that?

File: 1627366110079.png (1.5 MB, 1920x1080, Brody-BoBurnham.png)


Is Bo Burnham a grifter?
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Ok this is maybe the one time some lib going "BLONALD BLUMPF" is right. He's not saying MUH DRUMPF is a fascist or too crass or upsetting his sensibilities. He's saying that Donald Trump is a cartoon character and it's unbelievable that someone so ridiculous is seen as a political leader.


It sounds like he's trying to tell a Norm MacDonald joke but just can't get the delivery right, so he keeps repeating it like a retard until someone laughs


I don't care much about stand up but Isnt norm more calm in his attidute? He has this I don't really care aura around him and it doesnt feel forced like with a lot of people trying that kind of thing.


I was thinking more like his weekend update jokes, where he repeats the set up as the punchline


check'd. Quality post, made me change the opinion I posted previously ITT

File: 1627405669816.png (540.98 KB, 800x800, 1625644063062.png)


How will the human body change when our pursuit of aesthetics becomes unbridled from any material (and possibly physical) limitation? When the body no longer must weigh down the true beauty it desires for worldly considerations of utility and function, what form will it take? I think anime and a lot of furry art are unconscious pursuits of theoretical attempts at discovering this sort or 'pure aesthetic' ( but are short sighted due to their primitive reality, like how we look at people of the past and their predictions on what the future would hold ) . I think it is generally bothersome and unhelpful to think about this for people, though - but I don't think I've heard enough about the infinite extrapolation of aesthetics with no external pressures enough.
>porn addiction - the post
I see no problem with pornography that adds to the pool of aesthetic discourse, otherwise though, I'd agree it is a problem.


File: 1627405810978.jpg (54.25 KB, 500x531, ron paul.jpg)



>otherwise though, I'd agree it is a problem
Why do guilty coomers always say this shit?
Just coom and let it go, don't blueball yourself into this coomerish insanity.


t. coomed his fucking brains out, barely had any brain cells left to hit New Reply


File: 1627406651086.jpg (2.71 MB, 1500x1662, __patchouli_knowledge_touh….jpg)

I have a long-held thought that, what if the ultimate form of aesthetics, for individuals, would have them be as shape complexes? So, you might enjoy the appeal of a building's style, or that of a logo or such, but what if that kind of "polygonal" structure was adapted to individuals, rather than having eyes or limbs as we know them now?

File: 1627291089814.png (319.34 KB, 779x588, dXx1sf9.png)


Reminder that leftists should incorporate more dark offensive humor and slurs into their vocabulary.
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How do you say "Jewish nigger" without triggering the thought police filter?


File: 1627398819768.png (147.62 KB, 326x364, 83aff0c80fa58692293d890f8b….png)

jewish nigger is exempt from the wordfilter


Jewish nigger Jewish nigger Jewish nigger Jewish nigger Jewish nigger Jewish nigger Jewish nigger Jewish nigger Jewish nigger Jewish nigger Jewish nigger Jewish nigger Jewish nigger Jewish nigger Jewish nigger Jewish nigger Jewish nigger Jewish nigger


Why does it alter caps, though?

Also testing
jewish nigger
jew uyghur
jewish uygha


File: 1627400998593.jpg (181.99 KB, 657x527, 1626569001537.jpg)


As a mixed person, this racebait porn meme is really uncomfortable. Do normies still see interracial relationships as this wierd thing? Even on reddit they are BBC obsessed, its makes me feel sick - normoids really do see africans as braindead sexually-vulgar apes in their roleplay to this day, lmao
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nice scientific explanation dr.seggs of alabama.
>It had no sex appeal
lmao they tried, even on /gif/ but the meme was so forced because no one wanted to participate,"FUCK YOU /TV/ AND YOUR JEWISH MEMES IM NOT PUTTING MY DICK IN THE ASS OF A COON" is just one of the replies.


Yeah but that's also unacceptable to /pol/yps, if black guys aren't all animalistic hypermasculine bbc beasts then they might be humans with diversity and depth, the image of black femboy slaves being fucked by white plantation owners unironically breaks /pol/s entire worldview because to them 'buck-breaking' needs to be a humiliation of the ultramasculine negroe
the only way to reconcile that would be in the format of like bdsm bara, but they'd be way too uncomfortable with that


I stopped browsing gif precisely because the polyps obsessed with interracial shit were shitting up the board so much it interfered with the fapping


>normies still see interracial relationships as this wierd thing
no, only insane burgers polyps


>The buck breaking meme helped to weaken the idea
outside, now

File: 1627161226358.jpg (94.73 KB, 828x979, 54654376457.jpg)


After reading Incelwiki and watching IncelTV on youtube, how can socialism ever be compatible with feminism when uncontrolled hypergamy would just cause an incel rebellion and destroy the entire system?

Just drop feminism bs and enforce monogy.
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>simple truths
Such as?


There's no such thing as a simple truths and anyone telling you that there is is selling you something


This board literally has no women lmao and it's still full of simps.


Yea that's cool and all
But how do we deal with the
tier shit women say
My gf does that alot and it bothers me alot - shouldn't women want to be strong and empowered or whatever? Why do they all deep down like being a slave class ? I just can't take women seriously due to their popular sexuality, it's just too sad to me.


>"mentalcels," i.e. people who are cockblocking themselves with their own autism
What about diagnosed actual autism though? Statistically speaking it is the most brutal of all afflictions to your sex life; IIRC out of a survey of "high functioning" not intellectually disabled autistic men with an average age of 35ish, 85% of them were currently single vs 15% of normies, and something like 45% of them were still virgins. This simultaneously denies Incel ideology because it shows that looks aren't the sole determinant, and confirms it because autism is probably rooted in genetics and cannot be "cured".

File: 1627400332630.jpg (176.63 KB, 912x1280, 1627330158038.jpg)


have you ever met a gusano in real life?


What, Yanks who move to Mexico to retire are gusanos now?


Yes a Bolivian one he was also a sex predator and a Redditor/4channer

File: 1627331956331.jpg (38.79 KB, 334x500, blonde-hair-blue-eyes-girl….jpg)


do you wish you were born with blonde hair and blue eyes?
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>blonde hair
>blue eyes

i'd accept anything as long as i'm good looking, don't care about the details


Not a frog either sorry. I took french in secondary school but was never very good at it. The only words I know in your post are français and merde.


Blonde hair is overrated and feminine; Blue eyes, however, are objectively most attractive.

The only reason 90% of imageboard users might want is is because they bought into the exaggerations of the Nazi's Nordic ideal.


I do have blue eyes and dark brown hair. Most aesthetic combo for a man imo. Blonde hair looks good only on women.
Retard, almost all white kids are born with blonde hair but gets darker as they age.


Blonde hair just look like dogshit on everyone tbqh. Blue eyes are kino though, so im jealous of that at least.

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