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File: 1627400332630.jpg (176.63 KB, 912x1280, 1627330158038.jpg)


have you ever met a gusano in real life?


What, Yanks who move to Mexico to retire are gusanos now?


Yes a Bolivian one he was also a sex predator and a Redditor/4channer

File: 1627331956331.jpg (38.79 KB, 334x500, blonde-hair-blue-eyes-girl….jpg)


do you wish you were born with blonde hair and blue eyes?
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>blonde hair
>blue eyes

i'd accept anything as long as i'm good looking, don't care about the details


Not a frog either sorry. I took french in secondary school but was never very good at it. The only words I know in your post are français and merde.


Blonde hair is overrated and feminine; Blue eyes, however, are objectively most attractive.

The only reason 90% of imageboard users might want is is because they bought into the exaggerations of the Nazi's Nordic ideal.


I do have blue eyes and dark brown hair. Most aesthetic combo for a man imo. Blonde hair looks good only on women.
Retard, almost all white kids are born with blonde hair but gets darker as they age.


Blonde hair just look like dogshit on everyone tbqh. Blue eyes are kino though, so im jealous of that at least.

File: 1627310243360.jpg (264.83 KB, 967x1280, 1627310218996.jpg)


What bodytype is more attractive?
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File: 1627370358369.jpg (102.62 KB, 1189x1080, 1626489318119.jpg)



Never heard of /leftcel/?


then the conclusion should be the exact opposite - what can a woman know about male beauty? it's obvious that men know better, just as women know more about female beauty than men


>just as women know more about female beauty than men
They don't.
If you ask a woman about ideal female beauty, she'll most likely describe something that fails to take advantage of femininity and resemble fashion models way too much.
Dykes are especially terrible at female beauty, both their own and their ideal partner's.

Now, there are plenty of straight men who are dumb coomer apes, but on average, their answers are still doing a better job at guessing aesthetics than do the failed twinks that women think are ideal female bodies.


>You will always be 6 foot 4 and hairy with a huge head
I wish i could be short and effeminate, god damn it. Manlets don't know how based they have it - I cant think of ANYTHING more hot than an intelligent cuteboy.

File: 1627399220744.jpg (269.65 KB, 720x719, 20210727_110537.jpg)


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litsen I might not fully know you, but aren't you sure that it's not just a mere fetish?


How tf am I meant to do this when all the writing is in ching chong speak? Does the site work better on a desktop browser?


I thought you were dead or something. Didn't see a post from you in a long time


I dont think it is. Anyway you shoud make a anime character and show it to us and we'll call it cute
Just click the pink button


File: 1627402283871-0.png (174.11 KB, 600x600, download20210702165940.png)

File: 1627402283871-1.png (335.25 KB, 600x600, download20210702170715.png)

First one is a highly fetishized version of how I look. I genuinely struggled to convey any of my negative facial features, I can see why transhumanists like this site so much.

idk what happened with the second one

File: 1627391200284.jpg (516.11 KB, 1620x1828, rcnvcxu0f1c71.jpg)


it would be pretty funny ngl


File: 1627399546317.png (206.64 KB, 600x243, Banana1_web_600.png)

Banana in Adam and eve's time


Akshuly, bananas were domesticated before yaldabaoth spawned a&e.
Biblical Earth is 6k years old, while domesticated bananas are at least 7k.

File: 1626990306758.gif (99.62 KB, 680x554, this is YOU.gif)

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Why are they obsessed with them? Why is the main concern of most right-wingers online people who inject themselves with hormones? The Nazi party wasn't obsessed with them, neither was fascist Italy. How did far-right politics fall to this level of stupidity?
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Getting there.


They know what they're doing, they know that they are doing it, they just pretend to lack self-awareness. Although the newest of /pol/ newfags probably are that stupid.

Anyway, just report this faggot and move on.


Anti-thinking anti-life gang?


>Why is the main concern of most right-wingers online people who inject themselves with hormones?
They are deluded into thinking that trans women want to deceive them.
Just like it's the fattest, ugliest feminists who shriek about straight male sexuality the most, it's the chinlessmost, weakest incels who shriek about trans women the most.


This is religion. A cult even.

File: 1627398547670.png (1.84 MB, 665x1388, ClipboardImage.png)


There are unironically /pol/tards who would rather sleep with the shebeast on the left, then the gorgeous woman on the right
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not with that shirt we won't, also we want to have relationships with black women but no kids, only with white women. and no, shitalian "brunettes" don't count as white


File: 1627399104353.png (505.02 KB, 534x407, ClipboardImage.png)

Would they even consider Cody Rhodes(black girl's husband) even white ?
he's half puerto-rican on his mother's side


The obeast is a dyke, as you can see from her obesity. And shirt.


Naw, they love black man/white woman relationships probably moreso than white man/black woman or even white man/white woman relationships, but they will never admit to it.


actually a gay(i.e straight) transman

File: 1627398884599.png (774.99 KB, 1024x1024, fdskwef.png)


Marxist theory is a collection of theories of Karl Marx and his followers, and its application to the study of society, history, economics and politics. Marx rejected the philosophy of classical political economy of the Scottish Enlightenment and its followers, and was influenced by Hegelian philosophy, specifically in terms of its philosophy of history, though he also drew heavily on a number of other philosophers of his time. According to one prominent Marxist philosopher, G. A. Cohen, the Marxist philosopher of history, Karl Korsch, considered Marx to have been "the foremost theorist of the dialectic". Marx's most influential writings include his work Capital: Critique of Political Economy, a critique of capitalism, and his later work, Grundrisse, a critique of classical political economy.

Among Marx's most important economic concepts were the concept of surplus-value and its relationship to the concept of class, as well as the concept of the rate of exploitation. According to Marx, workers produce more than the value of their wages, and Marx's concept of surplus-value is a measure of how much that surplus-value is over and above what is paid to the workers. The difference between this and the ordinary profit is known as surplus-value. The rate of surplus-value is a measure of the ratio of surplus-value to wages and can be seen as the rate of exploitation of workers. Other economic concepts of Marx are the concept of absolute surplus-value, the law of the tendential fall in the rate of profit, and the accumulation of capital.


In his work, "A Short History of the Paradoxes of Exchange Value", published in the International Review of Social History in 1993, Jacques Le Goff explained that Marx did not invent the concept of surplus-value. According to the International Review of Social History, Marx borrowed the idea of surplus-value from "the classical economists (Adam Smith, Ricardo, and Malthus) and the economists of the French classical school (L. Walras, J. Saint-Simon)." In his book The Economic System of Imperial Germany (1885), Walras stated that "… the total amount of the products of society equals the sum of its individual members." But "the individual members do not consume all of this sum; they retain a part of their product". This part of the product is surplus-value, which Walras defines as "the aggregate of wages, interest and profit." Since the early classical economists, the concept of surplus-value was known.



File: 1627399335014.jpg (11.93 KB, 392x392, J7hK0tks_400x400.jpg)


>Alfredo Maria Bonanno

File: 1627398850777.mp4 (454.21 KB, 256x256, deleuze-fortnite.mp4)


My rhizome found a line of flight into your mother's body without organs.

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